Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 32: 32. A Get-Away?

Akshu's PoV

It's been a week and 3 days since I came to Coonoor. Mom didn't even nudge a bit for my pleas. She
was so stubborn to bring me back home. We were discharged the day after Yash came to meet me.
We went to the pg and collected some important stuff and started to Coonoor along with Emily.

She insisted that she would come. I'm grateful that she didn't talk throughout the journey. I really felt
very bad leaving Kavi behind. She cannot stay alone there. She is not yet healed from that heart ache.
If I am right, she knew in her heart that the porn site is not a problem anymore. But she is stuck with
Vishwa. I truly don't understand how she can possibly have feelings for him even after so many things.

I called Shalu aunty to inform about this incident and about me going to Coonoor for 2 weeks. But then
aunty already knew about my accident. She advised me to go along with mom to get a proper rest.
Yash must have told her. I asked her to keep an eye on Kavya. Kavya insisted that I go too. She said
she will be a good girl.

If everything was normal, I would be attending my interview on the day I travelled to Coonoor. I really
miss Yash. I pinged him with a message when we were in the car to Coonoor.

'Do I still get that job in your office?'

I waited so long but no reply. I felt so sad. But I know he is a head strong man. My phone pinged with
mail. I opened it to see an appointment order from Yash. Not from Yash himself but from Yash's office.

"What's the happy news, Akshu?" Eli asked me. She was sitting near me in the car.

"um... I got an offer from Yadav Rishid's office. As a software developer." I told her.

"oh, I actually came to Chennai for an ad photo shoot for his cosmetic product." she said.


"Did you attend the interview, Akshu? But why?" mom asked me.

"um...We attended it long back ma. I just got the joining order now. I'm thinking of switching." I said.

"Why Akshu? You have a bond signed with this company for a year, remember?"

"Um...if we switch, the new office will take care of it ma. This is a very good offer. Please!"

"Ok ok, Let's talk about this later. Now get some sleep. We still have 3more hours to reach." My mom
cut me off.

With that we reached our home. I called up Kavi to check if she got an email too. But she said no.

'For Kavi?' I messaged him again. No reply. But I know I will get a call from Kavi. And it did.

"Akshu, They rescheduled the interview for tomorrow. I'm going to attend. What will you do?" Kavi
squealed on the phone.

"You attend. I will call the HR department and ask if they can do a telephonic or zoom interview." I told

"That's a good idea. Do it fast. Ok, I'm going to prepare. Bye, Take rest and come soon".

She disconnected the call. Crazy girl. She will get in no matter what. But it is good that she is diverted
in preparing for the interview, that way she won't be stuck with Vishwa.

It's getting very boring here. Jamin uncle visits me every morning. He will play chess and ludo with me.
Manoj and Rahul visit me every evening after their college. I now know how Jamin uncle would be
feeling all alone in that big mansion.

Eli didn't go back to Mumbai. She stayed with uncle. Good for him. But never once did she come to
look at me. I'm not complaining.

I tried calling Yash but he never picked my calls. Shalu aunty and Aravind uncle talk to me every day.
Whenever I ask about Yash, they say either he is busy or he is out. I want to see him. I want to be with
him, near him!

Being inside the house and having nothing to do is only intensifying the love I have for him. His picture
on my wall is my only vent. Waking up looking at him and going to sleep looking at him is like heaven.
The feelings I have for him are too strong. I should make a move on him, I cannot withhold it any
longer. With that I fell asleep.

Yadav's PoV

Mike gave me the details of the owner of the car that caused the accident. I asked him to bring that
man immediately to me. But then,when that man came to me, I instantly knew he was not at fault.

"Sir, This is a mistake. My car was stolen last week and I made a police complaint. The police returned
the car to me yesterday . They said they found it parked near a temple. Nothing in the car was taken. I
truly don't know what this is all about sir." he explained himself. Now we know that this is a planned

"Let him go, Mike!"

The frustration of getting nowhere is killing me. Every door is a dead end. Mike caught hold of the
helpers Aarumugam and Sahul. He couldn't get any information from them except for the place of the
camp held and another place they have taken some kids before. We went there to find nothing except
for a few flyers. Nothing on that flyer was true. Dead end again.

We headed to the other place they said. It was like a bunker. Hidden place. They are sure criminals.
Mike restrained me from going with them further. He called his men and went in. After about an hour,
he called me through the phone to come in. There were 2 dead men and a girl. She was lying on the
bed but was still alive.

We wasted no time and took her to the hospital. I called Pranesh to attend her. The other girl from the
home was diagnosed with lung cancer. Her blood had some chemicals that accelerates the growth of
the cancer cells. She cannot be cured but we can extend her life with chemotherapy.

I highly doubt the survival rate of this girl. But then Pranesh told me she was alright except that she is
missing one of her kidneys. Bastards! We gave every information we knew to Ashok. They need to
work faster. The father is still under police custody with no avail!

Shia went with her mom. That's safe for her. But I really miss her. She is calling me every now and then
making it hard for me to dismiss her thoughts. The very wish to hear her voice is submerged with my
fear of putting her in danger. Someone knew that we knew each other. The dangers target her just
because I am involved in this orphanage. I should not be in touch with her. At Least until this all gets

My businesses are on a growing pace. But they still need me. My trust has a big problem that has to be
sorted out. I have to protect Shia. So many things going on is making me restless.

"Yadav, You need rest. I'm scared to look at you. It's been almost a week since you slept. Just go
somewhere and have a break. You need it. I will take care of things here in your absence." Shiva told

"Shiva, you know what's going on. How can I go now?"

"Yadav, The orphanage is in good hands now. The police are on it. I will look after your business for a
week. Akshitha is with her mom in her hometown. We don't even know where she is now. That way, it
is safe for her. You just calm down, Yadav."

"That's a mistake, Shiva. I should have sent Joshua behind her. What if danger follows her? I didn't
think it through when she left Chennai. That time I thought if she is not connected to me, she will be
safe. But that accident? That's planned. I'm really worried. Everytime I try to get her home address you
stop me saying it's for her good."

"I still say that, Yadav. Give yourself one week. Go to Coonoor. Your Mansion is now all ready with the
changes you wanted . Enjoy the climate, Relax, Come as my old friend. I hate seeing you all tense and
worked up."

"Huh, Ok! I guess." I surrendered to him as I am very tired myself.

"I will drop you in Coonoor tomorrow and will come back. Be ready by 9am tomorrow. Bye."

"Bye, Shiva."

A get away would be nice! Away from everything! Away from her thoughts!