Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 31: 31. He Is Not Worth It!

Sumathi's PoV

I almost had a heart attack when I got a call from Kavya saying Akshu is in hospital because of the
accident. Her father left us all alone in an accident too. Is this a curse on me? But I felt a little relieved
when Kavya said she had a hairline fracture on her leg and nothing else. I immediately booked a cab
and came to Chennai. I came straight to this hospital. I felt a little better when the doctor told me that
Akshu is completely fine. Her scan and x-ray reports are completely normal. This little fracture is settled
by this surgery. The doctor said she can start walking after 15days.

The nurse working here is very kind. She has been seeing me since the afternoon, I have not eaten or
moved from this place. Akshu is still sedated. She is in the recovery room. I am yet to see her. The
nurse came to me and asked me to go and have something for dinner. She also said there is a little
Vinayagar (Ganesh) temple outside. She is right, I need energy to take care of Akshu.

When I came back, Kavya also came from her pg. I sent her back to give company to Emily. Akshu was
awake when we went in."Akshu! How are you feeling dear?" I ran to her.

"Ma, I'm ok. Please don’t cry. Just a little fracture on my leg. I will be fine."

"How did it happen? You have to be more careful, Akshu. No more scooty in Chennai."

"Ma, Enough. I already had an ear-full."

"From whom? " Kavya asked.

"um... from the doctor." Akshu said.

"Akshu, the doctor said you need at least 2 weeks rest before you start walking. Ask for leave from
your office. You will have medical leave right?" I asked her.

Akshu and Kavya shared a look before Akshu answered me.

"Ma, We do have medical leave. I will send an email to my lead. No problem. I don't think the pg
manager will allow you to stay there. You go back to Coonoor ma. Kavi will take care of me!" She told

"What? I'm not going to leave you here and go. You are coming with me to Coonoor. You can come
back here after you get better."


"No more arguments." I stopped her from talking when the nurse came.

"Hello, Akshitha. How are you feeling?" The nurse asked her.

"Hi, sister. I'm good."

"You still have the effects of anesthesia. You will feel a sharp pain on your leg when it wears off. Here,
this is the painkiller. Take one when your pain is between 8 and 10 on a scale of 10. Take half when the
pain is between 5 and 8. No medication if it's less than 5. No other medicines Akshitha. You will mostly
be discharged tomorrow."

"Thank you, sister." Akshu told her.

"Thank you so much sister. You took very good care of my daughter. Can you help me to pay the bill
amount? No one has talked to me about that."

"Akshitha has no dues, madam." The nurse told me.

"What? I have not paid for anything yet."

"um...Ma, Our office had insurance. They would have claimed. I will talk to them. You take a rest, ma."
Akshu stopped me from further questioning.

Akshu's PoV

Whoa, That was a close call. This Yash is too much. Who asked him to pay the bills? I already have to
give him two lakhs. Now this hospital bill amount is added. I feel totally guilty for accepting money from
him when he clearly denies his feelings for me.

I have to compromise Mom to let me stay here for the next 2 weeks. I cannot go, leaving Kavi alone
here. It's completely not safe for her. Besides, I cannot live far away from Yash. The feeling of him
being in the same city as I'm is very blissful. I'm now starting to feel the pain the nurse was talking
about. I took the pain killer she gave me and it slowly drifted me to sleep.

Kavya's PoV

There is something going on between Akshu and Yadav. She is hiding it from me. I clearly know that it's
him who paid the hospital bill. Akshu is good at driving. She is not a careless girl while driving. This
accident is not her fault.

It's pure luck that the sharp thingy didn't poke her deep. It would be fatal if her internal organs had been
damaged. Thank God, I have her phone. Shalu aunty has been calling her since morning. I don't know
what to tell her. So I didn't pick her call.

Akshu drifted to sleep and I started to go to our pg. The hospital allows only one attender to the patient.
When I was waiting for a cab, I saw him. Vishwa! He was with someone. A lady. Looks like she is sick.
His mother may be.

A bitter feeling surrounded my heart and I felt nauseous. I truly don't know what I am feeling now. But
definitely not anger. I rooted him deep in my heart that I could not pull him out that soon or that easily.

I could not take my eyes off him. My heart longs for him. I try hard to remember what a

low life he is. But my stupid heart still needs his warm talks and smile towards me. He was waiting too.
Some man came with his car and he settled that lady in the car and went into the hospital again. That
lady called for him when he was long gone. She tried to get down and stumbled. I ran to help her and
got her on time.

"Thank you so much dear. I wanted to tell my son to bring my bag that I left on the reception desk."

"It's ok aunty. Please be careful." I helped her sit inside. "Take care aunty. bye!" I wanted to leave this
place soon before he got back. I am not yet ready to face him or confront him. But when I turned to
leave, I dashed on him.

"Sorry," he said. The intense look he has is making me breath hard. I cannot handle him. I just ran
away. I stood outside the Vinayagar temple waiting for the damn cab, when I heard him call me from

"Kavya!" I dare not to turn to look at him. He came close to me and called me again.

"Kavya, I know you will be angry. But don't just believe whatever happened blindly. There may be
another side to the story. Anyways I'm sorry for what you have been through."

What is he trying to tell me? His voice is so heavy. It carries true emotions. Or at least that is what I
feel. He is very good at acting. Why is he still pretending? Was he not done with me yet? What is he
planning now?

I no longer hear him. When I turned to see, he was long gone. My cab came and I left for my pg.

Yadav's PoV

Joshua made the nurse help me to get her mom out of there. My heart was thumping so loud when I
saw her. The ever bubbly and talkative girl was laying on the bed with her stomach and leg bandaged.

She has become a part of me. Why else would I feel the pain? But I know this is so wrong. I strongly
believe that she is in danger because of me. I don't know if this really was an accident. But if it's not,
then she is in real trouble. I should always be by her side.

I gave the details of the accident to Ashok and Mike. I want that bastard. I don't mind who ever brings
him to me. I got the details of the complaint Shia made from Ashok and gave them to Mike.

"Get the info and kill them Mike. Clean up the mess. If they are involved willfully then they are not worth

"I will get a hold of the helpers tonight, sir. Will give you information tomorrow morning."

"Don't wait, Mike. Call me any time."

"Yes sir."

"Also work and find the car that caused the accident!"

"On it sir!"

I'm feeling so restless now. Everything around us is like a loose end. No information on the girl that
went missing from the Home. I hope it's not too late to save her. I don't know what else I can do.

That number!? The unknown man spoke to me, I called Ashok to know about it.

"Ashok! Whose number is that? From whom did I get that call on the day of the acid attack?"

"That's a dead end, Yadav. It was bought a day before with the proof of a dead man."

"Shit! Do something, Ashok. Soon."

"We are trying, Yadav. They are very clever. Don't worry. We are on it!"

"What about that accident?"

"Yadav, that's really an accident. Nothing like you anticipate."

"How do you know that?"

"Yadav, Don't connect everything. Who is that girl by the way?"


"Ok ok! Get a good night's sleep, Yadav. You need rest."

"I need people who did this, Ashok."

"Come on, man. Rest! I will give something tomorrow for sure."

I disconnected him while entering my home. My mom was sitting there with a sad face. What happened
to her?


"Yadu, Where were you dear? I was worried. Akshu has not picked up the call since morning. I'm really
worried for her." She told me everything about the home and the complaint.

Now I should answer her questions about Shia. She has become inseparable!