Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 30: 30. His Care

Yadav's PoV

I wasted no time after that call. I cancelled my plans and asked the pilot to prepare for take-off ASAP. In
the next hour I was in the air. I called the dean through my satellite phone.

"Doc, how is she?"

"Mr.Yadav, she is not in critical condition. Don't panic. She has a fracture on her left leg femur.
Something very sharp has punctured her stomach near lungs. But luckily it didn't harm any internal
organs. She has lost so much blood, so she is still unconscious. She needs a little operation to fix her
fractured leg. A month of bed rest will bring her back to normal." The doctor said.

I felt relieved. The suffocation I was having inside my heart is now no more. I just want to see her. Keep
her in my protective hands.

"Thank you, Doc. Go ahead with the operation. I will be there in another 6hours."

"Mr. Yadav, we need signatures from an immediate relative to perform this surgery. Who is she by the

"Listen doc, She is... um... She is my responsibility. I will sign any and every paper when I come there.
Now don’t wait for the surgery. Make her alright." I told him.

"Ok Mr. Yadav. I will ask them to go ahead with the surgery. She will be awake when you come here"

"I want your best doctors on her."

"Sure Mr. Yadav."

I relaxed. Who is she?! What is she doing to me? Why am I behaving like this? I have strong feelings
towards her. This is no good!

Once the doctor told me she would be alright, I called Joshua to investigate the vehicle that hit her. He
already told me that it was a red scorpio. I don’t know, but I want that driver dead or alive when I land.

I made Joshua call Kavi to be with her. It's safe that way. I still have another hour to reach Chennai. I
called Joshua again to check on her.

"How is she? The surgery is done?"

"The surgery is done, sir. She is in the recovery room. Still unconscious. Her mother came. I'm just
keeping an eye from afar. I get the updates from the doctor. I also told the doctors not to mention your

"Good! I will be there in 2hrs. Do something and get her mom out of that place. I have to see her."

"Will try, sir. She looks devastated. I don’t think she will move from that spot."

"Ask the doctors to tell her something. Make her go out for at least 10 or 15mins." I am desperate to
see her and I don't like it, not one bit.

"Sure, sir. Akshitha is fine. Don't worry, sir."

"Thanks, Joshua. I'm glad you were there for her at the right time."

"Nope, sir. You pay me for this. It's you who saved her at the right time." He said.

"See you soon, Joshua." I hung up on him.

I waited impatiently for the landing. The urge to see her is driving me crazy. The connection we had
from the first meeting till now is growing every second. The push inside me to protect her from harm's

way is getting stronger. She calls it LOVE! I call it.... whatever!

I cannot marry her. She deserves a good man with good moral values. Not me. Until her, I used girls as
sex toys. I have never seen them as souls with life. A girl as pure as her needs a man who is as pure
as her. Besides, I don’t want marriage. I hate commitments. I mean what if I get bored with her after
some time? I cannot live a boring life.

But how did I feel there was something wrong even before Joshua's message? What is that?
Telepathy? Did she reach out to me at her distressed time? Are we on the same wavelength? Will I
ever get bored of her?

Too many questions! These can wait for answers. I need to go see her now. See her pretty face. Make
sure she is alright. I should make arrangements for her pick-up and drop off. She should not drive
anymore. I should have done that soon after our first encounter.

Akshu's PoV

I was hit by a big car when I went to pick up Eli. I saw a man rush to my help. He called me by my
name. He patted my cheeks continuously calling out my name to keep me conscious until the
ambulance arrived.

Who is he? How did he know me? The next thing I remember is this moment. Yash brushing his finger
on my face sitting very close to me. I am now trying to open my eyes. I know it's him. I know his scent.
When I was about to open my eyes, I heard him talk. I stopped trying. I want to hear what he is going to
say. If I open my eyes, he may stop!

"Hey loosu, Wake up soon. You are scaring me. You have been unconscious for more than 8hours
now. I have very little time. Your mom will come any minute now. Open your eyes and look at me. No
more driving. Don’t do things which you don't know. Why do you always get in trouble? You are making

me insane, Shia! Why the hell did you go out today!? I don’t know what I feel towards you. But I won’t
accept it as love."

"What else is this called Yash!? Just accept it." I spoke.

He immediately withdrew his hands from me and stood up. His face showed no emotions. Huh, There
he goes again.

"What the hell were you doing on the roads today? You have no office. For god’s sake, Can't

you stay in your pg?" He shouted at me.

"What did you call me Yash? Shia? Mmm I love that name."

"Shut up!"

"Pch, I went to pick up my friend from the railway station. How will I know that I will get hit by a car
today?" I am tired of him being grumpy.

"Why did you go by bike if you don’t know how to drive?" He asked me seriously. He thinks that I don’t
know how to drive my bike?

"Please, Yash. Talk to me nicely. See, I'm already very tired. It hurts so much. I will cry if you yell at
me!" I showed my pity face.

"God, You are ok. Just a little fracture on your left leg. A month of bed rest is a must. You will be fine."
he said with a little voice. Awww he is cute being embarrassed.

"Mmmm Yash, a man helped me to get me to hospital. He knows my name, Yash. And the Annai Home
has some problems, Yash. Something is wrong around me." I told him that was burdening my heart.

"I know. Don’t worry about it. Just take rest and get well soon."

He left the room after a long pause. His eyes told me everything I wanted to know from him. His tired
eyes and his business attire showed me he came running to me. I can make him confess his feelings to
me. The fear I had so long just melted away with just his 'I Know'! He will take care of everything.

Oops! Eli? I tried to look for my phone when Kavi and my mom came in.