Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 29: 29. Accident?

Akshu's PoV

"Hello, uncle. How are you?"

"Still alive! I'm still looking for a girl who said she will talk to me every other day."

"Sorry, uncle. It's kinda hectic week for me. So, what's new, uncle?"

"It's ok dear. Nothing's new. I have decided to stay in the mansion itself. The man who bought our
mansion has started remodeling it, so that he can rent it out as rooms to tourists. I spoke to him on
Monday to tell him that I would take his offer. He said he will allot a room for me downstairs."

"Wow uncle. That's great news. I'm so happy uncle. So, nothing will be changed when I come home. I
can still see you." I said happily. This is by far the happiest news I have heard since last week.

"Haha you can. He has appointed a servant maid to cook for the workers here. She is now cooking for
me too. The mansion is filled with people, Akshu. It's so nice." I could feel a refreshment in his voice.
Good for him.

"I’m so glad uncle. I should really meet this nameless person. Is he a celebrity uncle? Why does he not
want to reveal his identity?"

"Sorry dear. "

"Haha, clever uncle. It's ok. I will investigate when I get there."

"Haha, sure. I need some help from you dear."

"oh, come on uncle. Tell me what you want me to do."

"Emily is coming to Chennai tomorrow. She has a photo shoot for some modelling. Can you let her stay
with you for two days dear? She will go back on saturday."

"Um... I have to ask the pg manager, uncle. If she allows, I have no problem in having Eli for two days."

"Thank you, dear. Will you ask your pg manager and let me know?"

"Hold on uncle. I will ask her right away."

I put the call on hold and ran down to see the manager. I explained the situation to her, and she agreed
to let Eli stay with Rs.1000 for 2days.

"Uncle, I will take care of your granddaughter. No problem." I told him.

"Thank you, dear. Send me your address, I will ask her to come straight to your place."

"Sure uncle. Will send you now."

"Ok dear. Call me when you are free."

"Ok, uncle, See ya."

Ok, So 2days with Eli. Hard, but manageable. I wish she won’t fight with me. I mean we are grownups.
Kavi will have a great company to come out of her misery. Once Eli starts talking, Kavi will think of only

"Kavi, My friend Emily will come tomorrow. She will stay with us for 2 days. She is Jamin uncle's

"Ok, I have no issues. So, what's between you and Yadav?" She asked me in a strict tone.

"Um...nothing between me and Yadav."

"This interview is for you right?"

"No, He doesn't even know that his office is hiring." I told her even though I highly doubt what he said.

"Oh, He is a good man. He saved you 3 times. Ofcourse, the last danger is because of me!" She
started sulking again. I just wish I could kill Vishwa and erase his existence.

"He is a good man. Stop your self-pity. You are not the reason for anything that happened. Stop
thinking about him Kavi."

"Akshu, I had feelings for him. The way he spoke to me, he saw me, his care. Nothing was true? But I
felt everything was genuine. I feel so betrayed.” She cried and I could do nothing but console her and
make her sleep. But I'm not sleepy yet. I'm very disturbed about the home and Nandini. I hope she is
safe. How can I check on the progress the police made? Should go to the police station tomorrow to
know about it.

I slowly drifted to sleep when my phone rang. What time is it? 11.30pm! Who could be at this hour? I
picked up the phone.

"Hello! Who is it?"

"Akshitha, Em here."

"Hey, Eli. How are you?"

"Don't irritate me. I'm on the way to Chennai. Come and pick me up at Central Railway station at
9.30am. Don’t forget and sleep." She said, how rude!

"You have my address. Get a cab. I have to go to the office."

"Pch, Don't play around Akshitha. If you don't come on time, I will tell Thatha(grandpa) that you were
mean to me."

"Seriously, Eli? Uncle won’t believe what you say. I will come. Just this one time. That too for uncle."

"Good girl. Bye."

"Bye!" This girl. She started even before coming here. How the hell are we going to put up with her for
two days?

I told my uncle that I will take care of her. Just two days. I can manage. I dozed off; I don't know when.

Shalu's PoV

Yadav is not in the country. He doesn’t like disturbing his work. He will come in 2 days. I should tell him
once he comes home. But about that sick girl in the orphanage, I should do something quick. I called

"Pranesh, How are you, son?"

"Aunty, I'm too good. What's up aunty? Is everything alright?"

"Pranesh, I want some help from you. I want you to go and check on a girl named Ananya in Annai
Home. I will let the father know that you will come. When can you go? The sooner the better."

"Um.. sure aunty. I can go today evening."

"I think she is very sick. Diagnose what is wrong with her and let me know."

"Ok aunty."

I informed Akshu about this. She was the one who worried very much. I truly think it's nothing to worry
about. That girl might have said something out of fear. But it's better to check it out than to feel sorry

Yadav's PoV

A one day trip to Japan is a complete pack. No time for relaxation. A full-on run. Japan is 3.30hrs
ahead of India. So, when I reached there after some 8hours flight, it was almost midnight.

Some sleep, a brisk morning with a factory tour that I'm going to purchase, a meeting with my sellers
here, document signing and take off to India. I can reach India on Friday at noon if everything goes
according to schedule.

My day went as per plan. The factory, though is not as captive as the pictures they sent me, is good. I
should replace some machinery. Other than that, everything is in working condition. It's just a title
transfer. So, the factory would be running as usual. I hired every management person who was working
there already. I appointed my man as the chief there. I signed the documents and everything went well
and smooth. It's my many days of work that made this a successful venture. I should be happy now.
But the happiness didn't reach my heart. Everyone wanted a party and I was in no mood for a party but
still agreed. It was already late in the night. When I was getting ready for the party at 11pm, My phone
pinged with a message.

It was from Joshua! What now? I opened it and got alarmed. It just said 'Emergency, Call

me Asap!'

I called him immediately. My mind raced with thoughts. I am trembling in fear for what I'm going to hear.
My heart beats go wild. I instantly knew something was wrong. He picked up at the last ring.

"Joshua! Is she alright?" I asked him.

"Sir, she met with an accident. Hit and run. I'm now in MJ hospitals. She was unconscious when I
brought her. She had her helmet on, so no head injury. But she was bleeding from her stomach and
leg. Something poked her stomach. I'm waiting outside now. Doctors are yet to tell on her condition."
He said.

I now know why my happiness didn’t reach my heart. The sudden urge to hold her close to my heart is
growing by the second.

"Be with her. I will be there as soon as possible. She will be fine. Ping me once the doctors come out. I
know some people in that hospital. I will talk to them. Be with her, Joshua. She will be fine. She should
be fine!" I told, more to myself.

SHE WILL BE FINE! Nothing will happen to her! I called up the Dean of MJ hospitals.