Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 28: 28. The Complaint

Yadav's PoV

Mike gave me a list of employees of the orphanage on whom he suspects. There are 4 people. One
among them is the father. He also gave me the name of the regular doctor who visits the home. I called
Pranesh, My best friend. He is a doctor. He might know about this doctor.

"Hey Pranesh. Busy now?"

"Nope, Yadav. I know you won’t call me unless it's important."

"Yes, I want to know about a doctor working in MJ hospitals. His name is Balaji."

"Mmmm I don’t know any Balaji da. What is he specialized in?"

"No idea. Can you gather some information with what I gave you?"

"That's not a problem da. I will call you once I get some details on him."

"Thanks, da!"

"So, you are not going to tell me what this is about?" He asked.

"Later man."

"Ok! Bye da!"


Ok, So, he doesn’t know anything about that doctor. Dr. Balaji might be a general physician. I called
Mike to give me this doctor's detailed report.

I'm now heading to my private jet to Japan. I have a business deal to finish there. I will

be here on friday. Yeah. That is why I asked Shiva to fix the interview on friday.

I got a call from Joshua. God, What has she done now?

"Yes, Joshua."

"Sir, Madam is in R2 police station with your mom and her friend." He said.

"Why now? Are they alright?"

"Yes sir. Everyone is alright. They went to 'Annai Home'. Your mom took them there. From there they
came straight to the police station, sir."


"Just keep trailing behind, Joshua. I will check on them."

"Yes, sir."

God! Why did mom go there today? That too along with Shia. I don’t know if she looks for trouble or
trouble looks for her. Either way, she gives me a headache.

"Dei Ashok, I'm heading to Japan now. I will be back in a day. Looks like my mom along with 2 other
girls went to R2 station. They might have complained about the home. Look into it and make sure they
don’t get into any trouble." I told him.

"Ok da, I will see what they have. If they have any proof or lead, I can use them."

"NO, NO Ashok. Don't involve them in anything. Just make sure they are out of trouble until I come!" I
disconnected him and called up Mike to hurry whatever he was doing. I called up Joshua to be on
constant watch. I don't think, with so much in mind, I can finish the deal successfully. I hate her! She is
a complete intrusion!

Akshu's PoV

I gathered any and every detail Ananya knew.

"Dear, don't talk about it to anyone. Be as usual. I truly hope you just have a fever and your friend
Nandini joined as a helper. But if in case it’s not true, then we don’t want to alarm the bad guy. Stay
low. I will make sure to take this to the police." I told her and went in search of Kavi and Aunty.

They were talking to little kids. Kavi has all smiles on her face. So, this visit does serve its purpose. But
also added some responsibility.

"Aunty, shall we leave?" I asked her.

"Why, Akshu? Kavi just said that we will eat lunch with them." Aunty said. I hate to pop the bubble of
happiness Kavi found.

"Kavi, we will do it next time. Aunty please, we have to go." I don't know what to tell them to come

"Are you ok, Akshu? Where have you been so long?" Kavi asked me, getting back to her old self after a
long week.

"Pch, I want to go to pg now. I have some work to complete." I told her.

"Ok, Akshu. We will leave." Aunty said, a little disappointed. I can handle her later. She will understand
my behavior, once she knows the reason.

Once in the car, I told them everything. They both looked as alarmed as me. I have this gut feeling;
something is not right.

"Aunty, we should go to the police station now. I know the medical camp name and who took them
there. I know their regular doctor's name. He works in MJ hospitals. If we give these details, I think the
police can find out about that other girl Nandini."

"Yes, Akshu. But Yadav has just adopted this home. I think we should tell him first." Aunty said.

"You tell him, aunty. But we will make it a complaint. We have to act fast aunty. If it's not late, we can
still save Nandini. Also, we should get Ananya checked with a good doctor. Her condition is not good,
either." I urged her.

Finally, aunty agreed, and we went to the police station to make a complaint. All the while, Kavi didn't
say a word. Her mood swings. I can talk to her after settling this issue.Once in the police station, I ran
in to get help. The Inspector asked any one of us to come in. So, I went in to tell him the details.

"Hello sir, my name is Akshitha. We are here to make a complaint on Annai Home."

"Ok, What is your complaint? How do you know about that place?"

"um... our friend is a regular visitor there. She also gives many donations. We went there today with
her. I saw a girl there, very sick. The kids there said she was sick after she returned from a medical
camp. Another girl named Nandini, who went along with her, didn’t return to the home. The regular
doctor who visits the home is Dr. Balaji from MJ hospitals. He is the one that referred to this medical
camp. The kids didn’t know the place where it was held. But the name of the medical camp is BSD
Medical camp. The father of this home sent 2 girls to this camp. Helpers Aarumugam and Sahul took
them to that place. I know only this much. Sir, I strongly feel there is something wrong. Please take this
complaint and act immediately on it." I told him everything I gathered from Ananya.

"Ok, Give your complaint in writing. Who gave you all this information? How do you know if it is not

"Sorry sir, I cannot tell you who gave this information. But I know it's not false information. Please act
on my complaint ASAP, sir. We might save a girl's life." I told him.

I watch too many movies where most of the policemen work for bad guys. I don’t know this inspector.
So, it's better to play safe. It's actually good that they didn’t let all of us in. That way aunty is out of it.
So is Yash!

Aunty dropped us in our pg after warning us to be safe. Kavi is so silent.

"Hey, Kavi. What happened to you again? You were happy back in the orphanage. Why are you so
silent?" I asked her. I am tired of her being gloomy all day.

"Have you ever hidden things from me, Akshu?" her tone was a complete silence. That is what is giving
me creeps.

"What are you talking about? Just ask me straight."

"I don’t even know if I can ask you anything. Am I still your friend?"

"Pch, Kavi, Just ask me straight." I told her.

"Is Yadav, aunty's son? Have you met him already? What is the relationship between you two? Why did
you hide things from me?"

Oops, So, this is why Kavi stopped talking. She sunk in the information correctly when aunty said she
had to inform Yadav first. Ok, Time to tell her the truth. I finished telling her our encounters except for
the fact that I proposed to him. Hehe, she will kill me you see.

My phone rang, helping me out of Kavi's clutch. That's Jamin uncle. Oops, I forgot to call him. It's been
weeks since we spoke. Poor uncle.