Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 27: 27. Diversion Becomes Danger?

Yadav's PoV

Hell with these meetings. It's very boring and everyone will talk about all unnecessary things. I like
people who talk on point. But unfortunately, such people are very few in number. I left the meeting hall
halfway through in frustration. I got a call from Ashok.

"Yes, Ashok. Got anything worthy?" I asked him.

"Yadav, Everything the anonymous man told you was true. A foreign pharma company has come up
with a new medicine for cancer. They are testing it with the kids in that orphanage. But this is just
happening now. Our department has tabs on four more orphanages including this one for a long time
now, suspecting of organ trafficking. We didn’t get any solid proofs on it yet. I would suggest you
withdraw your adoption on this orphanage before it all escalates to another level. That way your name
won’t be on it." He said.

"Mmm, I'm not going to withdraw. I'm responsible for everyone in that place. Rithanya told me that the
father in charge is not cooperating well. You take him into custody and try getting information from him.
But keep it secret. We don't want to alarm our opponents. Do whatever you can to solve this before this
issue attracts media attention."

"Ok, Yadav. You be safe too. The attack on you must have been them. They know you are not going to
give up. They know you are going to be a problem."

"Will do, Ashok. Thank you!"

"Ok da. Bye!"

So, there is problem. Police department have their limitations. I cannot completely rely on them. I called
up Micheal, a low profile man. Underworld Mafia. But good at getting things done.

"Mike, Yadav here."

"Yes sir. What can I do for you?" Crisp on point.

"I want you to check out this orphanage. There is some illegal organ trafficking going on. I want people
and proof. I will give you 10 days for it. I want results ASAP."

"Ok sir."

"It's very confidential. Police are also on it. Be careful. I'm getting another call. Will talk to you later."

I disconnected the call to see who that disturbance was. Can't they stop calling when they hear I'm
busy? Illiterate.

Ha it's her. I know she is a disturbance. I called her back.

"What the hell do you want? Can't you see I'm busy?" I yelled right away.

"Hey. You have my number already?" she squealed on the other end. Shit!

"Pch, Cut the crap. What do you want now?"

"Why did you pay that two lakhs for us?"

"I don’t know what you are talking about." I knew she would guess right away.

"Oh really? Ok, Tell me, Who else is going to attend that interview on Friday?" She guessed that too.

"What interview? you are wasting my time. I don’t know."

"Ok, There is no interview in your office this friday?"

"Look, Who do you think I am? Some manager, who set up interviews? Or human resources? I'm the
damn boss of my office. I have many offices and many businesses. Which one are you talking about? "
I put up my hard facade. She couldn't know that I'm doing this for her. It hurts my ego!

"Don't shout, Yash. We will repay the amount you gave us. We will attend the interview in your office. I
called you to say a thank you. Bye!" She hung up.

She is upset. She is angry. Why does it bother me? Whatever, I have more important things to attend to
than thinking about this stupid girl!

Akshu's PoV

Since we have nothing better to do, I asked aunty to take us to that orphanage she was talking about.
Kavi is not completely out of that incident. I keep on catching her in trance and crying all the time. I
know it’s hard to get past it. But we may not see the people we know in our office again. I mean it's a
probability. But still she needs a distraction to let go of it. We are now waiting for aunty to pick us up for
the home.

It took all of me to make her accept to go out to that orphanage. I am totally bored sticking in the same
room for the past week. I couldn't stop her crying, I couldn't make her forget. I am of no help to her. I
couldn't see her like this.

It's Thursday today. We went to a pawn shop yesterday, pledged our jewels and got Rs.75000. The
mechanic said a very little amount for my scooty. So, we dropped the idea of selling my scooty. We are
short of a lakh and 25000. Oops!

Yash is very rude. He yelled at me through the phone when I called him to say thanks. He spoke like he
was unaware of anything that was happening. But I feel there is more. He doesn't want me to know that
he is doing it for me. EGOIST. When he yelled, I got angry too. I said we will give that money to him.
But we don’t have enough to give him. We should ask for an installment option.

"Hi girls. Get in. I told the orphanage that we will come by 10.30." Aunty opened the car door for us.

"We will reach by 10.30 aunty. Don't worry. We are so eager to meet the kids." I said hurriedly to
compensate for moody Kavi.

"Why didn't you both go to the office today?"

"um... we don't feel like it, aunty. Besides, I don’t like the work culture in that office. We are attending an
interview in another company tomorrow." I told her.

We didn't tell anything to aunty. I didn't tell that Yash is aunt's son to Kavi. Too many secrets. I don't
know how long I can withhold these secrets.

"Oh, Not even 2months now and you are ready to jump out?" aunty asked.

"um...aunty, It's actually because of me. My manager is very flirty. I couldn't tolerate him. That is why
we are attending this interview." Kavi said when she felt that I ran out of reasons.

"Oh, my bad. But dear, what will you do if someone in the new office behaves the same? You should
fight back, Kavya!"

We kept quiet. We know she is right. But she doesn't know what our real problem is. The main idea of
going to the home is to divert Kavi from this matter. So, I started talking about all irrelevant things to
aunty until we came to the orphanage .

Once in, aunty was greeted like a queen. Everyone was gathered in their prayer hall. Aunty gave them
a little speech about how she is going to help them. She also introduced us to everyone as teachers.
There are many kids. Everyone should be between kindergarten and 8th standard. Kavi looked pleased
to see the kids. We all dispersed after our introduction.

The father there, took us on a tour of the home. When we were looking at the dining hall, a little girl
pulled my dress from behind. I kneeled down to talk to her. She must be 6 or 7years old. So beautiful.

"Hi there! Do you want something?"

"Teacher, What will you teach us? Will you beat us?" She asked with wide eyes.

"Awww, My name is Akshitha. You can call me 'Akka' (sister). I will teach you hand crafts, dance,
farming and anything you like to know. I won’t beat you."

"So, you will not teach us with books?" she had a wide smile on her face now. Adorable!

"Haha, No dear. What's your name?"

"Varnika" she said.

"Beautiful name. Do you know the meaning of your name?"

She shook her head in a No!

"Varnika means a girl with beautiful colors. You can make your world colorful." I told her. She smiled at
me lovingly.

When I look behind, aunty and Kavi are long gone. Varnika pulled my hands to another direction. I went
along with her. She took me to a dorm. There were many girls talking when we entered. The whole
room went silent as they saw me. Awkward!

The little girl took me to the last bed where another girl in her teen age was lying. She looks sick."Akka,
she is Ananya. Our big sister here. She is very sick. So, she didn’t come to the prayer hall. She wanted
to see you." Varnika told me.

I sat near that girl on her bed. She opened her eyes and looked at me.

"Hi Ananya, I'm Akshitha. I will visit you every weekend and will teach you all the things that I know.
How are you feeling dear? Did you go to a doctor?" I asked her. She held my hand in her hand and
looked at me with pleading eyes.

"Akka, Please save me. Save everyone here. They took me and Nandini, another girl who was here
until last week, to a medical camp. They took some blood samples and checkups. They gave some
injections to us. I heard them talking. They said Nandini's blood is very rare. They kept her there and
sent me back here. But father told everyone that Nandini got a job and she won’t come here anymore.
When I went and asked father, he said she had joined them as a helper. I highly doubt that akka. Many
girls went like this and never came back. I'm feeling terribly sick now. But the doctor came here, said I
have a fever. Please akka. Help me. Help us!" she said. Due to the long speech, she was breathing

I don't know what I should do now. But I have to do something. This is big. I asked for the details of the
doctor who said she had a fever. I also asked for the name of the medical camp. This has to be taken
to the police station. Something is not right here.