Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 26: 26. Her Knight in Shining Armor!

Yadav's PoV

I got a call from Joshua, the security guard for Shia (Akshitha)! Monday, very morning? She is a total
disturbance. I don't know what stupid thing she has done now. I picked up the call.

"Sir, Good morning. Akshitha is now in the women's police station. She looks devastated." He said.

"What? why is she there? Is she alone or with her friend?"

"She is alone sir. But her friend didn’t go to the office today. She must be in her pg."

"Then why did she come alone? Why didn't they both go to the office?" I asked, more to myself.

"No idea sir. Do you want me to check with the police for details?"

"Nope! Just keep an eye on her from afar. I will look into it." I hung up on him.

She is definitely a problematic girl. Shit! I called up my contact in her office to know if everything was
alright there. But I got to know why she went to the police station. That bastard!

But then he also said the site is now down. So, the police worked fast on it. Thank god, I pity that girl
but also think that girls must be more vigilant in whom they trust. These two girls lack the basic maturity
to their age. So now they cannot work there anymore. I'm not sure what they will do now. For a girl with
sanity and a meagre amount of common sense, they should go back to their home. But we are talking
about Shia here. She is an escaped piece from the museum! She will definitely do something that no
one would even imagine to do.

"Shiva, make up two vacant posts and send out interview mails to that stupid and her friend. Get their
mail ids from Ranjith. Set the interview date to this friday." I thought of giving them some time to get out
of this dreadful situation so that they can think properly.

"So, you want to see her all the time? Hmmm, Something happened to you and I'm happy about it."
Shiva said genuinely happy and needless to say that I hate it.

"Nothing like you anticipate. I'm just worried about her safety."

"Ok, If you say so. I will try and believe what you said." Shiva said with a wide grin. I know I behave
weird. But I couldn't stop myself.

After Shiva left the room, I got a call from Ranjith, the HR head of Shia's office, who gives me
information on her.

"What's up Ranjith?" I attended his call.

"Yadav, those girls just mailed me their resignation letters. They have to pay one lakh each to break the
bond. I just thought to intimate you." He said.

"Oh, Do something, Ranjith. I will pay the two lakhs. Just send their certificates and stuff to their pg.
Relieve them from your office ASAP."

"Ok, Yadav. Will do."

"Thanks, Ranjith. Keep it confidential."

"Sure, Yadav!"

Ok, Now they will receive their relieving order and interview letters. Will they come for the interview?
She will know instantly that I paid for her. How will she react?

Akshu's PoV

I logged into Kavi's mail from my phone and guess what, she got the same mail from Ranjith. I didn't
tell Kavi anything. Since she broke her phone, she couldn't see the mail. I knew who would have paid

that big amount. I knew on whose influence our resignation was taken and processed so soon. I mean,
a proper resignation will take weeks to get through to the HR. But here, it happened in a day? Whom
am I kidding? I know how we are going to get our certificates through mail. Everything at our doorstep?
Without even our signatures. Yash should be the one!

What did he think of himself? Why is he doing all this? He knows what happens around me. How? He
won’t accept that he has feelings for me. But he will keep tabs on me and will help me out in every
situation!? I don't understand. He worries about my safety. But he also will stay away from me!?

I got another email. From Yash's office? I read it over and over again. It says they have openings for
software development. And the interview is on Friday. Why do I feel like this vacancy is exclusively
made for us? What is he trying to do?

Whatever it is, I'm super happy now. I was longing to see him at least once. But now, I'm going to work
in his office which means I can see him often, that is if I get the job. But I have a strong feeling that I will
get it. I know I love him. I have admiration and liking for Yash. But I love my stranger. It's just my luck
they both happen to be the same guy. Also this place change is a must for Kavi’s mental health. She is
refusing to even step out of the room and is paranoid that whoever looks at her has seen her
photograph on that porn site.

Ok! How should I tell this to Kavi?! I should make her believe that it’s a genuine opportunity.

"Kavi!" I started while she was crouching on the bed crying. The only time she is not crying is when she
sleeps and that too a little time. I have seen her sit up on the bed in the middle of the night. It pains my
heart to see her like this. I try hard to divert her from those horrid memories but she is reluctant to let go
of it.

"Mmm" she hummed in response.

"There is an interview at xyz company on Friday. Ranjith sir has recommended it. Shall we attend it?" I
asked her, praying to all the gods that she should buy it.

"You are still behind him? Are you out of your mind? I am not staying in this damn place anymore. We
are going back." she said.

"Ok, We will go back. Have you prepared the reason to tell our parents?" I asked her. She just speaks
her emotion but that will not help us now.


"Listen Kavi, We shall attend this interview. This office is closer than our current office. Nothing will
change. We shall tell our parents that we got a better option." I told her.

"Will this really work?"

"Let’s first attend this interview. Let’s see if we can ace it!"

"Hmmm ok de. But..." I cut her off.

"No buts, Kavi. Just forget what happened. It's all over now. We have not pressed charges against
Vishwa. He is a closed chapter. We have to move forward. I have a strong feeling that we will get
placed in this interview."

"But Akshu, We need our certificates to attend the interview. To get our certificates we need Two lakhs,
Remember!?" Ok, she is not completely driven by emotions and that is good.

"um... About that, Ranjith sir just sent an email to me now. He says we can get our certificates now and
give the money after we get placed in a company. He said he does this because he understood what
we are going through now. He said he is giving our certificates at his own risk because he knows that

we cannot work there anymore. And he also knew who did this!" I told a big lie. I just prayed to god that
she buys it as well.

"Also, he said he can mail out our documents. That is if we don’t want to go there." I added when she
looked at me unbelievably.

"Really, Akshu? Omg, Thank god. We are so lucky. I don't really know if it's true. How is this
happening? Yes, ask him to mail us our documents. I can’t believe that he is relieving us so soon. So,
we don't have to sell our jewels and bike? Is this a sign that I should put everything behind?" She
spoke excitedly. I am happy if she can come out of it.

"We have to, idiot. Anyways our parents won’t give money, remember?"

"Oh...!" she trailed off.

"Kavi, Don’t think too much. Ranjith sir has given us time. We will attend this interview. If we get this
job, we don't have to sell anything. We can take out loans on our jewels. Give the bond breaking fee
and get it back when we get enough money. If we don’t get this job then we will stick to our previous
plan." I told her the options we have in front of us.

I should make up that money and give it back to Yash. He already helped us in many situations. We
cannot take advantage of him. I shall let Kavi know later.

"Mmm ok” she said and shrunk back in the bed.

“Now come, let's prepare for our interview!" I pulled her up. I must keep her occupied.

I have another important job to get done. I called Shalu Aunty.