Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 25: 25. Kavya’s Distress!

Akshitha's PoV

I want to stop Kavi from going to the office. Whatever that son of a bitch has planned for her, I should
save her from it.

"Kavi, I have a bad stomach pain. I can't even get up." I told her.

"Get up, Akshu. Have this coffee. You will feel good."

"No, I'm not going to the office today."

"Pch, You don’t want to go? Then inform your team lead. Why lie to me?" she asked, irritated.

"No lies. My stomach really hurts."

"Ok ok, Stay back. I will buy you medicine from the medicals before I go." she said.

"um...No no, You will stay back with me to take care of me."

"Don’t play around, Akshu. I have a lot of work to complete. I have a meeting with a client too."

"Nothing will stop if you don’t go. You are staying back." I tried to stop her.


"YOU ARE STAYING BACK." I shouted and she retreated.


I cannot tell her that Vishwa made plots for me and her. I cannot tell her that Yash saved me. She will
kill me for my stupidity. Besides, she will feel guilty, which she doesn’t have to. So, stopping her from

going to the office will save her. We had our breakfast and were playing Candy crush on the phone
when our mobiles pinged with messages. Kavya's phone was continuously buzzing.

I opened the message and was shocked to see what that was. I thought I saved her. But no, I didn’t
save her. How am I going to bring her out of this? That bastard, He should be killed. How can he do
this to her? I should have thought about this. He went so low to spoil my image. I should have expected
something like this. I looked at Kavi.

She was stunned looking at her phone. What should I do now? How will she go back to that office?
Priya and Nithya are calling me on my phone. Pramod is also calling me. God!

"Kavi." I touched her shoulder.

"So, you knew this was coming. That is why you didn’t let me go?" She asked me and I really didn't
have an answer. I could not see her with dead eyes.

"No, Kavi. No, I don’t exactly know what was coming. I thought I saved you." I cried. I couldn’t see her
like this. Her phone is constantly ringing and pinging.

"It's all my fault. I fell for the wrong man. It's him. Isn't it? " she asked. She didn't cry yet and that is
scaring me to hell.


"You knew it. It's Vishwa. He did it. Didn't he?"

I just nodded my head. She threw her phone on the ground and it broke into pieces. She started crying
aloud. I let her cry. I went out of our room. I called a cab to the police station for women. This needs to
be sorted out.

"Excuse me, madam. I'm Akshitha. I'm here to make a complaint." I told the cop that stood outside.

"Yes, What is it about?" She took me inside.

"Madam, me and my friend are working in xxx. Someone morphed my friend's photo into a topless
picture and uploaded it to a porn site. He also put on her number. He also sent the link through mail to
all our office mates now. We need to take down her picture immediately, madam." I showed her the
mail and everything.

"This is cybercrime. Do you have any idea on who would have done this? Why didn’t you bring your
friend?" The inspector asked me.

"She is very upset about all this, madam. Please do something. Her reputation is very important.
Please get it down before it goes out of our office." I almost cried to her. We can survive without this
job. But not if this leaks out. No one should know about this. We should resign from this job and go
back to our place. This world is very cruel with monsters all around.

I don't want to name him. I'm scared now. Getting out of this is more important than to get revenge. We
don’t want to get into more trouble by giving his name to the police. I know I'm being a coward. But I
also know that this is all because I kicked him and brushed his male ego. I shouldn't have done that. I
was very angry with him. I didn’t know what he was capable of at that time.

The police worked so quickly and brought that site down in the next half an hour. They also

hacked that account and deleted everything. When they tried to track down where it was uploaded,
they didn't get a clue. I know that bastard is techie.

"Thank you so much, madam. I think this is enough. We anyways can’t work in that office anymore. So,
we don’t want to make it a complaint. We will resign and go back to our native." I told her.

"Listen Akshitha, this is purely your decision. But if you get afraid of filthy pigs like these, you cannot
survive. Here is my card. You can call me if you know anything about who might have done this." the

inspector said.

"Sure madam. Thank you." I took leave from her.

I left the police station and went back to our pg. The heavy feeling I felt while going to the police station
is now settled. I should tell this to her, I should let her know that she is safe and there is nothing to be
worried about anymore.

"Kavi!" I shouted as I opened the door of our room and felt like strangling her to death.

"What are you doing, Kavi? So, this is it? Everything's over? What about me? Your mom and dad?
Great job, go ahead, Do you need some help? I can google to see how to knot." I told her.

"Akshu!" She jumped down from bed and dropped her dupatta which she was trying to hang herself. I
gave her a tight slap. Another! And another! My anger doesn’t subside.

"Akshu!" She hugged me and started crying again.

"I will kill you myself. Don’t worry, Are you this coward? The site is down and also those pictures are
deleted. We will send our resignation through mail. We will go back to Coimbatore. We don’t have to
tell any of these to anyone. It's over, Kavi." I told her harshly to let the matter sink into her thick skull.

She cried on me holding me like her life depends on me. I hugged her back and let her cry until she
dozed off. I felt really bad for her. I wanted to kill him for what he did to Kavi. My mind is boggled with
so many thoughts of how to put this complete thing behind us and move forward.

"I went to the police station. But I didn't complain on him. If you want to complain, then we can do it." I
told her in the evening after she woke up. She started crying all over again when she woke up and I am
totally helpless. I feel it’s all because of me, if at all I have been more sensitive and controlled my
tongue with him, he might have left us alone.

"No, Akshu. I don't want to press any charges against him. I am scared. How will I ever go out and face
people? I don't want to live anymore.” she said, sobbing.

“Stop talking like this, Kavi. I am so sorry. It is all because of me that he did this to you. I am sorry, kavi.
If you don't want to live then I do not deserve to live.” I told her crying. I am responsible for her current

“No, Akshu. You are not responsible for anything. It’s all me. I fell for the wrong person. You were right
before. It's all over. Let's go back to our place, Akshu." She said hurriedly with a little better tone. So
that’s my cue. My sorrow will help her get out of this. I continued the blame game and made her eat
and sleep.

We both framed our resignation mail and sent it to our office. We have signed a contract for 12 months.
It's just 7 weeks now. If we have to break the contract, we should pay a lakh each. Huge amount. We
should make it up somehow.

"What will we tell our parents about our resignation? How will they give us 1 lakh Akshu? They will ask
for a reason. I'm scared." She started again. But she is right. What should we tell our parents?

"Hey, we have our chain, ring and earring. We will sell these and pay 1 lakh." I told her to cheer her up.

"Pch, we won’t get 1 lakh for these. Besides, what will you tell if our parents ask about our jewels?"

"Will tell we lost it. Or someone stole it from us. We shall sell our bike too for the rest of the money.
What do you say?" I asked her.

"I’m so sorry. It's all because of me." She started crying again.

"Kavi, Look at me. We are friends. We will get out of this together. We will go out and check how much
we will get if we sell our jewels. Also, we shall check with a mechanic on how much our bike is worth." I

told her that I will be with her on this.

"Thank you, Akshu. We will go after lunch."

It’s already been two days since we sent our resignation mail. We never left our room except for food
and that's just me. We were laying on our bed in silence when my phone pinged. It's an email. I
hurriedly opened it to see it was from my office.

"Dear Akshitha,

Your resignation is taken, and we free you off your contract. You can collect your certificates and other
documents anytime. We understand if you don’t want to come in person. We can mail your documents
to you. Also, your agreement breaking fine is paid. Here is a receipt attached for your perusal.

All the best!