Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 24: 24. That Connection!

Yadav's PoV

How did she end up here? If it was a trap created by the media, they would have chosen a random girl
or even a celebrity. Why Akshitha? So, someone knows that I know her. Who is behind this? Is this a
trap for her? If they want to spoil her name, there are numerous ways. Why do they involve me? Why
the hell are we hooked together in every dangerous situation? Am I here to protect her always? She
says she loves me. She says I’m hers’. Why didn’t I get angry when she said that? Why the hell I didn’t
feel like having sex with anyone after I met her? Why do I see her in my dreams? Does this all mean
I'm in love too? On her? On a stranger girl? What do I know about her except for the fact that she is a
stupid? Is this Destiny? GOD!

She was knocking on the door now. What the hell does she want now? I opened the door.

"What now?" I asked her, not interested.

"Yash, I know who set this all up." She said.

"Who else except for your stupidity?" I barked at her.

"Pch, Chumma chumma thittadha pa. (Don't scold me often.)"

"God, Shut up and wait for my mom. If she comes, for god's sake, go with her and don't ever show your
face to me again."

"That's not going to happen. Are you behind Vishwa's termination in my office?"

How did she know? I was super angry at him for intoxicating her. I don't know if he was behind her or
her friend. But he was responsible for her condition the other night so I called up my contacts in his
office to send him home. I thought to send him away permanently from her way.

"So, you did that." she said when I stood there without answering her.

"I don't know what you are talking about." I denied.

"I know face reading, Yash. Why did you expel him from my office?" she asked me with a

glint of naughtiness in her tone.

"Pch, Stop this nonsense. I didn't do anything like you say. Why does that have anything to do with you
being here?"

"That idiot thought to spoil my name by putting me in your suite. He doesn't know that you will protect
me!" she said playfully.

"You are insane. Can't you see what situation you are in? How can you be playful? Idiot! Are you not
afraid to be with me in a suite all alone? You know the time now? It's 10.30 already!"

"It's ok. Kavi will come to pg only at 11pm. I can go before her." she said.

"You are afraid of your friend? That is all that matters for you? What about the other questions I asked

"Oh, you mean the meaningless questions you asked me? Do you want answers for them? I'm not
scared of you. You can do no harm to me."

"What if I try to get you on my bed?"

"Haha! If you had those thoughts, you wouldn't have called your mom. You wouldn't have been asking
me this stupid question. And besides, if you are mine then I'm yours." she winked at me.

FUCK! I'm not a womanizer. I won’t force myself on a girl. But I'm not a saint either. The thing is never
once have I seen her inappropriately. Why? I hate how she talks to me. I hate how much she can read

me. I hate being an open book to her. I'm a tough man.

Someone's at the door. That's my mom. She opened the door with a full-blown smile. Shiva has also
come with my mom. My mom and that loosu started talking while me and Shiva went in the room.

"What happened, da? How did she get in here? There were many reporters in the corridor while we
came. But seeing us, many left!" Shiva said.

"The party is still on, right?" I asked him.


"Call my bouncers and ask them to look for a reporter named Ramkumar. I want him now."

Shiva went to put my plan into action. My mom came to me.

"Yadu, I will take her to her pg. She will be alright right? She says that someone named Vishwa called
her and said he will spoil her and Kavi's name. She is scared for Kavi." My mom said.

"Oh, she is not scared for herself? Ask her to be afraid for herself too. Now get her out of here." I spoke
out of full frustration because of the trust she has on me. I let them out after making sure there is no
one to take pictures. After they left, Shiva came in with my bouncers and that man.

He was standing between my bouncers with his face evidently showing off his tension and fear. "Hello
Mr. Ramkumar, How are you? Got your story for tonight? Tomorrow your channel will have higher TRP.
You have exclusive pictures of a girl who spent her time with me right?" I asked him.

"Sir, I have no idea what you are talking about." he tried to deny but his face failed him.

"Oh really, Fine."

I called up his channel. I'm a high-profile man. I have contacts in every nook and corner. I terminated
him from his office in just a call, in front of him.

"Sir, Please sir, I just did what I was told. Sorry, sir." he pleaded to me. But I'm in no mood. How dare
he spoil the reputation of an innocent girl?

"You dared to spoil a girl's life. Now I will make sure you will never be a journalist anywhere in India. Go
do something else fearing your conscience."

He slumped his shoulders and went out. I felt a little satisfied with what I did. Now I should teach a
lesson to Vishwa. That son of a bitch!

"Yadav, I think you are over-reacting. You could have left him with a warning." Shiva said.

"Shiva, Get that Vishwa."

"Yadav, Please, Relax. You are adding up people in her enemy list. Vishwa did this because he knew
you expelled him from his work because of her. That is why he played with her. Now this man. You are
evidently exposing your favor for that girl. That will only put her in more risk. Just let it go, Vishwa will
slide back." he said which made more sense. I truly don't know why I feel responsible for her safety but
I do.

Shiva is right. I cannot risk her. I should be clear of her way. The more I involve in her, the more risk I
put her into.

She is already a stupid girl. I must keep a lookout for her. But I should do it from a distance. I called my
friend's security service.

"Tarun, Yadav here."

"Yeah man, Tell me. How are you?"

"I'm good, Tarun. I need a security man. A strong man to keep an eye on a girl. She should not know
about this. He should follow her from far and be ready to lend help whenever necessary. He should
also update me on a regular basis." I told him.

"Are you talking about security for a girl? Who is that special girl, Yadav?" He asked me in joy.

"It must be confidential. No more questions. You pick a strong loyal man and send him to my office
tomorrow. If I find him fit, I will talk the rest to him." I told him.

"Ok boss, Will send a man tomorrow."

I sighed to myself. What am I doing? I feel it’s all unnecessary. But I also feel responsible for that
stupid's safety. Who is she?!