Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 23: 23. Who is Behind This?

Akshitha's PoV

I can see what I have done. I know it was a mistake to end up in his suite without his knowledge. He
was right. I shouldn't have right away believed that Ramkumar. Now Yash locked himself in the room
leaving me in the sitting area of this big luxurious suite. The moment I saw him, I felt so happy. He was
more handsome and manly in person. The photos don't do justice capturing his smartness. I practically
turned into a fan girl and drooled over him. I forgot about everything that was rupturing my mind.

But his sudden outburst brought me to real life. He yelled at me like he always does. I knew it was him.
I love when he yells at me. It purely shows his concern for me. I almost see my dad while he is yelling.
My mom is very strict but she won't yell at me. She will tell me in a soft tone and when I don't listen, she
will hit me. All those days were long gone. But my dad, he would just yell at me if I made mistakes.
After my dad, it is Yash that shows his concern by yelling at me.

I was shocked, dumbstruck is all an understatement. I was on cloud nine that Mr. Stranger and Yash
are one and the same person. I just spoke what came to my mind at that time. I don't know what came
on me, I knew he was mine and I just hugged him.

His chest felt like home. But then, he pulled me out of him and gave me a tight slap.

God! He is a strong man.

"Hey, Look at me, Try being a fierce girl, idiot! Is this how you react when a stranger hits you?" he
asked me when I was crying because it damn hurts.

I really admire him. His closeness gives me so much happiness. The way he questions me shows his
love for me. He wants me to be fierce? He thinks that I will sit and cry when an unknown man hits me?

"You are not a stranger!" I told him in between my sniffs.

"How dare you hug me? Is this what you do when you see a man?"

How dare he talk about me like that? I can understand that he tries to comprehend everything that has
happened. It's hard for me too to digest the fact that I'm actually talking to Yash and I love him dearly. I
couldn't even believe that he has some feelings for me too.

"Shut up, Yash. Don't you dare cross the line and touch my dignity. What do you even know of me that
you talk like this to me? You are mine and I don't hug strangers!" I said with a little anger to stop him
from talking like this.

He tried to tell me that he doesn’t know me. But for the fact, we both know what's true.

So, we had an argument that ended with him accepting that Mr. Stranger is him. Not straight though.

I understood his tension when he explained to me the situation we were in. But I didn't feel anything
bad. I have my full confidence in him regarding my safety. I know he will get me out somehow.

"Hey loosu, Do you know my mom and dad?" he asked me all of a sudden out of nowhere. He called
me 'loosu'? How dare he? How in the world would I know them? I shook my head in a no.

"Pch, Do you know someone named Shalini and Aravind?" he asked me again.

What? Shalu aunty and Aravind uncle are his parents? I knew it. I saw something on

uncle's face that resembled someone close to me. I couldn't point it straight away. So that is why they
behaved weird when I asked them about Yash. I just want to dunk my head in the ground for all the silly
things I told to them about their own son!

"Yes, Are they your parents?" I asked him.

He just nodded at me and called Shalu aunty. After a little talk he gave the phone to me.

"Tell her what you did and ask her to come to your rescue." he told me. I grabbed the phone from him
with a wide smile. I truly don’t know how to explain what I did. I know it was a complete stupidity on my

"Hi aunty, Akshu here."

"Hi dear, So you met him at last? How did you go to that place at this time?"

"I came to see Yash, aunty. Why didn’t you tell me that he is your son?"

"Sorry dear. Uncle said it's for your own good. You know my son has a playboy image. We didn’t want
to get you into this."

"I'm not going to talk to uncle anymore. I knew he looked so familiar, Yash has many traits from uncle."

"Akshu, Please, don’t get angry. What happened? Why does he want me to come there? What did you

"I don’t know, aunty. Your son is very angry. We are in his suite." I don't want to admit my stupidity to
her, alright?

"Angry? Ok Akshu. Wait, I will come in half an hour."

"Ok aunty! We will..." he snatched the phone back. He is more angry now. But why?

"Ma! This idiot has somehow got into my suite without my knowledge. There are press outside. We
cannot go out together. Come soon and take her with you."


He disconnected the call and turned to me.

"I'm talking about your damn reputation and here you are fighting with my mom for not letting you know
that I'm her son?" He yelled at me again. God I'm tired of his yelling.

"Pch, Come here, Yash. Sit down. I know you will protect me. You came to my rescue even when we
didn't know each other. Why should I feel now? I'm actually very happy. Never in my wild dreams have I
ever thought that I will meet you in person. But see, now you belong to me!" I already said I love him. I
know for sure that he belongs to me. My heart thumps loud whenever he is near me. I feel at peace
and safe when he is with me. His embrace gives me immense pleasure. What else do I need to know
that I love him? But he has yet to discover his feelings for me.

"God, stop blabbering like this. I don’t love you. I'm not that kinda guy. I don't want to be the reason for
your misery. That is why I am now trying to save you. Besides, you are well known to my mom and
dad. They won’t be happy if the media writes about you in the wrong way." he told me with no
expression on his face. It really hurts me. I know I'm being repulsive. He knows nothing about me. He
is right about what he says. He is very logical. But it hurts me. I don’t know where I stand.

"Oh really? Then why did you save me in the park and pub? The first time you helped me, may be a
coincidence. But why did you yell at me? Why did you show you are concerned about my safety? Why
did you hit me when you saw me in the pub? Why did you hit me now? This is how you care for every
passer-by girl?" I almost cried.

He came dangerously near me and looked me in the eye.

"Look at me. I don't love you. I don't know you. You are just a stranger. Don't you dare invade my
privacy." he spoke to me in warning. My dumb mind enjoys his nearness and his sexy metallic voice,
ignoring whatever he said.

"Ok ok, I agree. You don't know me. I'm a stranger to you. But just keep this in mind, Yash. You belong
to me." I told him. He may have numerous flings. But if he feels what I feel then he will surely be mine.

I'm now waiting for aunty and uncle to come. If we leave here as family, the reporters can't write bad
things about me. But why did Ramkumar do this to me? What did I ever do to him? I just met him today.
How can this all be coincident? I was crushing my little brain for answers when I got a phone.


"Hi Akshitha, How is my gift to you?" I heard a man on the phone.

"Who is this?"

"Oh, your friend didn’t share my number with you? Vishwa here. You will see your name and photo in
tomorrow's headlines. You should know what will happen if you mess with me. Did you think I won’t get
any other job? You said you will spoil my reputation? I won’t leave your friend too. Her reputation will be
spoiled in your office. Your reputation will be spoiled all over India. You know why you get a bigger
punishment?" He went on.

"Oh, it's you who did this? Anyways thank you, Vishwa. You made my all-time dream come true." I am
more than angry with him, he is a venom. But he should know that whatever he planned didn't work like
he anticipated. I wanted him to know that he cannot win.

I disconnected the call. Son of a bitch. So, is it his plan? Is Nithya with him? I thought we were friends.
I'm safe but what has he planned for Kavi? I knocked on the door where Yash is.