Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 21: 21. Confrontation?

Akshitha's PoV

Why do I feel like Yash is behind Vishwa's red notice? The office we are working at has many projects
on hand. They are still recruiting freshers. Why would they terminate an experienced man?

Yadav is a high-profile man. Is it even possible that he was around me to save me every time I was in
trouble? Mr. Gentleman always covered his face during our encounters. A common man doesn't need
to hide his identity unless it was Yadav himself. Our every encounter was at night. The low to no light
helped him to hide away. But in the pub? Though blurred, I know I saw HIM.

I want answers. Is that really Yash? Does he feel the connection like I do? How can I meet him? I
surfed online for his recent updates. Nope! Nothing! No updates on his activity from the day we came
to Chennai.

Is he out of the country? If so, then who is that stranger? Aaahhh! I feel like I'm getting insane just like
he says. Since yesterday, I have been seeing Mr. Stranger as my Yash. Whenever I try to imagine his
beard and lips, I see Yash's face. I only see him. I still feel his protective hands around me. The
moment I think of him, I feel at home.

"Akshitha!" Nithya almost yelled on my face.

"Pch, what Nithya?"

"Happa! I've been calling you for almost five minutes now. Where were you?"

"Sorry, Was just lost in thoughts. Tell me."

"You like Yadav Rishid, right? He is coming to Park Sheraton tonight for a success party for his recent
film." She said.

"Really? how do you know?" I'm very excited.

"My friend is a junior reporter. She told me. Her senior is exclusively working on Yadav. If you want to
see him, I can ask her to take you along with reporters."

"Please Nithya, Can you give me your friend's number? I can talk to her myself."

She gave me her number and also messaged her friend about me. After she left my cabin, I called the
number she gave me.

"Hi, this is Akshitha. Am I talking to Anitha?"

"Hi, yes. Nithya just messaged me. Hold on Akshitha, my senior wants to talk to you."


"Hello, This is Ramkumar here. Anitha said you are a fan of Yadav Rishid. I'm well acquainted with him.
I can take you to meet him personally." He said.

"Wow really, sir? I totally want to meet him. Can you arrange it tonight?" I asked him.

"Sure, Akshitha. Here, take my number. Call me at 8pm tonight after coming to Park Sheraton. I will
take you to him."

"Um...sure sir. Thank you."

I disconnected the call. I strongly feel it's Destiny that wants us to meet. Why else would Nithya come
out of nowhere and make an arrangement to meet Yash personally? So, it is Yash. Mr. Stranger is
Yash. I can't wait for 8pm. It's almost 5pm now. I started to pg.

"Kavi, I will take the scooty. I have some shopping to do. You take a cab for tonight. Please!"

"Ok ok. Come back soon. Don't just roam around." She said, giving me the keys.

I grabbed it and left. Once in pg, I started to get ready to meet my Yash. I wore a red salwar. I just want
to confirm my assumptions. If I get to meet Yash and if he is not Mr. Gentleman, then I can take
pictures with him as a fan girl and come back. If what I think is true and if Yash is proved to be Mr.
Gentleman, then I will do anything to get him. He is mine!

I took my scooty and went to the venue. Looks like the party is in a secluded hall. The front of the hotel
was calm and it didn’t show any sign of a cine industry party. I called Ramkumar. He came to me and
introduced himself.

"Hi Akshitha, I'm Ramkumar. Nice meeting you. Yadav has arranged a room to meet the press
exclusively. You stay in that room. The function is still on. We all will come to that room along with him."
He told me.

"Oh, can't I come with you?" For some reason, I don't like to wait all alone in a room in a hotel.

"They will not allow you inside the function hall. Only regular reporters are allowed in such functions."

"Oh Ok! Then I will stay here. I will join you when you guys come." His reasons were valid for not taking
me along with him.

"You can’t stay here all alone, Akshitha. Please stay in that room. The function may take another 45
minutes. I have to go cover it.” He said and I had no other choice but to comply with him.

"um...Ok!" I followed him to a big suite. It was amazing. The room boy opened the door for us.
Ramkumar left after making sure I was comfortable. I started waiting impatiently!

Yadav's PoV

This party is taking so long. The heroine of this movie is a complete nuisance. Can't she read signals?
I'm totally avoiding her, and she keeps on hanging around me. Since this party is on behalf of my
production house, I cannot leave. The speech and thanking all went well and the buffet dinner started
with drinks. I excused myself from her and went to the director.

"Hello sir, Looks like you have a separate party after this." he spoke to me just the way that I lost my
cool completely.

"Nope, Mr.Adish. Your heroine is a nuisance." I burst out at him.

"What happened to you sir? Are you in love or any kind of relationship? You have been acting
indifferent for the past month." He looked surprised. I am surprised as well.

"God, Nothing like that. Rubbish! I'm not in the mood today. Please divert your heroine." I told him.

"Haha, I will do what I can. But you have something that makes chics come your way sir."

He laughed at me. On usual days, I would have laughed with him. But today, I want to punch him on his
face. Love and relationships are the last words that I least expect to hear even in my death bed.

After dinner, everyone started dancing. And as expected she asked me for a dance. I really don't want
to touch her. My mind is filled with that ‘A’ girl. Her fragrance still lingers on me. I liked her closeness.
The way she spoke to me, the way she hugged my arm, the way she slept on me. I couldn't get her out
of my head. She is completely disturbing me. I silently escaped the hall and went to my suite.

I was dumbstruck with what I saw. She stood up from the couch and had a bright smile looking at me. I
felt that same unknown rage. I don’t know why I get angry whenever I see her. It's all because of her. I
happen to see her in bad situations all the time. I took long strides to her and held her elbow.

"Are you insane? What the hell are you doing here? Idiot. Why are you so dumb? Don’t you know to be
safe? How the hell did you get in? God!" I pushed her aside and she fell on the couch.

Her eyes are so big and innocent. Her child-like face has a bright smile. Is she deaf? I'm yelling at her
and she is smiling like an idiot.

"So, it's you! You are Mr. Stranger! I'm so happy." She hugged me. She fucking hugged me? She didn’t
know what trouble she had gotten herself into. Idiot. I totally lost my cool and pulled her away and
slapped her hard across her face.

"Yash!" She held a hand on her cheek and looked at me with a shocked look.