Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 20: 20. Is that Him?

Yadav's PoV

Shiva brought her friend. She was in better condition than this stupid girl in my embrace. I covered my
face with a cap. She was already getting out of the effects of wine because of dancing so long. She
even knew a hint of what exactly happened.

When Shiva explained to her, she started crying. I'm getting irritated. How can these girls be so naive?
I thought these kinda girls only existed in prehistoric times. Girls nowadays are so strong and cunning.
He consoled her and we took them to our car. That Kavi girl is in no mood to see what her friend is

"Yash, I will sit with only you." She said still hanging on my arms. I don't complain. I'm enjoying it and
that makes me mad at myself.

I asked Shiva to drive and Kavi to sit in front. I sat with this nameless girl at the back seat. She took my
hand and circled it around her and leaned in on my chest. I know she is boozed. But I also strongly
believe that she wouldn't do this if it was not me.

"You didn’t answer me, Yash." she spoke out of nowhere.

"What did you ask?"

"I said I love you. You didn’t say it back yet.” She was talking like a baby.

What should I say now? I don't do love. That's an alien feeling. But whatever she is making me feel
now is also alien for me. Never in my life have I ever felt these.

"Just keep quiet." I yelled at her. She looked up from my chest.

"I like it when you yell at me. You sound like my dad." She nuzzled closer if it was even possible and
slept. She fucking slept on me? What am I doing?

Shiva turned to look at me whenever she blabbered on something like this. He has all the wrong ideas
now. How do I know? It's written all over his stupid face!

I took her phone to give a ring to my number. I don't know why I wanted her number. But I was stunned
to see my picture on her screen. Is she a fan girl? Her phone was locked. Pattern lock.

"Open your phone!" I gave it to her.

"You don't know? The pattern is 'AY' my name and your name." she said and opened it with the same
pattern. What is she? Why am I smiling?

"Yadav!?" Shiva had that goofy smile on his face.

"Shut up Shiva. Drive looking at the road." I controlled my smile and yelled at him.

Her name starts with A! I dialed my number on her phone. I saved her number on my phone. We
dropped them at their pg. Since Kavi was better, she took the 'A' girl with her with thanks. I dropped
Shiva in his home and went to my home.

I couldn't sleep at all. All I see is her. I smell like her. Her perfume was all over me. I hate to even
change my clothes. Her fragrance makes me feel like she is still with me. I got ready when the sun hit
and drove to her pg. I wanted to see her. It's Sunday.

Chances of her coming out are very low. But I still waited. I felt so cheap doing this. My rational mind
says this is utter nonsense. Waiting for an unknown girl is the very dumbest thing I have ever done. But
my heart conflicts with everything my mind says.

I saw her coming in her pyjamas. She went straight to the pharmacy that is across her pg. I know,
Hangover. But then she stopped in her tracks and looked my way. She came running to me. I so
wanted to see her and talk to her. But I also don't want to continue whatever this fuck is! So, I drove off.

Kavya's PoV

I don't know what I am feeling now. I feel so betrayed. I really had developed feelings for him. Like
Akshu said, he is not worth it. I should move on. But I couldn't shake him off from my heart. The way he
spoke to me, the way his eyes brushed my heart, ever so gently. I don't believe that he faked
everything. But apparently, he tried to use me which left me with no choice than to believe that he is not
the good person I thought him to be. We stayed in our room the whole Sunday.

Akshu started to office as usual and I went along with her. I don’t think I can handle things alone. When
we went to our floor, I felt all eyes on me. I felt so ashamed of myself. I held Akshu's hand tightly. She
gave a tight squeeze reassuring me that she will be with me at every step. I'm grateful for her
friendship. She came with me to my wing. Just when I was about to sit in my cabin, Vishwa came.

Akshu gave him a hard kick on his leg just below his knee. He stumbled back and we could clearly see
his pain on his face. I felt satisfied and hurt at the same time.

"Don't shout, you bastard. You will get attention from all the people here. I bet you don’t want

that now. Listen, don't you dare mess with my friend again. If I ever see you near her, I will spoil your
reputation here. There are many girls here who are your type. Don't bother my friend. How dare you
touch her with your filthy hands? Go fuck yourself, douchebag!"

She spoke to him with a smile on her face. Whoever sees us from far will think that we are just talking.
He just stood there dumbstruck! I know Akshu is very insensitive, but she is the most courageous girl I

have ever known. I cannot even think about talking like this. But here she is. He went away, passing a
look to me without even a word.

"You will be fine, Kavi. No one here knows anything. They were all boozed yesterday. Be as usual.
Give me a call if you feel something's wrong." She told me and left for her place.

I resumed my work. As she said, no one bothered to ask me what happened yesterday. They must
have thought bad about me. I felt like crying. But then, Harini, my teammate came to me.

"Know what, Kavya? Our project manager resigned from his job. Looks like the management is into
deducting people. He got a red notice in the mail today and he just left." She said.

"What?" I couldn't believe my ears.

"Yes, You were so close to him. But he didn't tell you? You and your friend were talking with him in the
morning, right? I thought he told you."

"No, he didn’t tell me." I don’t know how to react. It's my stupidity that everyone here thinks that we
were very close. I don't think I can work here anymore. I called Akshu!

"Hey, Akshu. That idiot is not working here anymore. He got red mail today morning. He is not in office
right now."

She was silent.

"Hey Akshu, Are you there?"

"Mmm yes, So, problem solved. You are safe. Now be at peace and do your work." She hung up on
me. She may be busy!