Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 19: 19. After Effects

Akshu's PoV

I woke up with a headache. I saw Kavi sitting on her bed with her head buried in her knees. What
happened? Everything was a blur in my memory. We went to the pub. Vishwa came and took us in. All
her teammates were already there. He said all the orders are on him. Everyone started ordering their
drinks. He cut the cake, He fed Kavi, We all had some cake and continued with the drinks. Me and Kavi
ordered fruit punch.

Vishwa asked Kavi for a dance. She went with him. Everyone went to the dance floor. I don't feel like
dancing. I ordered for 2more fruit punches. I was thinking about that blue cap. His concern for me, His
coldness towards me, The electric effect I get every time he is with me. Do I love him? How can I love
him when I have not even seen his face? But my heart truly wishes to see him.

Some guy in the pub came to me and started flirting with me, interrupting my sweet thinking about that
mysterious man. I denied him. I felt light in my head and dozed off on the table. I woke up when I had
that same dream of Yash kissing me on my lips. This dream is getting very regular for me. It feels so
real every time.

I was very confused with my feelings. I know this fantasy towards Yash is not real. But the feeling I
have on that stranger is very true. Then why the hell do I dream of Yash kissing the life out of me? Why
do I dream that the mysterious man is Yash?

That same intruder came again and this time he had that audacity to hold my hand and ask for a
dance. I wanted to punch him on the face. But my hands don’t do what I said. Someone gave that hard
punch he deserved and took me to safety. How the hell did we come back? Did I drink something else?
So, is this headache called a hangover? It's terrible.

"Kavi!" I called her.

She looked up at me and I ran to her. She is crying? But why?

"Hey why are you crying? What happened?"

She hugged me and started crying more. I don’t know what happened.

"Hey, you are scaring me. What happened? Stop crying de!"

She showed me her neck. She has got bruises? It just ended above her breast. She sure had bad fun
yesterday. Why is she crying?

"Pch, Don’t make a scene, Kavi. You have a fucking hickey? Now tell me that you love Vishwa. I knew
it from the start. But this is too much, Kavi. How long did you know him? How can you let him do this to
you? Be at a safe distance until you get permission from your parents for marriage. I really don’t like
this. You went for a dance and I don’t remember anything after that. I think I drank something else. How
did you manage to bring me back to pg?"

"Akshu, Please don’t talk like this. I didn’t allow him. I don't love him anymore. He spiked our drinks. He
misused me. A guy named Shiva took me from him and showed you to me. You were out too. He
explained what happened to me and dropped us at our pg with his friend. He said you know his friend
already. They delivered our bike too. I'm feeling disgusted. How am I going to face everyone tomorrow?
How will I work with him henceforth? I feel like killing him! Thank god your friend saw you. What would
have happened if he was not there at the right time? I'm so sorry. It's all because of me."

She started crying more. I wanted to kill that bastard. Wait a minute, So, it's not a dream? Did I really
see Yash? Is he the mysterious man? God, I said I love you to him. I even kissed

him. How embarrassing?! I truly thought that was a dream. I asked him to stay with me? I leaned on his

Wait a minute! Did he hit me? How many of these incidents were dreams and how many are real? I felt
my headache worsen by the minute.

"Pch, Stop crying. We are safe now, that is what is more important now. Just put everything behind and
move forward. We tried to explore out of our comfort zone, and it turns out that we are not meant for it.
Be a bold girl, Kavi. Don’t let that pig define your dignity. Face him boldly. He will just go out of your
way. There will be many men like him. If we cannot face him, we have to go back to our home. Decide
and tell me." I spoke to her harshly! She needs command right now. She is scared and can’t think
straight. I'm here to guide her out of it. What are friends for?

She looked at me and nodded her head. I needed a pill for my headache. I told her and went to the
pharmacy. My mind kept on playing distorted scenes from my memory of last night. I saw Yash. He had
the same metallic voice as that of the stranger. He held me by my elbow just like the stranger. I felt the
same vibration on my heart at his touch. I felt safe with him. I felt the same concern. I felt relief wash
over me when I held his arm. I felt home when I leaned on his shoulder.

Did he feel the same way? Did he slap me? If so, why? Is that really Yash or my mind plays with me? I
had so many questions popping everywhere in my head. I saw an Audi car parked a little further from
my pg. Did I see a blue cap? I ran towards the car, but the car sped off when I neared it. Am I still