Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 17: 17. She can Change You?

Akshu's PoV

We both were ready and now waiting for aunty to pick us up. There she comes.

"Hi, Akshu. Hi, Kavya. Shall we go?" She asked, opening the door for us.

"Sure, aunty." Kavya said. We both got in and the car started to float.

"What are you shopping for today aunty? silk sarees?" I asked her.

"No dear. I know an orphanage. I'm planning to go there next weekend. So I just want to buy something
for the kids there."

"Wow. Super, aunty. Do you usually go there?" I asked her excitedly.

"Um no, dear. This is my first visit to this orphanage."

"Oh, ok ok. What are you planning to buy aunty? How many kids are there?" Kavya asked her.

"There are around 200 kids. All of different ages. I usually will buy study materials like gk books,
geometry boxes, coloring books, sketch pens, color pencils, uniforms. But this time I want to buy
something different. Do you have any ideas?" Aunty asked both of us.

"Um... don't get me wrong, aunty. I personally feel these material gifts won't last long. I’m sure these
are useful. The orphanage must also be getting funds and donations from others also. Everyone will
think like you do. So, one way or another they will get these items." I told her.

"Hmmm you are right. So, what do you suggest Akshu?"

"I feel like you are capable of doing more than this to them. Kids in orphanages should have education.
I'm sure the home would take care of it. But they also need something to ensure their monetary needs

when they go out. Some handy-works like sewing, crocheting etc.. You can arrange someone to teach
those kids something like this, aunty!"

"Wow, Akshu. It's a good idea. I can definitely do that. That's good thinking."

"Thank you, aunty. Actually, from my childhood I earned every penny of my pocket money! My mom
bought me a piggy bank when I was in kindergarten. She would give me money whenever I finish the
chores she gives me. I used to water the plants, clean up my toys, put my clothes in their place etc. As
I grew the works she gave also grew like doing house chores, gardening, working in the farm,
delivering strawberries to market. Actually, we can teach the kids farming." I said excitedly.

"Very interesting. What else do you know, Akshu?" she asked me.

"Haha. I know a little about tea estates. I know how to grow broccoli. I know how to make beautiful
hats, baskets and bins using coconut leaves. I know crocheting. Mmmm that's all I could remember

"You are surely a talented girl, Akshu! What about you Kavya?"

"Kavya is a carnatic singer, aunty. She learned music."I said

"Um... yes aunty. I know carnatic music."

"Aunty, I know Bharatanatyam!" I said.

"Haha! Ok Ok. Why don't you girls teach the kids what you know every Sunday? I will pay you girls for
your time and effort." aunty said.

I saw Kavi. She is excited too.

"We will teach them aunty. But we don’t want money from you. We can’t help them with money. Let us
do this to help, aunty." I told her.

She looked at us and nodded her head with a loving smile. Since aunty has no shopping, she took us
to the mall for our dress.

We tried on many clothes. As we are new to this, we feel very uncomfortable and exposed.

I liked 3 dresses that I thought were good on me. Aunty said yellow and pink ones are beautiful. Kavi
said everything looks good on me.

I loved the white dress on Kavi. So, we froze in yellow and white dresses and got them. We bought
matching accessories for it and had tummy full in a restaurant. Aunty dropped us at our pg and went
away. We had a nap and started to get ready for the party. We decided to go on our bike. Kavi said a
strict no to champagne.

Yadav's PoV

I called up Ashok after dropping her in her pg. I told him everything that has happened. I gave him that
number, the call came from. He scolded me for going alone for an anonymous call. I know that was a
mistake. I skipped her part. I don't want to get her into more trouble than she already can bring on

Ashok questioned me on my business rivals. But I can't pin-point someone on doing this. Besides, I
strongly suspect the orphanage. Someone related to that is doing this. Ashok said he will bring details
to me ASAP!

It was a total mood spoiler. My weekends went away by spending time with my mom and dad. After a
long time, I felt like I gave them happiness. My dad and I played table tennis. We all played chess. It
was refreshing. And the important point is, they both didn’t talk about my marriage. That's a relief!

My weekdays went as usual. Busy and overloaded. It was Friday eve, Shiva and I left our office. He
didn’t bring his car today. So, I agreed to drop him. I was curious to know if she will be in that park
today. Throughout the week she was constantly on my mind. I was worried about her safety. I even
thought of arranging some security guards for her. But then, I was shocked by the thoughts I'm having!
She is no one to me and I'm worried about her safety? God! I dropped the idea of going through her pg
to drop Shiva. I went the regular way.

"Yadav! Are you alright?" Shiva asked me.

"Yes da. Why do you ask?"

"I know you better than this. Are you still worried about the orphanage and that acid matter?" he asked
me and I decided to go with that. I don't want him or anybody else for that matter to think that I am
disturbed by a girl.

"Um... yes da! It's something more to what we think."

"Why not withdraw our adoption on that Orphanage, Yadav?"

"Shiva, we took responsibility. It's not fair to drop it like this. Besides, I'm not scared of their futile
threats. If I can, I must stop whatever illegal things that are going on there."

"Hmmm there is some other thing that's eating up your mind. What is that?" he asked me. Best friend
for a reason.


"You spent your weekend with aunty and uncle. You dodged 4 models and a heroine that approached
you this week. I'm happy about this. But I know you too well to believe that this change is because of
your dad's advice."

"Shiva, There is no reason. This incident spoiled my mood. I'm not in mood for some random sex.
Nothing else." I cut him off.

"Strange! You found relaxation in the same random sex. Anyways I'm happy about it." He let it go.

I dropped him and went home. The question Shiva asked me striked me like a sharp sting. Why did I
not find relaxation as I usually do? Did I lose interest in sex? That girl! She keeps on pestering my
mind. I was constantly thinking about her. That is why I could not see other girls in my way. I should
stop this madness.

I called up Rakesh. I asked for a private place in his pub tomorrow. He said I always will

have a place in his pub reserved. I just want to drink away her thoughts. I hate her for

what she is doing to me.