Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 18: 18. Alien Feeling!

Yadav's PoV

It's Saturday evening. I called up Chandru to accompany me. I just want to drink hard and forget that
damn girl. I always like to be in control of my emotions. I don't like my feelings being all over the place.
It's kinda haunting me. I feel like I'm losing my grip on myself. I cannot let a random girl make me feel

Chandru is not available. Shit! What's fun about going alone to a pub. I called up Shiva.

"Dei! I'm going to Rakesh's pub. I will come pick you up in 30minutes."

"Dei Yadav. You know I'm not comfortable in places like pubs. You want beer? Let's go to a bar. Or
come home. I have some in my home. We will settle in on my terrace and watch some movies."

"Pch, You are coming. I'm starting from my home. Be at your door-step."

I disconnected the call. He is impossible. He is still stuck in our college days. Though we studied
different degrees, we still had contact. We used to try beer on his home terrace without his mom's
knowledge. He doesn’t have a dad. He died in an accident.

I drove to his home and as I said, I reached his home in 30minutes. He was all ready and standing out.
He got in and we flew to the pub. It was 7pm when we entered the pub. It was crowded as compared to
the previous time I came here. The bouncers took us to a secluded cabin and treated us with utmost

"This place is nice and cozy. It's more like a bar except for that loud music and the dance floor." Shiva

"Yeah, I like this place too. The dim light helps me to hide my identity."

"Haha, Yeah So, are you going to tell me what's wrong with you?" He asked me.


"Still holding up after 3 beers? Too bad, Yadav!"

"That's nothing da. I came here to get rid of those annoying thoughts. Don’t bring it up again."

"Ok ok!" He put his hands in the air.

"You are going to pick up a girl from this dance floor today. Just dance. Try it." I told


"Huh, No way. You know I'm socially awkward. Why push me?"

"I'm going to dance tonight. You are going too. Just push your luck, Shiva!"

After five beers each, we stood and went out of our cabin to the dance floor. The high I got through the
beers drained off just like that with the scene in front of me. That same burning rage took me over. I
punched that man on his face hard and pulled her elbow and took her to our cabin. Shiva was standing
there dumbstruck and came running behind me.

"Are you.." she cut me off!

"Hey, YOU AGAIN? Wait! um... Are you insane? What the hell are you doing here at this hour all
alone? Do you think rescuing you is my only job? This is what you wanted to tell me right?" She spoke
like she was drunk.

I lost my cool and slapped her hard across her face! She was shocked and started crying like a baby. I
was shocked too. Did I just hit a girl whose name I don’t know? Who is just nobody to me? What the
hell did I do? Why does it bother me to know that she is drunk?

"Awww! It hurts, idiot! I’m not alone here. I came with Kavi. She is busy dancing with her boyfriend. I
was bored and I just asked for a fruit punch. I had five. But see, I feel like this place is under an
earthquake! You look like my Yash! That man asked for a dance and I said no. But he was nagging me.
You hit him and saved me like a hero. Why do you always come to save me Yash!? The mysterious
man who saved me is you? Why do I feel my heart flutter at your touch? This slap too shows your
concern for me! But it hurts very badly. Don’t you raise your hand on me ever again. I love you, Yash!"
She stood on her tippy toes and kissed my cheek.

"I love your dimpled cheek!" She kissed me again!

I was shocked is an understatement! The feeling when she kissed me is indescribable. I felt electricity
passing through every cell of my body. Did she say ‘I love you’ to me? She is drunk. I cannot take
things she talks about seriously at this state.

Her drink is spiked. What would have happened if I'm not here. I called the tender who was attending
us. I explained the situation and asked to bring the tender who attended to her.

"Dei! What's going on? Do you know her? Why did you beat that man da? You hit a girl? Girls coming
here usually go for a dance with random guys right!?" Shiva asked me completely clueless of anything
that was happening. I myself have no idea what the shit I am doing.

"Shiva!" my voice rang in a warning tone which I have never used against him.

"Sorry da!" he trailed off.

"She is not that kind of a girl. She is new to the city." I explained to him but I truly don’t know why I took
her side and chided Shiva. The tender came in with another man.

"Hey, he gave me a fruit punch, Yash." she pointed her finger at that man. I was still holding her close
to me. She is hugging my arms.

"Hey, I asked for a fruit punch, right? Fruit punch is alcohol? Kavi is going to kill me." She started with
him and ended up talking to herself.

I find it so cute. Never have I ever found cuteness in girls. She always does things and is afraid of her
friend. I smiled at her antics. But I diverted my gaze to that man and with just a look I knew he was at

"Did you serve her fruit punch?" I asked him.

"Sir, they came with the man who hosts this party out. He asked me to serve them with red wine. But
they ordered a fruit punch. When I said that to him, he asked me to spike their drink. I just mixed red
wine in their fruit punch. The other girl had three shots and he took her to the dance floor. She had two
more shots. She drank it so slow that she got high soon." he said with a guilty tone.

"You spike someone's drink without their knowledge? How dare you?"

"Sorry, sir. This won’t happen again." He pleaded to me. But I'm not convinced.

I called up Rakesh and informed him about this incident. I asked the other tender about

the host of the party. He showed me a man who was dancing with a girl very inappropriately. When he
turned, I recognized him at once. Vishwa, my collegemate!

"How did you girls come here?" I shook her.

"We came in our scooty, Yash." she mumbled.

Still not in her senses, she is sitting in our cabin with her head on the table and holding my arm with
both her hands. I was sitting very close to her. This urge to protect her is driving me crazy. Why can't I

just leave her and go on? They came to the pub in scooty? These girls are very stupid. I wonder how
their parents allowed such stupid girls to stay alone.

"You cannot drive. I will call for a cab. Go bring your friend. I will arrange for someone to get your bike
to your pg." I told her.

"Mhum, I like being with you. Stay with me, Yash." She lifted her head from the table and leaned on my
shoulder. What the hell am I feeling!?

"Dei Yadav. So, this is what has been wrong with you for the past weeks huh? Who is she da?" Shiva
asked me with a known smirk!

"Pch, I don’t know anything about her. It's her who saved me by warning me at the right time last

"Oh! Do you know her friend? I can go and bring her if you show her to me. Shall I call for a cab?" He
asked me.

"Um... we will drop them ourselves da. I'm not sure about her friend. Call that tender and ask him to
show the girl that came with her."

Shiva went out to do what I said. What am I doing with this unknown girl? Have I ever lent my
shoulders to a girl? Nope! Why do I feel like kicking the life out of Vishwa? How dare he spiked the
drinks of this innocent girl? What about her friend? Was she the one dancing with him? He has never
reformed. Always goes behind girls who are not his Type!