Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 16: 16. Judgement?

Shalini's PoV

I want to go shopping to buy something for all the kids in the orphanage that Yadav adopted recently.
Disha, Yadav's secretary will come home today with the details of how many kids, their age and

I have taken it as a habit to get something for everyone whenever Yadav adopts an orphanage or an
old age home. I'm very proud of my son. Though we had money, Aravind or I never thought of
adopting. We have helped people. But never took responsibility. That requires huge commitment. But
Yadu took that responsibility right from the start of his career.

It's always a tiring job to select things for the kids. It's usually Disha that accompanies me on this
shopping trip. She sure is helpful. But this time I wanted to take Akshu. Ever since she visited us, we
have been totally addicted to her. She speaks to me and Aravind every other day. Aravind, if not
available, will ask me every detail on what we talked about! But even after inviting her to our home so
many times, she makes excuses. I don't know why!

It's not that I didn't see her. We meet at common places like temples and beaches and parks and malls.
I feel like my age is cut into half when I'm with her. I like her friend Kavya also. But she is an introvert. A
girl of little words. I called up Akshu to know their plan for tomorrow. Since it's Saturday tomorrow, they
may have some plans of their own.

"Hello aunty! How are you, uncle, Bruno and Tiger? "

"We are all good, Akshu. You left my son."

"Haha, I never met him. It's ok. How is your son?"

"Haha he is so good too. Do you have any plans for tomorrow?"

"Um...Yes aunty. Tomorrow evening is Kavya's manager's birthday party. Guess where, We

are going to a pub aunty!" she squealed!

"Wow! So excited to get spoiled! Aren’t you?" I'm quite disappointed with her excitement.

"um...Are you angry with me aunty? You sound sad!"

"No Akshu!"

"Pch, Don't lie aunty! Me and Kavya always wanted to see a pub. We just wanted to explore aunty. I
promise you, Kavya will never let me get spoiled. 'Kalavum katru Mara!'".

she said.

I felt like I over reacted. She is a young girl and new to Chennai. She is excited to experience a new
side. She is a girl brought up with good moral values. I'm sure she will know what to do and when to

"Sorry, Akshu .So, the party is in the evening, right? What are you girls doing in the morning?"

"No plans aunty. We just have to go shopping for some dresses. We don’t have any outfit that suits the

"Ok, I'm planning to go shopping too tomorrow. Will meet at some place tomorrow. I will help you girls
and you have to help me too."

"Sure aunty!"

"Ok Akshu, Will see you tomorrow. I will pick you girls from your pg."

"It's ok aunty. we will come to the mall."

"Don't be so formal, Akshu! Be ready by 10. Bye"

"Haha ok aunty. Bye!"

I disconnected the call and went to the hall. Someone is at the door.

"Hi Disha. Come in."

"Hello Madam. How are you?"

"I'm good. So, you have the details of the new orphanage?"

"Oh yes madam. There are 170 kids and grown-ups there. This file has the proper age wise list."

"Mmm ok Disha. Thanks! You can go now."

"Madam! When are you planning to go shopping?"

"Oh, about that Disha, I have someone to help me this time. So, you are good to go."

"Oh! Ok madam! see you!"

I nodded my head to her. I usually don’t like girls that show off their skin. What is the need to dress like
this to work? It's because of these girls, my son has a bad image of girls and he uses them like they
are nothing. I was very happy with my son's progress in his career until he got involved in cinema. That
changed everything.

Aravind told me that he had warned Yadu. His time is one year. I hope he will come around as my son
in this one year’s time. I now feel like he is already irritated by the invasion of his privacy by these
media. If his fantasy for the movies dies soon, he will eventually close his production house. If he does
that, then I'm sure he won't be bothered anymore.

Let's see! But except for that, Yadu is an idle son. He will stay the full Sunday with us at home. That
stopped when we started talking to him about his marriage. He thinks every girl out there are similar to
the girls he met. I hope he meets Akshu. But Aravind said not to force anything.

Akshu's PoV

"Kavya! Aunty said she will come to pick us up for shopping tomorrow." I told Kavya.

"What? Are you mad? We want to buy some modern clothes, Akshu. How can we try it if aunty is with
us?" she asked.

"Oh, don’t worry. I told her what the occasion was and what we were going to buy!"

"What? What will she think of us? You are mad, Akshu!" She just overreacted just like aunt did.

"Kavi, stop this. We are going to a pub. We are doing this. Then why hide away? Why are you
bothering about what aunty will think? If you think we are doing something wrong, then I think we
should not go." I told her.

"Pch, Not like that."

"Hmmm we are going anyway. What's the problem in letting them know? I didn’t force you to tell your
mom because I know she is a conservative type. But aunty is very friendly with us. She won’t think bad
of us."

"Ok ok! Vishwa is coming. I will talk to you when you leave." She spoke in a hurry and left.

"Haha, enjoy! Bye de!"

I think Kavya is over thinking. Hmmm she has work and romance both at her workplace. Pch, Look at
me, No work! No romance! Boring life!

"Akshu, Did you fix this bug already?" Priya asked me.

"Please don’t call it a bug. This app's user should be a phobic person. What's the problem with this
color? He wants me to change the color of this text. I did it in my school. Actually, this is what I did
when my dad bought me a desktop when I was in 8th standard using html. This job is boring Priya."

"Are you for real? No work with hefty pay is what everyone is dying for. And you whine about that?"
She asked me unbelievably.

"If they don't assign me any work, I'm planning to look for other small company openings. Actually, that
is where we can learn loads."

"You are nuts. If you are bored, I will send my bug list to you. Fix them!"

"Pch! Those will be boring too. Anyways, send me. Something is better than nothing."

My office time is over. I took the cab to our pg after bidding a bye to Kavi. Hmmm, Lucky Girl!

I have always wanted to wear modern outfits like knee length dresses, sleeveless dresses and so on.
But my mom had never allowed me. Besides, our college required us to wear salwars. My hometown is
not so modern and the climate needs sweaters most of the time. So, there was no need for western
outfits. But I usually wear jeans and tops.

I'm so excited to get a trendy modern dress for myself tomorrow. My mom agreed with

so many conditions.