Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 15: 15. The Awkward Invite

Kavya's PoV

I feel something is wrong with Akshu. From the moment I came back to now, she is talking about all
irrelevant things to me. She will do this only when she tries to cover up her mess. I pulled her blanky

"Hey get up." I called her.

"I'm sleepy, Kavi. I'm not like you, you will sleep until late in the morning. But I can’t sleep. Let me
sleep, Kavi"

"What wrong did you do?"

"Me? Wrong? No Kavi!"

"Cut the crap. I know you did something. What did you do?"

"Kavi." She sat up on her bed. That look on her face gives it all away.

"Spill it!" I told her authoritatively.

She told me everything. She has escaped an acid attack. OMG, But I don’t find anything wrong in what
she did. She has saved a man. Good for him. But she is not supposed to be there at that time. That is
why she is scared of letting me know.

"Akshu, What you did was right. Now let it pass. But you are not stepping out of pg alone anymore." I
warned her. She left a loud sigh and hugged me.

"Thank you Kavi. I was so scared to tell you. I thought you would also yell at me." She said.

"What do you mean you will ALSO? Who else yelled at you?"

"That man I saved. He yelled at me for being there alone at that time." I almost laughed at how she put
her face. I wanted to tell her something too. I cannot hide it from her.


"Enna de ilukura? What did you do now? Huh? Spill it?" she just jumped on me. Yeah, she gets
chances like this very rarely to question me. She uses it until she feels satisfied. She makes the
situation all lighter with her silly behavior.

"Pch, My team manager Vishwa has invited me to his birthday party."

"Thu! Ivlothana? (huh! just this?) If he had invited you then grab a gift and go attend." She said it just
like that.


"Pch! Innu enna de? (what else?)"

"His party is in a Pub." I said it.

"WHAT?" Her eyes grew big.

"Hmmm yes!"

"So, you are not going. Why bring up this topic now? You told him no right?" She asked me.

"Hmmm Mmhum!"

"Hey, say yes or no. Don’t roll your head in all directions." she said.

"I said yes."

"WHAT?" she shrieked.

"Shhh! Don’t shout. I said ok. um... everyone in our team is going. We also wanted to see a Pub, right?
You too come, Akshu. It will be safe going with our friends, right?"

"Whoa whoa, First, you can go. You are invited. I'm not going. Second, I'm really happy that you have
decided to explore. But no drinks ok? And third they are your friends, not mine! When is the party?"
She spoke with a strict tone.

"This Saturday. Please, Akshu, you too come!"

"No, Kavi. It won’t be nice. Do you like Vishwa?" She asked.


"Don’t die out of shock. Why did you agree then? It's so not you.” She looks at me suspiciously. If I can
read her, then she can read me too.

"um..Nothing like you think. All my teammates said yes. So, I said yes too!"

"Oh, is it? If you say, then I'm ok too."

We both called it a night then. I know she is not fully satisfied with my answer. But still she let it pass
only to catch me red-handed. I'm not sure myself about what I feel towards Vishwa. I must clear it
before I tell it to her. Besides, it's just been a month since we have known each other. I should give it

Akshitha's PoV

I have seen Vishwa. He must be at least 4 to 5 years older than us. He is a handsome man, I should
say. I know Kavya is not telling me the full story. It would be me that asks to explore. She is usually

very shy and an introvert. But the tables have changed here. I should ask Nithya and Pramod to
investigate Vishwa. I'm not letting my friend fall for a man who is not worth it.

I dozed off to sleep thinking about what I should do about her and about that mysterious man. His
metallic voice and his concern for me, is very soothing to my heart. I don't know why I find my heart
fluttering at an unknown man's concern, but I do! It's really heart-warming. The next day, my office work
was the usual and boring. Me, Nithya and Priya were chatting at our break time when Vishwa came to

"Hi Akshitha, Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Um... sure! Tell me Vishwa." I went to a different table with him.

"I'm hosting a party for my birthday this Saturday at this pub. I would like to invite you ,Akshitha!" he

Ewww! Awkward! This must be Kavya's work. God, What am I supposed to tell him now?

"um... Vishwa, I understand you do this for Kavya. She will come to your party. I will make sure of that.
Sorry she made you do this."

"Oh no, Akshitha. Don't just assume. I know you guys are friends from college and you stay together. I
would be happy if you attend my party. It's not because of her that I invited you. I really like your
presence. "

"Oh! Um... If you insist. Ok Vishwa, I will come with Kavya." I told him. He smiled at me with a nod and
went off. He talks like a nice gentleman. But we cannot just judge him on our first encounter, right?

During lunch, Kavya came to the food court with Vishwa. They were happily talking. The glow in her
eyes tells me what she has in her heart. She bid a bye to him and joined us at our table.

"Kavi, Did you ask him to invite me? Have you lost your mind? It was so awkward and embarrassing. " I
yelled at her.

"No, Akshu. I .... I just told him that I cannot attend his party."

"Why? you said you will go. What happened to you all of a sudden?"

"um..I thought you would come too. I'm scared to go alone. You said no. So, I said no to him."

"Idiot. Now he has invited me out of compulsion. This is the first and last time you are doing this Kavi."

She is totally losing it. She can't do this to me. It's totally disrespecting my dignity. But I also know that
she needs my support in exploring out of her boundaries. So, I'm going to help her out this one time.
Besides, it's also my dream to go to a pub and dance like tomorrow never comes. I can persuade her
to try a little champagne! A little sparkling wine is no harm you see!