Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 13: 13. Tables Turned

Akshitha's PoV

After a hefty lunch, I asked aunty to drop me in my PG. She wanted me to stay for dinner. God, if Kavi
comes before I go then I'm done for good. I played a little more with Bruno and Tiger and bid goodbyes
to aunty and uncle.

I couldn't see his son today. He didn't join us for lunch. I thought of requesting him to make an
appointment with Yash. Pch, It's ok. If I'm destined to meet him, then I will meet him anyway. I don't
need any help.

When I went in the room, I hurriedly took off my saree and put it all back in the suitcase.

Hehe, Kavi is a detective, remember!?

We got used to our work. My team members Nithya and Priya have become very close to me. Pramod
and Vikram also joined our group. We learnt our tech and also had fun. Most of the time, we had our
chat window open.

Kavi is assigned to a US project. I don't know what she has that I don't have? Our batch is still in
training. We work on local projects. We fix errors. Basically maintenance. We have lots of free time. But
we will pretend to work.

I learnt many shortcuts from our office to our PG. We took turns in driving. But since Kavi is working on
a US project, her timing has changed. She stayed back to attend meetings. Our regular schedule
collapsed. I went and came early. Kavi went and came late. So, I gave my bike to Kavi. I started using
an office cab.

Shalu aunty is in constant touch with me. She speaks to me every other day. She visited me in our pg. I
introduced her to Kavi. Kavi is also pleased with her. So, no more lies to Kavi. Shalu aunty even took

us to shopping malls. She showed us around some temples and beaches. She said she feels alive
when she is with us. I'm happy that we could make someone happy with just our presence. She invited
us to her home many times, but we dodged saying some excuses. I don't want to take advantage of
her. We meet at some common places. That is enough.

She will bring Bruno or Tiger alternatively if we go to places like the beach. I only miss uncle.

He will talk to me if he is present when aunty talks to me. I cannot ask him to accompany aunty you
see, he is a rich businessman!

My mom and Kavi's mom also know Shalu aunty now. They have talked through the phone. Our moms
even asked her to keep an eye on us. Everything is very usual and regular. I had my evening coffee
and biscuits with Kriya, my pg mate. Since I have literally no company during weekday evenings, I was
forced to make friends with her. She doesn’t speak Tamil. Our awkward conversation in English always
cracks me into laughs when I'm alone!

"Kriya, Shall we go for a walk in the park nearby?" I asked her.

"Sure Akshitha, Wait, let me go change and come."

I went to change myself in a comfy dress. It's 7.30 in the evening and this Chennai is still hot like noon.
The park near our PG is not a well-maintained park. So, no kids will be there. Many uncles and aunties
use it as a walking area. It's boring too. But far better as compared to staying here.

"Akshitha, open up. I'm ready."

"Yeah yeah! Me too!" I opened up the door and we went out and set to the park.

"Akshitha, we have to come back by 8 o'clock. I will go to bed by 9pm you know right?" she said even
before we stepped out.

"Ha, that's not true. You eat at 8pm. The hotter the better. I know the food in our pg sucks!"

"You could at least pretend to not know my actual reason, you know."

"Hahaha, Sorry, Kriya. Next time I will keep this in mind."

We reached the park.

"It's already 7.30pm, Kriya. You go by 8. I will spend some time here and will come a little later.
Anyways I have to be alone until 11."

"Are you sure? You will be ok staying alone here?"

"Oh yeah, Kriya. What’s the trouble! Our pg is 5minutes away and there are so many uncles and
aunties here. I will be alright."

"Ok then! Shall we walk?"

"Mmm ok. But we shall walk in the opposite direction. This point marks one round. Let's see who
comes here first. No running. Just walking, Ok? I will call you on your phone. We will talk and walk.
That way I will know if you are walking or running! What do you say?" I asked her.

"Haha ok!"

With that we parted in the opposite direction. I called her and we started talking while walking.

I saw a group of men near a tree. Something about them is not right. They look like they are hiding. But
no one seems to bother them. I continued walking.

"Yay, Akshitha, see! I made it here first. I win! I win!" Kriya was jumping like a kid. She is a silly girl.

"Haha ok ok. I got distracted so you won. Let's do another round!"

"Ah ha, No, Akshitha. See, it's time for me to eat. Bye, We will race tomorrow."

"Ok, see you, Good night." She left after a hug.

I walked two more rounds and sat on the cement bench. I need water. Shit, I didn’t bring a water bottle.
The breeze was getting better as time passed. The hot air is now becoming chill. So, I decided to enjoy
it for some more time.

I saw a Tesla car stop in front of the park. A tall man in a blue cap got down and came in. Hmmmm
people come in a Tesla for a walk in the park! I thought to myself. He walked past me and sat down on
a bench far from me, his back facing me. But I could still see him.

Awww everyone nowadays is a copy-cat. This tall man also has a beard just like Yash. My rescuer
Mr.Gentleman, on that night, had a beard just like Yash.

Hey, Wait a minute! Mr.Gentleman also had a blue cap on that day. Is that him? Will he remember me?
Pch, I don’t know his name. I have not seen his face either. How will I check if it's him?

He looks like he is waiting for someone. I felt weird checking on a man in a park. So, I diverted my
gaze. That is when I noticed, many left the park. I could only see 3 or 4 people in the whole park. I
should leave too. I feel something is not right in this situation. I don't want to get in trouble. When I
stood up, I saw two men sneaking behind that blue cap man with something in his hand. It looked like a
bottle. If I'm not wrong, these two men are from that

group behind that tree.

I don’t really know what I should do now. I stood on my tippy toes to see if that group of men were still
there. But no one was there now. So, it's just two men. If that blue cap is warned at the right time, he
can handle them, I think. I mean, look at him! He is all tall and built!

They are still stalling behind. I started walking in their way sneakily. The one that had the bottle, opened
it and a drop of liquid landed on his finger. It just bubbled up!

OMG! ACID? Are they going to attack him with acid? The other man slaps his hand on his mouth to
stop him from shouting. I was just behind them on the pathway. They were hiding behind a tree.

"Hey! Hey blue cap!" I shouted to get his attention. But soon the one without acid in his hands jumped
straight at me and tried closing my mouth.

I struggled and this brought the Blue caps attention to me. He came running and punched that man on
his face. The other one came with the acid.

"Hey, that's acid!" I shouted to warn him.

That man threw the bottle away and picked up the man who is now bleeding in the mouth and ran
away. I relaxed and looked at the blue cap to see if he was ok.

"Ufff! Are you..." I was cut off by him.

"Are you insane? What the hell are you doing here at this hour? Why do you always

attract danger to you? Idiot. Can't you stay back in your pg? What would have happened if I'm not here
to rescue you? Do you think rescuing you is my only job?"

He came dangerously near me and yelled at me once again in a dangerously low tone which I find sexy
even in this situation. So, it's him! Mr.Gentleman! Wait a minute, he is yelling at me for saving him? He
thinks he saved me? Dumbhead!