Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 11: 11. I like Him!

Yadav's PoV

It was a damn dream? Hell! It was so real. Every detail on her is accurate. How the hell did her image
become so real in my dream in the little time I was with her, in the dark? I was

drunk, I covered my face, with a little of what I saw in my covered eyes, I remember

every detail on her? Even that sexy mole on her jaw? Impossible!

The worst of all is that I kissed her. Damn! French kiss!? Me? To a girl? God! It was 4am! I lost my

Bruno got up with my jolt. I went to the balcony to get some fresh air! Bruno came along with me. I
petted him and sat on the chair! I closed my eyes enjoying the cool breeze. The sound of waves
crashing the shore is heaven.

There she is walking along the waves in a black cold-shoulders and denim jean shorts. She is damn
hot. She looks at me with a beautiful smile. She reaches her hand to me and I just grab her and pull her
to me.

I woke up again, Damn! Hell with these meaningless dreams. I really hate that face of hers. She ruined
my sleep. Idiot! I went in and tried to sleep on my bed again. I got up very late in the morning. My head
started pounding due to the intermittent sleep I had. Also because of the beer. I went down to get some
lemonade. That will help with this damn hangover.

When I went down, I saw her sitting on the couch with my mom and dad. She was now in a red saree.
She is so sexy and beautiful.

I am seeing her in my home? Hell with my imaginations! I went back to my room and called the kitchen
through the intercom and asked for a lemonade to be served in my room!

I finished my morning routine and went to the gym. After a little workout, I took bath

and sat on the bed again!


Yes! The girl with mom and dad right now should be the one who helped mom with Bruno! Hell! I see
that lunatic everywhere. It's getting too much. My dreams were annoying but now I imagined this Akshu
girl to be that beautiful girl from yesterday. Nevertheless, I hate both of them. This girl sitting down the
stairs has come to divide Bruno's love for me. But she is better as compared to the lunatic girl I saw

She messed with my mind.

Akshu, Whatever her full name is, she helped mom. She brought a smile to her face. So, I think I can
live with it. I hate this girl less than that beautiful idiot.

Bruno is sitting near the door of my room ready to go out. Since my hate for her subsided, I decided to
let Bruno go and meet her. I mean, she won’t be here after today. So a little time with her won't do any
harm to Bruno. I let him out and also Tiger!

I waited for a shriek or a scream from downstairs. Tiger is more fierce to strangers than


Akshitha's PoV

I like this uncle too. These people are filthy rich. This home is nothing less than a palace. The interior is
world class. Everything here in this home is at the higher end. But this couple

looks like they don't live here. I mean, they are very simple and talks to me like I'm one

among them.

They both don’t show off their wealth. They just broke that stereotype of wealthy people

in my mind. I honestly didn’t think this aunty was this rich! I mean no one can think

because she is such a simple woman. This uncle is very friendly and attractive. He has

something on his face that resembles someone close to me. But I just couldn’t put my

finger right on it.

When aunty said this is ECR, I really got excited. If they know Yash, I can request them to

take me to him. I just wish to take a picture with him and let him know I totally like him. Nothing more!

When I asked them if they know Yash or at least his parents, they just looked at each

other. Did they think bad of me? I shouldn't have asked this straight away. I smacked

myself in my mind.

"um... don't get me wrong aunty. I like him very much." I called them closer to me.

"I have a huge crush on him." I told them.

"You don't believe me? See my phone!" I showed them my gallery. It was full of his pictures.

"Uncle please! If you know him or his parents, will you please arrange for a meeting? I need a picture
with him!"I said everything in a go. They still look at eachother. But they have smiles on their faces now.
Uff, They didn't get me wrong.

"Oh dear! We can surely arrange for a meeting. You can have as many pictures with him

as you like. He is our.." aunty was interrupted by uncle.

"Very good friend. He is a friend to our son, too." uncle said. They again looked at each other.
Something doesn’t sit well with this situation. But I let it pass.

"Oh really!? Thank you, aunty. Thank you, uncle. I never expected that my wish would come true this
soon. You know what aunty, I actually accepted to work in Chennai because I knew he was here!" I told

That is when Bruno came running to me. He just came near me and nuzzled his nose closer to me. I
patted him lovingly. I heard a growl from behind me. I jerked on the sound. When I turned my head to
see, I saw an exact copy of Bruno!

"Tiger! shush! That's our guest!" Aunty shushed him.

I stood up and went towards Tiger. He looks fierce. His ears erect, he is ready to pounce. I stood 3 feet
before him and kneeled down. Bruno came and stood by my side.

"Hi Tiger! Come on! Come here!" I spoke to him looking him in the eye. I truly believe I have some
connection with dogs. I have rescued many puppies and dogs in Coonoor. When I took them to a
government shelter, I befriended many dogs there. They all love me at once. Their wagging tail and
dropped floppy ears are a sign that they want me to pet them.

Tiger just stood there looking at me. He is not growling anymore. But his ears are high

and erect. He is not convinced. He came to me and I stayed put in my place. He started

sniffing me.

"Hi Tiger!" I said again. His ears flopped. I caressed his well-maintained fur. He nuzzled closer to me
and started wagging his tail. Yay! I won him and his trust.

"You sure have some spells on dogs, Akshu!" Uncle said.

"Haha thanks uncle. I always think that too. Tiger and Bruno are magnificent. I'm very proud of you.
You guys chose our native breed to grow instead of foreign dogs. I love every dog, but I strongly think
we should never change their geography. They are adapted to their habitat. We have no rights to force
them out of there. We have many fierce and strong breeds in our homeland. I appreciate that you have
chosen this breed!"

"Wow! So, you are an animal activist? And all this credit goes to our son. He is the one raising them."
uncle said.

"Haha I'm not an animal activist uncle. I hate cats! I have hated them ever since I'm 3 or

4yrs old. And I totally like your son for this." I showed Tiger and Bruno!

"Oh really! What do you know about my son that you tell you like him?" Aunty asked me.

"um... a tricky question. But I can answer! I never knew your name when I agreed to come here. I still
did because I liked you, aunty. um.... for example, I was stuck in a dangerous situation yesterday. A
stranger helped me. I don’t know anything about him, but I like him. A wealthy man bought my uncle's
estate. But he was generous enough to ask my uncle to stay back if he wanted to! I like that man for
that. mmmmm let's take Yadav Rishid. I started following him for his looks. But then, I like him for who
he is. He is talented, punctual and established himself at a very young age. He helps many students.
He lives his life aunty. Though he has that playboy tag, he doesn't care for it. He lives his life for
himself. I like him for that! Many of us just pretend to look good in other’s eyes. It takes so much
courage to do what we like without bothering about the image this society has to paint on us. I like Yash
for that courage. Similarly, I like your son for choosing our native breeds to grow. My point is, we don't

need to know completely about a person to like or dislike!" When I finished aunty hugged me and uncle
patted my head lovingly!