Celebrity Crush Turned Deadly Love!

Chapter 12: 12. Hide and Seek!

Aravind's PoV

After her long reply, she went on playing with Bruno and Tiger. I stopped Shalu from revealing that we
are Yadu's parents. I did that because I wanted to know her real intentions. This girl looks innocent. If
she is to come here often and be friends with Shalu, then it is better she doesn’t know that we are his
parents. It's for her own good.

She will be out of the media until she doesn’t meet up with him. If she takes a picture with him and
starts coming here, this media will spoil her image! I don't want that to happen to this innocent girl.

When Shalu told us about Akshu, Yadu reacted like he didn’t like her. It's good if it stays that way. He
won’t misbehave with girls who are not his type. But still I feel responsible for this girl. I really like her.
What she said was true. We don't need to know anything about a person and still like them.

"Why did you stop me from telling the truth!?" Shalu asked me.

"It's not necessary, Shalu. If you want her to come here often, we should not reveal the truth."

"Pch! But she will know the truth during lunch. Yadu is at home. He didn't go out today!"

"Tell him to stay in his room until she leaves."

"Aravind! Do you really think he will stay in a room? whole day? On a Saturday?"

"You cannot spoil the girl's reputation, Shalu. Our house is the only place where the reporters don’t

"Aravind, Do you like her? I totally love her. I would be happy if she stays with me."

"Stay with you? Do you mean?"

"Yes, Shall we ask her mom's contact and talk to her? If she comes home as my daughter-in-law then
my son will reform and be a good husband. I will also be happy."

"Whoa, Slow down, Shalu. It's not just about your wish."

"Why not? She likes Yadu too."

"She admires him. That is different from liking."

"Pch Aravind!"

"Stop whining, Just be happy with what you got. You can be friends with her. Let's see what happens!"

"Mmmm" Shalu's excitement died away. I hate to pop her balloon. But she can’t just escalate things like
this. I would like it too if Akshu is to come as our daughter-in-law.

We should take it slow!

Yadav's PoV

It's been 15minutes already since Tiger went down. I didn't hear any commotion down-stairs. I am now
curious to know what happened. I went down the stairs and stood halfway when I saw the girl petting
Tiger. He is wagging his tail and letting her touch him. Her back facing me she was talking to my dad. I
see her everywhere already and now I hear her? I'm turning into an obsessed man. That mysterious
girl is playing with my senses. I turned to go to my room again. I stood on my tracks when I heard her
say my name.

"mmmmm let's take Yadav Rishid! I started following him for his looks. But then, I like him for who he is.
He is talented, punctual and established himself at a very young age. He helps many students. He lives
his life, aunty. Though he has that playboy tag, he doesn't care for it. He lives his life for himself. I like

him for that! Many of us just pretend to look good in other’s eyes. It takes so much courage to do what
we like without bothering about the image this society has to paint on us. I like Yash for that courage!
Similarly, I like your son for choosing our native breeds to grow. My point is, we don't need to know
completely about a person to like or dislike."

YASH! Did she call me that? Interesting! I have never analyzed myself. I never really bothered about
my image. That's true. I like what I do. That's true! Do I really like that playboy tag? I don't care. I don't
know if I like it or not. Is it time to self-evaluate my character?

She likes me? She likes me for who I am!? She appreciates my courage to do what I like? Do I like all
the girls I have slept with? No! Infact, I don’t like or dislike them. They are just for pleasures! She likes
me for growing Bruno and Tiger? She has blind courage I should say. She gets in my home and talks
about me to my parents and tells them that she likes me! Wow!

I'm disturbed! I went back to my room and got ready to go out. I should check if I see that mysterious
girl out of this house too! If that's really happening, then I should find her and fuck her to get her out of
my head. No one has that authority to play with my mind. I can't be this distracted, that too, after all for
a girl.

When I came down, I heard laughing sounds from dining. Even dad is laughing. I have never seen him
laugh like this talking to someone except for times when he watches 'Goundamani' comedy.

This girl is magic! I wish she would make them happy like this more often. I know, for that to happen, I
have to stay clear of her way. And I will! I'm not going to meet her anytime. I will make sure of my
absence in her presence.

About Bruno and Tiger, I hate the fact they like her too. I feel something about her that is not good. I
don’t really have to feel that way. But still my subconscious tells me that she is replacing me. I cannot
feel jealous of her with just one visit. But she makes me feel that way. I'm feeling funny inside my head.

Half of me says she is good because she said she likes me. Half of me says she is evil that has come
to divide the love my mom, dad, Bruno and Tiger have for me. That voice of hers. It irritates me to the
core. Why do I hear that mysterious girl when Akshu talks? My mind is all fucked up! How the hell do I
remember her voice perfectly? I hate this girl! I hate that mysterious girl! I hate girls!

I ran out to my car and sped off to Shiva's home. It has always been my refuge. His mom, nothing less
than my mom, always asks me to get married. She is looking for a bride for Shiva too. She always
looks for matching horoscopes in matrimony for him.

Who in this busy world will look for all these for a marriage!?