My Second Chance

Chapter 29: #29 The Transformation Of A White Wolf

Sapphire's P.O.V

"Kick, punch, dodge left." I instructed as I threw punches at Clover. She dodged my attacks as I
instructed, a grin on her face. She threw a punch to my stomach, a move I've already anticipated. I
blocked her punch with my arm. My other arm wrapped around her other arm and flipped her. Clover hit
the ground with a thud.

"That was..." She trailed off panting, still lying on the leafy ground. "Awesome?" I grinned, looking down
at her. "No... Tiring. We've been training for hours, how can you still be so energetic?" She grumbled.
She stood up shakily and dusted her clothes. "Cause I'm awesome." I sang. Clover gave me a flat look.
"Did you just sing a line from Cause I'm Awesome by The Dollyrats?" She raised an eyebrow. "Maybe
and maybe not." I grinned. The redheaded rolled her eyes at me.

"Okay, let's get back to training. I'm surprised Cole entrusted you with me." I said, smoothing my
messed up hair. She looked at me as I was crazy. "Are you kidding me?! You still want to continue
training? Isn't 6 hours enough for you?!" She asked incredulously. I shrugged and gave her a sheepish

"We're done today. Let's just go back and relax. Come on slow coach!" Clover yelled, running down the
path that would lead us to the pack house. I gave in to my best friend's pleads and followed her slowly.
She was soon out of my sight. I kept on walking slowly, admiring the beauty of nature.

I felt a pricking feeling behind my neck. I instantly turned around in a defensive stance. It felt so similar
to the feeling I felt yesterday when I got the note.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I whipped around and immediately forced the person into a headlock with
my demon strength. It was just then I recognized the person. "Sapphire." The person groaned.

"Oh. Cole." I smiled sheepishly. "Yes. It's me. What the hell was that?" He grumbled. I smelt a musty
smell coming from him. Where's Cole's original scent? He's grip on my hand tightened, but not enough
to hurt me. "I don't know. I just felt... umm... uneasy I guess." I shrugged, not telling him the truth in
case he goes around being a blabber mouth and tell Ryder about it. Then Ryder would go all Alpha shit
on me.

"Oh. I see." He smiled. I smiled back, the uneasiness still in the pit of my stomach. There's something
wrong. Let's go, Drew warned. Yeah, something's wrong with Cole, Gwen furrowed her eyebrows. I
ignored them. "So, what are you doing here?" I asked, making a conversation. "The Alpha was worried
about you and sent me to check on you." He muttered. I sense no lies, Drew confirmed. "Tell Ryder to
calm his tits." I chuckled. Cole didn't laugh but he just smiled eerily. Okay, something's really wrong.
Cole usually laughs at your comments about Ryder, Gwen frowned. Okay, Sapph, don't panic. Find a
conversation gap and get your ass out off here, Drew said slowly. Why? I raised an eyebrow. Again,
don't panic. But I think he isn't a werewolf, Drew growled. I widened my eyes in panic.

"Are you okay?" Cole asked. I looked into his eyes and saw a cold stone wall. This isn't Cole. I
would've seen panic or some kind of emotion in his eyes if he asked me a question like that. "I'm fine. I
just need to go. Clover's waiting for me." I said, hiding the fear I felt right now. "Okay. I'll see you later?"
He asked, his tone full of promises. Promises I don't think I would like. I didn't dare say definately. I was
sure that he isn't Cole. "Maybe." I forced out a smile. He nodded and walked to the different direction of
the pack house. I pretended to not notice anything and walked quickly down the path Clover took.

"Hey. What took you so long?" Clover asked, walking towards me. "I thought you reached already." I
raised an eyebrow, trying to act normal as if nothing happened before. "Nah. I came back halfway,
seeing that you disappeared suddenly." She grinned, shoving me lightly. "Thanks." I forced out a smile.
We walked slowly towards the direction of the pack house in silence. "Okay, spill. Tell me what
happened." She demanded suddenly, stopping in her tracks.

"What?" I feigned innocence. I must have overdone it because Clover rolled her eyes and gave me a
pointed look.

"You are never silent for so long. Tell me what happened while I was gone." She growled in a warning
tone. I turned away from her and walked quickly down the path. "Let's just talk at the house okay?" I
mumbled. I stopped in my tracks as I heard a familiar whimper. I turned to see Clover curled into a ball
on the floor.

"Clover?" I called hesitantly. She let out another whimper. "Clover, what's wrong?" I rushed to her side
as she gripped my hand tightly. "Clover. Answer me." I growled, panic slowly taking over me. "It hurts
Sapph. It fudgin hurts." Clover groaned in pain. She's transforming, Drew snapped.

My eyes widened at the sound of bones cracking and they snapped to Clover's pain filled ones.

"Sapph!" She moaned as her bones cracked slowly to their place. She's not gonna make it! Drew and
Gwen yelled in unison. I didn't have time to make fun of it...because I could see Clover's life essence
slipping away from her body. It's like I could see another Clover in Clover and she was getting fainter
and fainter. No doubt another demon ability. "Clover, keep your eyes open you hear me?! Clover!" I
yelled, desperate tears to keep her concious brimming my eyes. "Sapph, why.. why.." She asked
exhausted. "What? Clover, stop talking and ask me later." I snapped, at the verge of tears of not
knowing what to do. "Why... I see... red glow.." She said exhausted. "Clover, if you fucking say another
word, I will castrate you." I growled warningly.

"I..." She howled in pain. "Clover, stay with me!" I sobbed. Then, something took over me. It was like
my hands did it without needing to be told. It's like my concious knew what to do. I placed two hands on
her chest firmly and then I closed my eyes, concentrating on all the energy available in my body. I felt
myself drain little by little after a while, energy flowing into my best friend slowly. I opened my eyes to
see swirls of red energy sinking into Clover. So pretty... Tendrils of red swirled near my hands. I was so
mesmerised by the occasional sparks that would erupt from my hands that I've forgotten about the

energy flowing out of me. Stop! Before you drain yourself, Sapphire! Gwen's voice snapped me out of
my trance and I snatched my hands away.

Clover sat up and got down on all fours. She looked at me in confusion at the energy I've just managed
to give her. Note that normal werewolves can't do that. "How-" Before she could finish, a howe escaped
her mouth. White snowy fur grew on her pale skin. Her eyes flashed into a colour of both silver and her
original brown. She was soon standing on her four paws and staring at me intently. As I stepped closer
to her, a loud growl erupted from her throat. I stepped back scared at the sudden burst.

Don't step.closer Sapph, she can sense me, Drew warned. How? I gulped. She is a white wolf by
nature, which makeshould her senses sensitive, not as much as us of course. But we just gave her
energy from us. She can sense us that way, Drew growled and Gwen gulped. Not to mention that I've
no idea how you unlocked that ability yet, it's suppose to happen only after your Changing, Drew
muttered. I would have wanted to ask her about it, but I couldn't. Because at that same time, Clover
leaped at me, jaws snapping and claws extended. I rolled out of the way just in the nick of time. A
minute later and I would've been wolf food, something Clover would regret when her mind clears.

Another loud growl emitted from her throat. I froze. Crap, this is gonna get messy, Gwen grimaced. I
already feel weak from all the energy loss. Blood loss, energy loss, get it? Fine.

Clover's piercing eyes kept their gaze on me, anticipating my next move. Okay, before this fight starts,
keep the fear bottled up, check. Do not kill her, she's still my friend, check. Keep Gwen in check in case
she gets fed up and actually kills her, check. Do not, ever, use demon powers on her, check. I took a
deep breath as I let my gaze land on her firmly, almost forcefully. Clover took a step back, obviously
intimated by my leveled and strong gaze. I slipped my clothes off, my eyes never leaving hers. Piece
by piece of my clothing landed on the ground. Gwen, control yourself, she's still our friend, her wolf is
just controlling her right now, I warned. I know, She reassured. I nodded and soon, bones were
cracking into place and my unique maroon fur grew on my tan skin, leaving not an inch without fur.

Adding a little purple, my eyes turned into an indigo piercing colour. I dropped on all four with Gwen in

Clover snarled at the sight of my wolf form. She pounced on me and I dodged. Gwen kept dodging,
scared that we'll hurt her if we actually attack. But being a white wolf has it perks, she is much lighter
and faster than usual wolves. She leaped at me and snapped her jaws, making pain to shoot and blood
to leak from a new wound she inflicted on my hind leg. It recovered almost immediately and I could feel
Gwen going impatient. Gwen... I warned. I know, no killing friends, she grumbled and I stuck my tongue
out at her. Just dodge her attacks, she only lasted this long because she is a white wolf, she'll tire
herself soon, even with the energy you gave her, Drew reminded and I could feel Gwen agree.

Clover continued to leap around and try to injure me, making good use of her white wolf abilities. But I
still could feel my energy draining. Guess I shouldn't have gave her so much energy, I muttered. No
shit, Gwen panted. We've been leaping around for 20 to 30 minutes. I'm so tired... Gwen grumbled.
Hold on Gwen, I warned. Gwen furrowed her eyebrows in confusion. I took back control of my body so
suddenly and unexpected that Gwen had no time to stop me. I took a deep breath and rammed my
head to her side with all the demon energy left in my body. She flew across the clearing and hit a tree.
Then, and only then, the fight ended. Finally, Gwen panted. You gave her more energy than I thought,
Drew huffed. I shifted back and slipped my clothes back.

I then hurriedly ran to where Clover laid. She had transformed back to a human. She made no move to
acknowledge me and I stood there awkwardly.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She mumbled so quietly that I would've missed it if I hadn't been waiting for
her to speak. I so badly wanted to pretend innocence and hide from the subject... but...

"I'm sorry." I mumbled, looking down at the ground. I suddenly found the dried twig really interesting.

"You should have told me. You're my friend Sapph. I wouldn't judge. I'm not like the people in your past,
and you know that." She whispered, turning her head to look at me. "I know Clover, I'm sorry. It's just...
This is a really big matter. It's not that I don't trust you or anything, I'm just scared I'll scare you away." I
sighed. "Dude, you are never, ever gonna have the chance to scare me away. We're stuck for life."
Clover said, the end of her pink lips lifting into a smile. "Thanks, I love you so much." I squealed and
bended down to hug her as she sat up, but she raised a hand before I could do so. "Save that for
Ryder. I'm not lesbian... although you have a hot body to die for." She waggled her eyebrows
suggestively. But I just caught the first sentence she said. "I... I don't love him." I said incredulously,
although I was freaking out inside and my mind was chanting, yes you do, yes you do! Oh wait, that
was Gwen and Drew, not my mind.

"Oh. Puh-lease. Even a blind person could see that you guys are in love." She exaggerated while
rolling her eyes. "Umm... Blind people can't see." I stated lamely. "No... Blind people are people who
can't hear." She gave me a flat look. "But... Isn't being blind being not able to see?" I asked confused.
"Thank you for stating the obvious, Captain Obvious." She rolled her eyes. That was sarcasm, Sapph,
Drew sighed. Oh, that was? Gwen asked dumbly. I could literally feel Drew give her a flat and bored
look. "But... If they can't see, they can't see us in love." I furrowed my eyebrows. "Ha! You confessed!"
She yelled smugly. "I did not! That was merely a... an... example!" I yelled-denied. "Firstly, you
confessed." Seeing that I was going to interrupt, she hurriedly continued, "secondly, they don't need to
see. The sexual tension rolls off you guys on waves. Plus the lovey dovey eyes you guys make doesn't
help." She stated flatly. I raised an eyebrow at her, "lovey dovey?" I asked incredulously. "Yes.
Sapphire, are you just deaf or are you just asking something as stupid as that purposely?" She
grumbled. "Harsh." I muttered.

"Okay, then tell me. Tell me every single thing. No secrets." She crossed her arms. I sat down on the
ground and plunged into the story. I told her what happened a few minutes ago (she looked like she
wanted to kill the person who scared me to death), I told her about my demon and the Changing (she
had a fascinated face on), I told her about me finding out that I totally fell for Ryder in merely 8 days

(which isn't a lot and her eyes were shining with happiness), and lastly, I told her about my eating
problems, which didn't go as well as I hoped.

"So... because of wanting to loose weight, I stopped eating which caused me to be anorexic-" "Wait,
what?!" Clover yelled. "Umm... I'm anorexic? It means I have food anorexia. You know, the-" I started
explaining. "I know what it means. Why would you hide that from me? And do you hear yourself?! You
practically starved yourself half to death just to loose weight. What girl does that?" Clover growled at
me, her eyes turning a little silver. "Me." I mumbled and unfortunately for me, she heard. "This isn't a
joking matter Sapph. It isn't healthy. How can you throw away something as important as your health?!"
She asked, directing her angry eyes to meet mine. And let me tell you, you never, ever will want to
make a girl like her angry. "I.. I just... Clover, nothing comes for free. We need to loose something in
order to get something else. I ran from my old pack to hide from my problems, I got it now. But I had to
leave my friends behind, I lost something in the process. The world's cruel Clover. And I can do nothing
about it." I sighed. "But still. You've been way too harsh on yourself." She muttered. "I know." I
mumbled back. Then, she threw her arm around my shoulder. "But, you have me... I'll help you get over
it. And you have Ryder too." Clover grinned.

"No, I'm not telling him." I stated, standing up. "What do you mean, not telling him? You have to, think
about how much betrayal would he feel if you don't." She frowned, standing up. "Careful." I said as she
wobbled. "Seems like the energy to gave me is almost finished." She smiled and I smiled back but I
turned away almost instantly. How am I going to tell her that I'm leaving in a week?

"Clover, I'm.. I told you about the Changing and stuff, right?" I asked with a pained expression. "Yeah,
why?" She asked confused why I was making it a big deal. "It'd happening 7 days from now." I stated.
"Yeah, so?" She raised an eyebrow. When I didn't answer her, realization crept up her face slowly. "No
no no... You are not leaving. You can't!" She shook her head, panic creeping into her voice.

"That's the only way I can save people from me Clover. I'm going to kill everybody if I stay here. I'm
going to start forest fires, I'm going to destroy the pack, I'm going to kill you and Ryder." I ran a hand

through my dirty blonde hair in frustration. "You are not running away. No, I just met a good friend like
you, I can't loose you yet. Not yet, not ever." She gripped my arms. "I'm not telling Ryder about this. Not
about food problems and not about my demon ones either." I stated. "No, you can't let something as
good as Ryder slip away through your fingers like that. You can't. You can't keep running away from
your problems." Clover growled. "Sorry. But sometimes," I paused and bit my lip, "running away makes
things much more easier."

"Exactly, sometimes. Not everytime. And you need to know Sapph, people get through things better
with people they love by their side." Clover said, her warm brown eyes melting my insides.

"I'll think about it." I said, turning away. I am not going to let her waver me. I am still leaving.
Sometimes, Sapph, being a little selfish and staying isn't bad, Drew grumbled. No, I snapped. I am not
going to let myself destroy people I love by he selfish need of staying. And that's final.

"Fine. But I still need some help from you." Clover smiled sheepishly. "And what is that?" I raised an

15 minutes after....

Wolf whistles were directed to me and Clover. We walked by them with red and embarrass faces.

"Mine." I heard someone growl and the wolf whistling stopped. Well, not someone, but two people. Two
people growled at the same time. I turned to see Ryder's eyes black with lust and possession. Then,
who was the second person who growled. I turned to the other direction to see... Lawrence?

I don't know if you remember him... The dick who rejected Clover? The guy I kneaded in the family
jewels? I'm sure that rang a bell and you're now saying, oh, that ass.

"Fuck off Lawrence. She's not yours!" I yelled at him and Clover sent me a grateful smile. Lawrence
growled and lunged at me. What the fuck is wrong with people today? Why do I keep getting attacked?
I know that mates don't like to be kept away from their mates... but come on... Can't people use words
and not violence for once. "Sapphire!" I heard Ryder yell in warning. I turned to smirk at him and turned
back to see Lawrence's fist aiming for me. Before he could do anything, I twisted his hand to his back,
limiting his actions, I then knocked him out cold with one blow. "That should do it!" I grinned and faced
Ryder's shocked face. "Remind me to never get on your bad side." Ryder gulped. I smiled smugly at
him in return.

Wanna know what happened the past 15 minutes? No? Well, you have no choice...

"Fine. But I still need some help from you." Clover smiled sheepishly. I raised an eyebrow at her in
question. "You see... I can't walk back naked..." She trailed off.

"So what do you want me to do? Lend you my clothes?" I rolled my eyes. "Actually, yes." She said
seriously. "Clover, I am not going back naked just to lend you my clothes." I stated, shaking her
shoulders. "You won't be naked... You still have your undergarments..." She drawled. I gave her an are-
you-serious look. "You have to help me out. You're my beat friend, remember?" She made her puppy
dog eyes at me. "Clover, being best friends doesn't mean I have to walk back to the pack house
naked." I grumbled. "Half naked." She stated again. "Fine. Half naked." I said crossing my arms. "Come
on... Please..." She made her puppy dog eyes and pouted her lips.

And people, that's how I ended up here half naked with Clover.

You can't blame me. That girl has some damn good puppy dog eyes.