My Second Chance

Chapter 28: #28 Invisible Person

Ryder's P.O.V

I came in to see Sapphire stare into space with an angry expression. She looked like she was ready to
murder someone and piss herself at the same time.

"Kitten, what's wrong?" I asked her pointedly. "Ummm... nothing." She gave me a weak smile. "Then
what's that piece of paper crumpled in your fist?" I growled, upset that she lied.

She gulped visibly.

Sapphire's P.O.V

I felt something move behind me. "Done so soon?" I asked without turning around, focusing on placing
the last piece of bacon onto Ryder's plate. I suddenly felt a shivery feeling, you know, those when
somebody's fingers are close to your skin. Yeah, those. Then I became aware of the heated and
piercing gaze on my neck. That's when it clicked, I smelt an old musty scent instead of Ryder's
delicious ones.

I spun around, only to find myself facing thin air.

"Who's there?" I called out, in a defensive stance. Nobody answered and the kitchen remained empty
and quiet. Must be my imagination, I shrugged. No, I'm hell sure someone was behind us, Drew
growled. I felt it too, Gwen frowned. Nah, people don't disappear into thin air, it's just our imagination, I
convinced them. Yeah, this must be it, Gwen said sighing in relieve. Guys, we caught another scent,
and we both know that it doesn't belong to a werewolf, Drew argued. Enough, it was nothing. There
should be a scientific explanation for it if it's real, I argued back. I felt a nagging feeling and knew that I
was just trying to turn from the truth. I was sure there was someone. There isn't any for werewolves or
demons, Drew snorted. But- That's when I felt my words clog in my throat.

I wanted to get away from there but my hands and legs seem to have a different mind of its own. I
walked over to the countertop to see something I hoped I mistaken for something else but I could feel
the dread fill my body. Drew didn't even try to say I-told-you-so.

Because right there on the countertop, was a yellow sticky note.

My hand trembled as I reached out for it. The note flew into my hand itself, without me taking it. My
facial expression morphed into a confused one.

Magic, Drew whispered. Witches! They are in this too! That's the scent we picked up just now, Gwen
said in realization. Witches? I asked, confused. Yeah, they sometimes do things for money, like odd
jobs or something, Drew explained. Magic can hurt us right? I whimpered. Yes, unfortunately it can,
Drew sighed. Isn't there a goddess in charge of them? Like the moon goddess to werewolves? I
frowned. Yeah, there is, but unfortunately, she likes slacking off, Drew grumbled. Who is it? I asked
curiously. Hecate, goddess of magic and witchcraft, Drew muttered. Oh, Gwen acknowledged.

I didn't know how that information was suppose to be helpful. I frowned and looked down at the familiar
writing scrawled on the yellow piece of paper. I braced myself and read it.

Dear Sapphire, You my naughty girl, are very stubborn. I have to give you a punishment when you get
back. The pack is weakening, my darling mate. But don't worry, you'll be here soon. Where you belong.
Right next to me. And soon, you'll be bearing my pups and we'll live together happily. Nothing can
change that. Love, Graysen.

I crumpled the disgusting piece of paper in my fist unconscious. Who does he think he is? Gwen
snarled. I'm going to kill him, Drew said, anger rolling off her in waves. He is never going to be able to
keep me from Ryder, I mentally snarled, so loud and powerful that both of them flinch.

"Umm... Kitten, what's wrong?" Ryder asked me pointedly. Crap, I didn't notice him come in.

"Umm... Nothing...." I tried to give him a reassuring smile but I think it came out more like a grimace.
"Then what's that piece of paper crumpled in your fist?" Ryder growled and his eyes darkened. I
gulped. Shit, he caught my lie and he looks really angry and frustrated right now.

There is a little disappointment in his eyes which I refused to acknowledge. If I accepted the fact that I
was the one to hurt him, I would feel guilty. If I felt guilty, I would feel depressed. If I feel depressed, I
wouldn't eat. If Iwouldn't eat, I would be torturing myself. If I don't want to keep torturing myself, I would
find some release. If I use drinking and drugs as a release, I'll get in trouble with the law. If I get trouble
with the law, I would give up on life. If I give up on life, I would do something stupid like jumping down
from a building. And that my dear fellow people, is my theory of lowering the suicide ratings. Always
think far and clear before making a decision. What I did counted... right?

"It's just... its nothing that concerns you." I said quickly. My mate narrowed his eyes at me and a low
low growl escaped his throat. I widened my eyes. "No no. It came out wrong. It's just... its just
something I can deal alone." I explained hastily. "Stop lying Sapph. A blind man could see that
something is bugging you. And by the way, sharing is caring." Clover tsked, walking into the kitchen.
"Not this situation. What if Grays-" I almost let it slip but Ryder picked up my words. "Graysen?" He
snarled at the name mentioned. "Look. It's nothing. Just, let this go..." I sighed.

"You expect me to let it go even when that name is mentioned?!" He spat and I flinched. His features
softened a little, seeing my scared state. "Give him the paper Sapph. We need to know in order to
help." Clover frowned, facing me. "Thank you for helping me in this matter, Clover." I said sarcastically.
"You're welcome." She smiled sweetly and I rolled my eyes. "You are definately on your period." Clover
sniffed and I almost choked at the piece of bacon I stuffed into my mouth just a second ago. "Yup, she
is. And Sapphire, pass me the paper before I forcefully take it from you." Ryder stated calmly. I
internally cringed. He would freak out if he sees all the suggestive sentences in the note.

"Just, let it go Ryder." I grounded out. He growled in warning. Without another word, I took off, yelling at
people to get out of my way as I ran out of the kitchen. I heard heavy footsteps behind me. Just great.

"Sapphire Beyonce Jackson!" He yelled. "Yes?" I asked, well, asked-yelled. "If I catch you, you are
dead!" He screamed and I gave a little laugh. You got me, right Drew? I asked. Yup, she grinned
mischievously. Then, he will never get us, I smirked. Hell yeah, this is fun! Gwen whooped. I continued
to dodge the pack members that were looking at me with confusion.

"Hey! Oh, Sapphire? What's- Ah, I see the problem, good luck though." Alec found his answer when he
saw Ryder chasing me. I grinned, cheekily saluted him and rushed off.

"Sapphire! Get back here!" He yelled, not even out of breath. I didn't bother answering and continued to
run. "If you don't stop this instant, the kit kats in the fridge goes to my stomach!" He yelled. Sapphire,
don't stop! Drew screamed. Too late, I was tackled to the ground. Great, I got distracted by kit kats. Kit
Kats are nice, a small voice whispered in my mind. Gah.

"Really? You stopped at the mention of kit kats?" Ryder asked, amused. "Get off me fatty." I wheezed.
Not from the running, but from the ton I had on me. "I'm not fat." Ryder said with dignity. "If it helps you
sleep at night." I muttered and unfortunately, he heard. "You know. I have the upper hand right now."
He raised an eyebrow. "Fine. Just get off me." I grumbled. "The note?" He extended his hand and I
hesitantly placed the crumpled note into his open palm. He stood up and dusted himself as I did the

I watched Ryder's eyes skim down the note. His eyes immediately darkened, almost pitch black. His
body was shaking with rage. He tore the note as if he imagined it was Graysen. Yup, that much hatred
and anger. "Ryder...?" I asked hesitantly. "Mine." He growled possessively, gripping my waist. "I know...
Calm down, okay? I'm here..." I whispered and he still looks as if he wants to rip someone's head off.
"I'm right here." I said soothingly and stroked his cheek gently. He seemed to calm down as his eyes
turned back to the original gorgeous shade of stormy grey. "I won't let him touch you." He growled. "I

know. I know you won't." I smiled. He pulled my body against his and snuggled into the crook of my
shoulder, deeply inhaling my scent. "You won't go to him willingly, right?" He asked worriedly. "It won't
happen till the day I declare my hate for kit kats." I smirked and hugged him back. And Lord, let that
day never come.

But we still have to leave in 8 days, Gwen whimpered. I flinched when she reminded me. Almost half
the time is gone. Let's just forget about everything for a while and enjoy these precious moments, I

Because I will need them to survive my Changing... sain.