My Second Chance

Chapter 25: #25 Suspicion

Sapphire's P.O.V

"So... Is my baby treating you well?" Georgia asked, a side of her lip lifting into a smirk. "Mum... Don't
call me baby..." Ryder whined.

We were currently in the private dining room having a small family dinner. Cole and Alec were like
brothers to him, so they were naturally invited. Or should I say, invited themselves. So far, I haven't
touched any of the food in front of me, knowing that I would throw up before it goes down my throat.

"Sure he is. See?" I said sarcastically and gestured to the I'm Ryder's number one fan writing on my
forehead. Georgia stifled a laugh while the three infuriating guys smirked their infamous smirks.
"Thanks a lot Ryder, people have been giving me weird looks throughout the day." I grumbled,
slumping into my seat. "Welcome kitten." Ryder winked. "I said stop calling me kitten." I hissed. "It
sounds cute." He shrugged and I gritted my teeth. "Ah... Ryder's father and I used to be like that you
know... well, before he got killed by a demon." Georgia sighed, sadness lurking in her words.
Somehow, at the word demon, she looked straight at me, her rushed boring into mine. I gulped under
her intense gaze.

Oh my God Oh my God Oh my God, Gwen chanted nervously. Stay calm, Drew snorted. I Shut them
out before I could get a major headache from their quarrels.

Suddenly, I felt pain shoot through my head. I whimpered, messaging my temples. I took a deep breath
and looked up. I blinked once as I saw everyone looking at me with worry and curiosity.

"Sapph, are you... okay?" Ryder hesitated. "What?" A raspy and evil snapped. I looked around
astonished to see who spoken. In a minute, Ryder was by my side rubbing my back comfortingly.
That's when I noticed, everyone was looking at me with utter confusion and concern. My eyes widened
as my mind wrapped around the fact that the voice came from me. "Sapph, do you have a sore throat
or something?" Ryder furrowed his eyebrows. "Yeah, maybe she yelled at you too much for drawing on

her forehead." Cole joked, lightening the mood. "I'm okay." I smiled weakly. Georgia looked at me with
understanding which scared me. Does she suspect what I am? Does she know what I am?

Drew? Gwen? I asked hesitatingly. I'm fine, Drew panted. It scared me Sapph, I couldn't do anything....
Gwen whimpered. It's okay, everything will be okay, I said in a convincing tone. It even sounds like I
was convincing myself... Yeah, maybe, Gwen murmured.

I smiled at the people around me hoping that I convinced them that I was alright. It seemed to work as
Ryder sighed in relief and went back to his seat.

"Sapphire? May I talk to you? Privately." Georgia said in a tone that indicated the seriousness of the
conversation we are going to have. I gulped and nodded slightly, trying to hide the fear I felt. She stood
up and I followed suit. "What is it about?" Ryder asked through a mouthful of smoked salmon. "We
have something... special to discuss." Georgia said firmly, leaving no space to argue. "Do you want to
eat anything?" Ryder asked us, gesturing to the food that covered the table. "No, I'll pass, I'm not
hungry." I smiled reassuringly. "You sure? I haven't seen you eat anything." He frowned. I peck his lips
lightly and said, "I'm fine. I had a little snack just now." He nodded and turned back to his food. Cole
and Alec were already stuffing themselves with whatever food they could get their hands on.

"Boys are pigs." I muttered. I saw Georgia's corner lips lifted into a smile. "Yes, yes they are." She

"Hey!" Ryder protested, this time with mouthful of mash potatoes. Cole couldn't speak as he had a
mouthful of... I don't know what he was chewing and I would rather it stay like that. "That's not nice."
Alec frowned with a chicken drumstick in one hand and a glass of orange juice in another. I stuck out
my tongue at him. "Real mature Sapph, real mature." He muttered.

I smiled and followed Georgia out of the dining room, hoping that she doesn't know my secret, my
biggest secret. But to be honest,

I think she does....