My Second Chance

Chapter 22: #22 I Am Not A Kitten

Sapphire's P.O.V

"What the hell is this?" I screamed, trying to get the awful taste out of my mouth. Well, he just helped
me by cooking awfully. So that I didn't need a reason to puke. But still, not cool. "Umm... Food?" He
looked at me innocently. "Ryder, are you trying to kill all my taste buds? If it is, you have succeeded." I
growled, rinsing my mouth at the kitchen sink.

"Ryder, are you trying to kill this young lady here?" A voice sounded from the doorway. I turned to see a
woman in her early forties with dark brown hair (similer to Ryder's), a straight nose and twinkling sky
blue eyes that shone with amusement.

"Hey mum, wanna eat omelets?" Ryder smirked. "Ryder, you know the reason I banned you from the
stove. The food you are capable of cooking are only micrwave heated food and instant noodles." She
rolled her eyes. "At least I can cook noodles." My mate shrugged."In a cup." She added pointedly. "Still
counts." Ryder smirked. "And you told me there was no reason why you haven't cooked for a while." I
glared at my mate. "Yeah, I banned him from touching the stove after he started about 5 fires in the
kitchen." The woman's eyes twinkled in amusement. I laughed. "Shut up. It wasn't that bad..." Ryder
grumbled. "Men and their dignity." She shook her head mockingly. I couldn't agree more.

"So, what's this fine lady's name?" She turned her eyes to me.

"Mum, Sapphire Jackson. Sapph, meet my mother, Georgia." Ryder introduced us. "So, you are my
son's mate?" She smirked. "Umm.. Yeah..." I said hesitantly. "Ooo... You're his mate?" Georgia
squealed and hugged me. "Good luck with him." She smirked after practically crushing every single
bone in my body. All 306 of them. And I now also see where Ryder inherited his smirks from.

"You too..." Georgia then crushed her son in a hug. I giggled a little. Seeing the big bad Alpha being
hugged like a furry and cuddly teddy bear is the joke of the month. "Mum..." Ryder whined, his face
turning a little pink.

"So... you're a mummy's boy?" I waggled my eyebrows and pinched his cheeks. He glared at me but I
didn't miss the little smile that appeared on his lips briefly.

She let go of him and faced both of us. Her hands on her hips and a pointed look directed at mostly

"Nothing happened yet?" She smiled suggestively. I cocked my head to the left a little in confusion.
Don't blame me, my mind is a little slow right now. "Mum..." Ryder groaned, running a hand through his
brown awesome hair. My eyebrows sprang up as soon as my mind registered the meaning of her
words. "Umm... No! We didn't do anything!" I squeaked in alarm. "Nervous, aren't you kitten?" Ryder
smirked. "What do I have to do with those fury things?" I snorted. "Well, you can be quite shy and
vicious, depending on situations. I don't know, it just suits you." He shrugged. "Do not call me a kitten."
I growled. "Kitten kitten kitten kitten." He taunted and I growled a warning under my breath.

"Young love. I'll see you guys later." Georgia sighed while smiling and walked away. To spend time in
her room, I assume.

I turned to him and placed my hands on my hips. "Oh, so now I'm kitten?" I countered. "Yup, it suits you
kitten." He placed a kiss on my head. I glared at him. "I'm going out for a meeting, I'll be back in about
three to four hours. See you later, kitten." He smirked and walked away before I could retort. I muttered
a curse. "Curses aren't nice kitten!" He called out. "Well, you earned them!" I yelled back, earning a few
looks from passing pack mates. I smiled and shrugged as if nothing's wrong. They then walked away
without a backward glance. I saw Ryder givee thumbs up sign from a distance. I gritted my teeth in
annoyance. I so hate him. But I love him... do I make sense? No,no you don't, Drew snorted.

I ignored her. I watched Ryder's back, having an urge to punch his face in yet kiss the freakin daylight
out of him at the same time. I would go with kissing him, Gwen suggested.

Shut up, Drew and I said at the same time.