My Second Chance

Chapter 20: #20 The Blame Will Be On Your Crotch

Sapphire's P.O.V

Clover was crying her eyes out and I was seething with anger. I stormed out of Clover's comfy room,
towards the pack game's room. "Wait! Sapph!" She half yelled, half sobbed behind me. Her call went to
deaf ears. I could see nothing but red right now.

I barged into the room without knocking.

"Who the fuck are you?" A guy with jet black hair and grey blue eyes growled. "Sweetheart. I know we
are the hottest guys in this pack, but no need to barge in like that. It's too eager, don't you think."
Another guy called out. I snorted. "Plus. Everybody knows that the game room belongs to us around
this time." Another guy with blonde hair growled, narrowing his eyes at me. "Excuse me. But nobody
wants egotistic sickness like you guys. Girls who fall for you are all blind." I growled back defensively.
The guys blinked once, then twice, then, they all started laughing.

"She wants you so bad Lawrence." Another guy hollered. They were lucky Ruder isn't conscious right
now or they would have been ripped to shreds. Let me kill them, Drew argued. I ignored the temptation.
I was beyond mad, the Changing closer and closer doesn't help either.

Clover barges in and gripped my arm. "Sapph, no. Please, I know what you are capable of, but they
don't. Please, just let this go." Clover begged, pulling at my arm, not at all effecting me.

"No!" I snarled, yanking my arm so fast and hard that Clover almost toppled over. She was letting this
matter slide, hell no I am not.

"Ooo... Little girl knows how to fight." Lawrence mocked. "You won't think of me as little when I punch
your face in." I growled, wanting nothing else but to kill this bastard. Idiots like this should be banned
from Earth. "Lawrence, She's going to kill you if you don't stop." Clover whimpered. "Do not talk to me.
You have no rights." He snarled back at her. A flash of pain crossed her worried features. "See Clover,"

I growled, turning to her, "he cares nothing for him, why should you?" "You told her? Are you that
desperate for attention?" Lawrence sneered at my friend. "Do not speak to her like that. And she's
right, if you want to continue breathing, you better stop mocking me." I growled menacingly. "Really?
What's your name? Sapph? Well, you can tell me if you wanted me, no need to go on such extremes."
He tsk mockingly. "You are sick. Who would want you?" I spat. The right side of his lip twitched in
annoyance as he is running out of patience.

"Just tell me if you want something from me... like.. you know..." He winked suggestively. I think I puked
a little in my mouth. Dick. "I do want something from you." I whispered, a smirk on my face as I
advanced on him slowly, like a hunter and it's prey, my waist swayed seductively.

Confusion masked his face. It's pretty cute if you ask me, but all I wanted to do was inflict pain on him.

Soon, I was standing about a metre from him. The guys started hooting and clapping, oblivious of what
I was going to do. A smirk graced my lips.

"Pain." I whispered loud enough for him to hear. His eyebrows furrowed in confusion. With that, I did
what I badly wanted to do.

"This," I slapped his right cheek so hard that the sound echoed around the room, "is for being a player
and not respecting women." I growled. I wasn't done yet. "Honey, don't need to be jealous." He
smirked, despite the five fingers print on his cheek. Oh, that just added fuel to my fire. "This, is for bad
mouthing and saying mean things about and to Clover." I punched his already half swollen cheek. I
could hear a snap. I think I just broken his jaw. His friends gasped, so did Clover, as Lawrence
stumbled back and held his jaw in pain. Oh, I wasn't done. Not just yet. Clover had a mask of horror on
her face. "What the- " Before he could finish, I kneaded him in his family jewels. He ended up lying on
the ground, whimpering while clutching his crotch. His so called friends, obviously took a few steps
back, trying to add some distance between me and themselves. Such great friends... I thought
sarcastically. Clover gasped more loudly this time, surprise at what I just did. "And that, was for

rejecting a nice and sweet girl like her!" I yelled smugly. And mind you, I just kneaded him where a guy
hurts most.

The other people in the room stared at me with awe and fear. Eat that mother fuckers!

"You guys just witnessed the happenings of someone hurting the people around me or people I care
about. Pull anything like that and you guys will be good as dead the next time." I snarled a warning
before stomping out of he room, making my dramatic exit. "And I mean nobody, ever messes with
people I care for." I muttered. "You know Sapph. The Alpha is lucky to have you. Like, really lucky."
Clover said, placing a hand on my shoulder. I turned to her, seeing a little smile on her lips,along me to
smile more and calmed down.

"I'm one different girl huh?" I smirked. Traces of alltthe he anger vanishing. We totes nailed him, Gwen
hollered. We sure did, Drew growled approvingly. "Yeah. I don't usually see girls knead guys in their
crotches." She smirked, a glint of amusement in her warm brown eyes.

"He hurts you, the blame will be on his crotch." I warned. "You know, I think we'll just be the best
friends." Clover nodded and threw an arm around my shoulder.

We laughed. This was going to be a nice and long friendship.