My Second Chance

Chapter 11: #11 Making Of A Enemy

Sapphire's P.O.V

What I wished didn't come true. Yeah bitches, wishes don't necessary come true. Tell that to the little
kids that are obsessed with Aladdin and the Magic Lamp.

I looked into grey stormy eyes. "Watch where you are going bitch." She spat. She was wearing a shirt
so tight (I kinda think she got it from the kids section) and a skirt that can be used as a belt. Yup, in all
words, she's the typical sluts you see in high-school. "Excuse me?" I stood up, crossing my arms and
gave her my death glare. She and her two minions behind her glared back at me.

"You heard me." She growled. "I didn't hear anything... Is that a fly I hear?" I retorted. Burn! Drew yelled
in delight. Okay, I see the effect the Changing has on me. "Who are you anyway? A prostitute?" She
smirked. "Honey... I think we got the roles reversed here." I smiled mockingly. "You do not want to try
me." She snarled.

I could tell that I was really getting under her skin. "I could be telling you the same thing." I retorted
back sweetly.

"Oh that's it." She growled before lunging at me. I dodged quickly and she hit the floor, face first. Face
plant! Hell yeah! Gwen yelled. Her minions widened their eyes in surprise. Yeah, I moved a lot faster
than usual werewolves do. But I have to give the bitch some credit, she is kinda fast.

"I'm not going easily on you this time." She snarled. "Just admit that I was faster, you aren't getting
younger any second now. So stop wasting your time and scurry off." I smiled at her mockingly.

She jumped at me, aiming a punch to my shoulder. I smirked and caught the fist in mid air. Her eyes
widened in surprise but soon regained into the fury filled eyes. People were starting to swarm into the
corridor to see what's going on. Oh it is on bitch! Drew growled. She screamed as I kicked her upper
thigh. She tried to grab my leg but I moved it out of the way quickly. This is so much fun! Drew cheered.

Yeah, being bad also feels nice, Gwen grinned. I shook my head at them mentally. "Bitch!" The girl
lunged at me again, punching me on my right arm. My arm recoiled with a hiss of pain. She somehow
caught me while I wasn't paying attention. People started to murmur between theirselves, their eyes
not leaving us.

A nice blue and green bruise was starting to form. Just great. A wave of anger washed over me and all
I could see was red. I punched her in the cheek with inhuman speed. She screamed and tried punching
me in the gut. I dishes and aimed another punch at her side. She hissed in pain and tried to punch me
again. Suddenly, i felt something inside me. It made my mind fill with hatred and evil. I panicked inside.
What was happening?Hahaha... Don't you get that you can't beat me, little bitch? A voice like Drew's,
only a deeper cackled. I gasped and took a step backwards. What the hell was that?!

What was that? I gasped at Drew. The Changing... That's your full demon. I can't control her, Drew
growled in frustration. Well control it for now. Don't want me running around killing people do we? I
snapped. I told you, I can't... Drew growled in annoyance. I bit my lips in worry, great it wasn't time yet
and she already has the ability to talk in mind. Just great.

"Give up bitch?" The girl smirked, crossing her arms. Her voice pulled me out of my thoughts. "Do you
want to continue?" A smirk of my own formed.

Her fist cut through the air really faster, almost making contact with my cheek. I almost ducked, but a
hand cut in and caught her fist in mid air. "What do you think you are doing?" A voice growled. I
shuddered at how much authority the voice held. I turned around to see the beautiful blueish grey eyes
of my mate. "Alpha." The bitch cooed. Although I hated her and the fact that she was flirting with my
mate (I'm gritting my teeth here), I have to admit, she flirts good. Ryder didn't even seem affectedy the
flirting and I mentally praised him for that. But what he said next made me want to punch the life out of
him and leave this place.

"Pick a fight somewhere else. Not in the pack house and definitely not near my office. Haven't I gave
you enough warnings, Jennifer? And you." He growled at me. I gaped at his uncaringness. He dosen't
care that I'm hurt? Was this really the sweet and caring mate from this morning? I felt anger rise in me.
Gwen whimpered.

I'm leaving, I growled mentally. Gwen just whimpered again, not objecting while Drew growled in
agreement. Yeah, who does he think he is? Thats right, the title cold blooded Alpha must have came
from somewhere... Does he really take us for granted just because He's Alpha? Bullshit, Drew growled.
"Yes Alpha." Jennifer said, dropping the flirt as she and her minions scurried off. Peopla started to
leave as the Alpha was present. I growled under my breath in annoyance. I turned and stomped
towards the direction of the stairs. Seriously, who does he think he is?! How can he be nice to me in a
suddenly and suddenly turn nasty? I'm not a toy that can be toyed with.

I growled again in anger just as two arms wrapped around my waist tightly. I growled and tried to pry
the hands off me. Hey, it isn't easy when you really, deep inside, want them to touch you. "I'm sorry."
He whispered softly. I made a sound of disbelief and continued to pry his hands off me, not using any
demon abilities.

"Please... I'm sorry... Please don't leave..." He pleaded as his arms started to slip of my waist. I
stopped. I don't know why, but probably because of his voice.

His voice that was broken and full of sadness and regret.