Exclusive Memory

Chapter 249 Love Is Lawless

After Dylan returned to his room and took a shower to calm himself down, he was more and more
frightened when he recalled the photo in Flora's hand. Once Flora gave the pictures to Jasper, there
would be no way back. He had to speed up the process and confirm the relationship with Ashley as
soon as possible.

The next morning, when Ashley went downstairs, Bradley stopped her. "Miss Ashley, you have got up."

"Good morning, uncle Bradley."

"When Mr. Jasper went to work this morning, he asked me to let you see the news on the Internet and
then go to the company. He has something to discuss with you."

The news? She had been in peace for only a short time. Was there something wrong again? Did Sheila
do it?

The phone was put upstairs. Ashley was going to go back to her room to have a rest after breakfast, so
she put the phone in the room. Hearing that, she didn't care about the breakfast but went upstairs.

When Abbott got out of the kitchen, he shouted loudly, "Ashley, aren't you going to have breakfast?"

"I'll eat later, uncle Abbott. I have something to deal with."

Back in her room, Ashley took her mobile phone from the bedside table and clicked on Microblog.
Unexpectedly, she saw countless private messages. More than a few reposted comments were
refreshed, and the comments were nothing but curses. They were all saying that she didn't deserve

They seemed to be fans of Dylan. After checking the hot search list on Microblog again, she found that
the names of the two people who ranked first were indeed Dylan and her. The top search was that she
went to the visit the crew the day before yesterday, and she had dinner with Dylan. Apart from this,

news for Christmas, Dylan's public display of affection, the photos of them filming and interaction's
Microblog, and so on, were all mentioned again.

Generally speaking, news about Dylan would be filtered by the media, and the media would do HanFu
Film a favor. If something went wrong, the media would first tell Dylan's team about it. And if they were
willing to pay some money to suppress it, the news wouldn't be reported.

According to this logic, this matter happened suddenly and this thing seemed to be out of control.

The first thought that came to Ashley's mind was that it was Dylan who did it behind her back, but she
denied it immediately. She didn't believe that Dylan would put it on her. Ashley wanted to call Dylan to
ask him, but looking at his phone number, thinking of the confession that day, her intention to ask was
slowly fading.

She still didn't know how to face him.

When Ashley arrived at the company, the secretary was still warm-hearted as usual. "Miss Ashley, you
are here. The boss has told me that you can go straight in since you are here. What would you like to
drink, Miss Ashley? I'll go to the kitchen to prepare it for you."

She wasn't here to relax, but to listen to teachings. How could she have any mood to drink anything
today? "I won't trouble you. Please give me an ordinary tea. Thank you."

The secretary thought Ashley was in a bad mood today, so she didn't ask more and went to the kitchen
with a simple reply.

Ashley knocked on the door. After hearing "come in" from inside, she opened the door and entered the
office of Jasper.

When she came in, Jasper was sitting on his chair with a pen in his hand. The papers on the table were
neatly placed in order. He was looking at the piles of papers, no one knew what he was thinking. She
walked over and took a seat opposite Jasper, "Boss, I saw the news this morning."

At last, Jasper looked at her with an indifferent, calm expression, which was the usual expression of the
higher level. "I have told you early that the company doesn't ban stars from their private affairs. But if
there was any problem, you needed to communicate with the company in advance so that the company
could deal with it if anything went wrong. So now you and Dylan hit the headlines again and again, and
the news is still so popular. What's going on?"

"Mr. Jasper, I just take Dylan as my good friend." Ashley lowered her head.

"What about Dylan's attitude?"

The confession of Dylan's love for her was still ringing in her ears, which clearly reminded her of how
much Dylan loved her. She and Jasper had just had a fight, and their problem hadn't been solved yet.
Should she tell Jasper the truth?

"So, maybe Dylan has other feelings for you?" The woman kept silent for a while. Finally, Jasper
realized that she had fallen in love with Dylan.

Before she even had a chance to lie, Jasper had exposed her... "Right, on the night of my visit, Dylan
confessed to me."

Jasper's hand holding the pen tightened.

"What did you say?"

"I said I don't want to fall in love now."

Although she said so, it seemed that she was making a difficult choice.

A sense of agitation overwhelmed Jasper again. At that moment, Jasper even felt that he could no
longer face Ashley. What he was thinking about most now was how to escape from this woman. He
didn't want to see her again. Because every time he saw her, he would lose control of himself.

"We can't let it go like this. We need to give an explanation to the public as soon as possible. You have
already been exposed. You don't need to hype by such things. If you and Dylan are really just friends, I
will have someone communicate with his agent and you can make a statement to clarify everything."

Biting her lower lip, Ashley was a little hesitant. After all, Dylan treated her sincerely. If she skipped
Dylan and had a communication with Dylan's agent, it would be like indirectly telling Dylan that she
didn't want to have any connection with him any more. Ashley felt this was even more hurtful than
directly refusing.

"Mr. Jasper, I'll talk to Dylan about this in person."

"What are you going to do with it?"

"Just deal with it as you just said. I'll tell Brother Dylan that he will cooperate."

After thinking for a while, Jasper chose to believe Ashley once again. "Okay, I hope you will keep your

In the suburban film and Television City, Dylan thought that Ashley would contact him, but he didn't
expect that she would come so soon, and she had come to the film set herself.

At lunch time, Dylan reluctantly took a bite of some hard rice, looking at the three dishes and one soup
in front of him with no appetite. His agent, Helen, came to the door and said, "Ashley, you are here to
see Dylan, aren't you?"

Dylan raised his head and saw a side figure in a black down jacket. "Yeah. I heard from the staff that
you are here, so I came."

"Dylan is having meal inside. How about I bring you something to eat?" Said Helen.

"Thank you. I haven't eaten yet."

"Don't worry. You should go inside and have a rest since you are injured."

Then the person in a black down jacket came in. Dylan raised his head and ran into the woman's white
face. His heart began to beat faster in an instant, and his brain seemed to rust. He looked at Ashley in
a daze, not knowing how to react.

At the same time, Ashley was a little embarrassed. Although she had worked out psychological
construction for a long time before she came here, but when she did see Dylan, all the psychological
construction seemed to be invalid. She smiled a little awkwardly. "Hi, Dylan."

The word Dylan brought his soul back.

"Is your face injected with hyaluronic acid? Why do you laugh so awkward?"

Ashley was embarrassed at first, but when she heard what Dylan said, her face darkened. It was nice
of her didn't fight back, let alone felt embarrassed. She gave Dylan a disdainful look and answered with
resentment, "No!"

"Come over and sit there. What are you doing there? Be the door god?"

The estrangement between them suddenly disappeared, and now they were back to the state of
confrontation. Ashley wasn't embarrassed any more, walked over and sat on the seat beside Dylan.
"Have you seen it on the hot list of us?"

"Yes, I did." Dylan had a better appetite. He took a sip of mustard blue and said casually.

Ashley no longer treated Dylan as her pursuer, but a talkative friend. "Don't you think things are getting
weirder and weirder?" She asked.

"No, I didn't."

"How can it be?" Ashley thought that Dylan was kind of stupid, "In the past, most of the news between
us was shared by netizens. And the media never made a sound, gradually no one talked about it. But
this time, not only netizens are excitedly talking about it, but also the media is indulging in it, as if it has
been well planned."

"Really?" Dylan seemed not to care it at all while eating.

"Meal is ready." Before Ashley's temper out of control, Helen came from the door cleverly, with three
dishes and one soup in her hands.

The steaming dishes made them look warm. Smelling the aroma of food, Ashley said, "Thank you,
Helen. Please close the door for me. I have something to talk with Dylan."

Dylan stopped eating and Helen turned to look at Dylan.

"What's wrong, Ashley? You want to be with Dylan alone? Aren't you afraid of gossip?" Turning his
eyes to the direction of Ashley, Dylan said flirtatiously.

"Be serious. I'm really serious right now!"

Dylan pursed his lips and said, "Helen, go out and close the door. Don't let others get close."

"Okay." Helen left the room and closed the door.

There were only the two of them in the antique bedroom. The bolder Dylan was, the more restrained
Ashley was. Before she could make any response, the man put his arm around her waist and said
affectionately, "My little beauty, I have been missing you so much. Kiss me now!"

While saying that, he moved his oily mouth close to her. Being flirted by such a handsome face, she
couldn't help but hit it, "Are you insane? Let's get down to business!"

Being pushed back by the beauty, Dylan finally calmed down and said, "Okay. What do you want to

"The scandal this time is shocking. How about we make an announcement on the Microblog?"

"No way." Dylan refused bluntly.