Exclusive Memory

Chapter 251 Quarrel

"Jasper." Said Shawn as he walked out of the room.

"Have you found out anything?"

"The surveillance video shows that Ashley went into LG Building at 4:52. Does she have any friend
there? We can start from this aspect."

Several hours later, Jasper finally got some information from June and he had also got to know the
hotel which Ashley checked in from the system. So he came to the hotel with his bodyguards, he found
that Ashley was already asleep.

A knock on the door awakened Ashley. Since she was sleepy, she turned over in the bed and
continued to sleep. But the knock on the door did not stop. Reluctantly and irritably, Ashley got out of
bed, turned on the light, put on a thick bathrobe to protect herself from being exposed, and then walked
to the door.

With a click, the door was unlocked. Holding the doorknob, she pressed it down. As the heavy door
was opened, through her sleepy eyes, Ashley saw several bodyguards standing at the door with

Ashley's sleepiness was gone immediately.

"Mr. Jasper! Why are you here? !"

Seeing Ashley standing there safe and sound, Jasper's regret was gone but was replaced by
uncontrollable anger. He gritted his teeth and stared at the woman in front of him. "I should have asked
you this question. What are you doing her in the midnight instead of staying home?"

Feeling wronged, Ashley knew it was best to comfort him, but she was a stubborn woman. Looking at
an angry man, she said to Jasper, "You said you didn't want to see me. Why should I go back?"

"You!" Jasper puffed out a mouthful of air, unable to utter a word.

Ashley stood still inside the door without saying a word.

"Leave a car here, all of you go home!" Jasper turned back and said to his bodyguards.

"Yes, sir." The bodyguards were scared for a long time, afraid of being affected by the quarrel between
the two people, they had long wanted to leave here. After hearing what Jasper said, they handed a car
key to Jasper and left quickly.

However, Ashley still stared at him stubbornly, unmoved.

As soon as Jasper came in and slammed the door, Ashley's heart thumped wildly.

It was a kind of natural fear for violence she had never fought with a man who was in a towering rage.
She couldn't imagine what Jasper would do next.

He moved forward to her, as if he could crush her in the next second.

"You seemed to have a good reason,"

Ashley didn't say anything, because she was stubborn and she was also afraid.

"Say something. Are you dumb?"

She got more frightened and didn't know what to say. She regretted taking the risk. She would rather
take in the grievances by herself than face a man who was about to lose control. If there was room for
her to retreat, she must retreat step by step. If there was a path to retreat here, she would run away
without hesitation.

Her silence infuriated Jasper. He pinched Ashley's chin and forced her to look at him. "I'm asking you.
Didn't you hear me?"

The man's face was as handsome as a picture, and his anger was so real that it made her feel afraid.

"I'm an adult. No one can restrict me. It's my freedom to live wherever I want to live." Ashley said,
pushing Jasper away and walking inside.

"Freedom?" Jasper sneered, "Your freedom is given by me. Do you think you can be so capricious in
this circle? Do you think you can change the schedule as you want if without me? Do you think you
don't have to go out for dinner to earn a work opportunity..."

The man arrogantly described his own feats, and Ashley's dignity was completely crushed. She
seemed to be completely naked in front of Jasper. This feeling made her angry and disgust!

However, her rationality still reminded her not to offend Jasper.

The tear between ice and fire torn her apart, making her fretful and unable to stay even for a moment to
escape! With her back to Jasper, she held the desk in the bedroom, trying to suppress her emotions.
"Yes, you are so great."

However, her praise didn't ease the atmosphere. On the contrary, it made things worse.

After Jasper heard these words, great anger flooded over him! He grabbed her arm and pulled her over
to face him. "Say it again!"

Ashley was so angry that she even forgot to fear. She looked at the man in front of her and said slowly,
"I say, you are great."

"You!" All of a sudden, Jasper put more strength in her hands.

The pain made her brows creased, but she still squeezed out a smile. "Mr. Lu, are you going to disable
my other arm today?"

With a trace of remorse in his eyes, Jasper clenched his teeth and angrily pushed the woman away.

Ashley was knocked down on the table, which made her waist hurt.

Looking at the woman's anguished expression, Jasper wanted to help her up. But when thinking of
their present relationship and situation, he withdrew his hand, turned his back and clenched his fists,
looking at the embarrassed Ashley coldly.

Ashley took a few deep breaths slowly. When the pain faded, she held her waist with her right hand
and struggled to stand up from the table. Her old wound didn't heal, and now she got a new one. The
bathrobe had been loosened during her struggle, revealing her sun top pajama. Looking at her
expression, Ashley sneered, "Mr. Jasper, you're not in a good mood today. Are you here to vent your
anger on me?"

On hearing this, Jasper's hand clenched tighter. "Ashley Fang, pay attention to your words."

"Yeah, you are my boss. Offending you will bring no good result." She smiled sarcastically. Her only
unhurt hand pulled the string of the bathrobe, trying to tie the strings.

However, the more she was anxious, the more she couldn't do it. After repeating a few times, Ashley
finally exploded. She pulled her bathrobe and threw it on the ground!

"Clap!" with a few sounds, the lamps, tea pot, tea cup on the table were thrown to the ground, making a
harsh sound.

Ashley stood there, gasping for breath. The wound on her body was obvious, and the red mark on her
right arm was particularly striking. As Jasper looked at the woman, he was filled with fury and regret.
He was eager because he wanted to get closer to her, but he couldn't walk forward as if his feet were
as heavy as lead.

Originally, he was worried about her safety, so he went out in midnight to find her. He was kind-hearted,
but it went wrong step by step, and now the situation could not be redeemed. He should be the worst
agent, to deal with his bad relationship with artists to such a bad situation; he should be the worst
pursuer, to make the woman he loved injured.

Taking a deep breath, Jasper continued, "Let's go back. You're not as ignorant as before. I'm worried
about you."

"I won't go back!" But Ashley was still angry, she turned a deaf ear to what the man said.

As far as Jasper could remember, except for Ashley, few people had shown so little respect to him. He
didn't feel angry at all. He only felt heartache and hopeless.

She was the apple of his eye and he didn't know how to treat her. He was afraid that she would hurt if
he used too much strength, and that she would fly away if he used too little strength. He tried his best
to control his body in fear and trepidation all the time, but he still pushed her away from him. He really
didn't know what to do with her.

"Come with me," Jasper implored.

Hearing this, Ashley was deeply touched. It was an undeserved catastrophe to her, and for some
reason she was affected by the man's anger. But when she heard what she had said, she also felt sad
and bitter. She hoped that Jasper had always been confident and proud, and she didn't want to see him
like this.

She lowered her head and said nothing.

With her clothes in his hand, Jasper walked to Ashley and said, "Your arm is injured. Do you need my

"No, thanks." Ashley turned around and gave the back of her head to the man.

Hanging his heart in the air, Jasper was relieved. She was willing to go back, so he put her clothes
back to the couch. "I'll wait for you at the door. You can come out after when you pack up your goods."

The man's steps were slow and heavy. Looking at his back, Ashley felt very tired.

It took Ashley a while to get dressed because her arm was injured. She checked whether there was
any belongs left in the room. Ashley opened the door and found that Jasper was still in the hallway,
leaning against the wall and looking at the ceiling. Ashley managed her emotions. She looked at Jasper
and said, "Ok, I'm ready."

Jasper turned to look at her and took her downstairs by the lift without saying a word. When Ashley
went to the counter and checked out, Jasper stood silently not far away.

The girl who checked out for her was young. She got excited at the information about her ID card and
exclaimed in a low voice, "Oh, it's you, Ashley. I'm your fan. Could you please sign for me?"

"Okay." With a professional smile, Ashley signed for the girl with a pen in her hand.

"Ashley, do you fall in love with Dylan? I think you two make a perfect match. Dylan's fans are just
jealous of you. Just ignore them. We will be on your side." She patted herself on the chest.

Ashley smiled again. "Thank you. But Dylan and I are just friends."

The girl was a little disappointed. She looked at Jasper and asked, "Who is that man? He came to the
hotel so late. Is he your boyfriend?"

Looking at the side figure of Jasper, Ashley shook her head and said bitterly, "No, he is my boss."