Exclusive Memory

Chapter 250 I Don't Want to See You

Hearing that, Ashley was dazed. She hadn't expected that Dylan would refuse her so directly. "Why?"
she asked.

Instead of eating anything, Dylan leaned against the seat and glanced at Ashley. "Don't you remember
that I'm pursuing you now? I'm glad that it's going to be true. Why should I clarify it?"

Ashley had guessed it. Looking at the man who was determined, she speculated, "are you behind it?"

Dylan confirmed her assumption as he raised the corners of his mouth, "yes, it's me."

Ashley doubted there was something wrong with her ears, "what did you say? Why did you do that?"

"In order to prove that we are a couple, you might agree to be my girlfriend as long as the public
recognizes you, under the pressure of the public."

Ashley couldn't believe that it was true that Dylan had schemed against her. She pointed at the man
and complained, "you are shameless!"

Blinking his big innocent eyes, Dylan said, "now that I'm pursuing you, of course I have to take some
measures before I can catch up with you. Besides, I've told you everything. How can you say I'm

Ha, he made himself sound reasonable.

"Ashley, look at me. I have good conditions. Don't be so picky about me," Dylan lowered his profile and
introduced himself in a soft voice, "I am handsome, capable of making money and making you happy.
Where can you find such a good man like me? In the past, my relationship with women was a little
messy. It was all my fault. You can rest assured that I will treat you better after we are together. I'll do
everything for you, including cooking, dishes washing and other housework. What do you think?"

"Brother Dylan, let's stop talking about it, okay?" Not knowing how to deal with the man's anxiety,
Ashley said, "let's be serious, OK?"

"I mean it." Feeling a headache, Dylan rubbed his forehead and said, "Ashley, you must change my
identity in your heart. I'm not your bestie. I'm a man, a man who likes you!"

The strong complaints of this man made Ashley's heart beat so fast as if it were beating on a drum.

"And don't think about the matter that should be cleared. It's kind of me not to chase you in public."
Dylan said, cutting off all the fantasies of Ashley.

Their negotiation was a complete failure and Ashley failed.

Jasper was not so surprised to hear such a result.

After leaving the film set, Ashley went to her company to look for Jasper. Now she was sitting opposite
to him, waiting for his next arrangement.

Jasper had always upheld the principle that if you are in love, you should give your lover freedom and
the right to choose life. Therefore, when several of his ex-girlfriends said they were going to leave him,
he still chose to give up though he felt sad.

But now, this idea seemed to be useless.

At the moment, he was having an intense internal debates. Should he let Ashley and Dylan develop
relationship freely or cut off all the possible romantic relationship around Ashley to keep her? These
two choices were like two groups of tug of war with comparable strength, with the winning signs in the
middle turning left and then right. They were at a stalemate.

"Mr. Jasper, would you like to talk to Dylan's agent?" Ashley suggested.

Jasper shook his head and answered, "it won't work. Dylan's agent works for him. It's impossible for his
agent to make a decision for him."

"Then what should we do?"

As Jasper looked at the woman opposite him, she cautiously looked at him in fear that she would anger
him. It was not a gaze of an admirer. He felt desperate at this conclusion. 'There are something in the
world to tell you why you can't get all the things you seek for.'.

The woman was young with smooth skin like silk. She had a pretty face in her prime. Such a person
should not be bound to wither with him. She still had her own life and dream.

Finally one side won in that internal long-term tug of war. He looked at Ashley and said, "you don't have
to worry about it if being together with Dylan doesn't bother you. Take it as a way to keep your

Confused, Ashley asked, "but didn't you say this morning that I've had enough exposure to the public

Ho, what kind of exposure was that? It was just his selfishness.

As soon as she spoke, Jasper felt so bored that he had no desire to live.

He waved his hand and said, "you can leave now. I'm a little tired."

'He hasn't given her a definite solution yet. How could he allow her to leave?' she wondered? She
stood up hesitantly. Looking at the uneasiness on Jasper's face, she asked, "Mr. Jasper, are you

"Get out. I don't want to see you." Jasper waved his hand again.

All of a sudden, Ashley felt as if her heart was hit by a heavy hammer, countless emotions pouring up
in her heart, aggrieved, unbelievable, heart-broken and resentful. She couldn't breathe.

Carrying her bag, Ashley finally turned around and left the office without looking back.

Anna sitting at the door was surprised to see that Ashley rushed out with red eyes. She opened her
mouth wide and couldn't help wondering what had happened? Had a fight?

After leaving the company, the more she thought about it, the more uncomfortable she felt. Both the car
and the driver were eyesores to her. She was very dedicated at work, coaxing his son in private, and
sometimes making night snack for him. She almost listened to every word he said, and what else did
he want!

Especially recently, what did she do wrong? Why did he always give her a cold face? Why did he say
that he didn't want to see her? She didn't want to see him!

"Stop the car."

The driver stopped the car obediently, "What's wrong, Miss Ashley?"

Covering her face with her hands tightly, Ashley picked up her bag and got out of the car. "I'm going to
find a friend. You can go back to the Zhan family. Don't worry about me today."

When June was scolding her subordinates, her secretary knocked on the door and reported with
excitement, "Mrs. June, Ashley is waiting for you in the reception room."

For the first time in her life, Ashley had nothing to do but come to find her?

"Invite her in." Then, June turned to her subordinates and said, "Hey, guys. Why are you so excited? Is
Ashley your muse? You goddess's income is dozens of times higher than you. Don't you feel
ashamed? "

They all lowered their heads without saying anything.

When the secretary brought Ashley in, June had already been thirsty by scolding. She waved her hand
to dismiss all of them. "You can go out now. From now on, you have to use your brain to work hard!"

After all the people went out and closed the door, Ashley was sitting in the chair opposite to June,
laughing and ridiculing, "June, you are so powerful that I'm shivering."

"A bunch of idiots! I wonder what is the use of their brain?" Speaking of this, June was angry and said:
"don't talk about them. Why do you come here today? Have you dealt with your family problem?"

"No, there is still a long way to go." Ashley sigh, "Recently one event succeeds another which upsets
me. I come to talk with you."

June pointed at the documents beside her, "Miss Ashley, you're having a sick leave and don't have
work to do. But I'm too busy to accompany you."

"Well, do you have any place to live? I'd like to live there for a few days."

"What's wrong? Why do you want to live with me all of a sudden?"

"Well, I am just so perturbed that I want to talk with someone. I know you are busy with your work in the
day, while you must be free in the evening. It will be convenient to talk with me if I live with you."

June ran her fingers through her short hair and said, "I'm afraid that I can't do that."

"What?" Confused, Ashley asked, "aren't you living alone?"

Hearing that, June's cheeks turned red. "I lived alone before, but not now. Well. As you know, I'm dating
with William. "

Ashley was speechless

It seemed that she could only go to the hotel.

At night, Jasper returned home. After coaxing Nelson to sleep, he went to his room for shower. After
changing a loose housecoat, he went to the study on the second floor and read a book. At about half
past ten, when Jasper walked out of the study, he found that the light in the living room was still on. Full
of wonder, he came down and saw Bradley lying in the sofa.

Coming forward, Jasper patted Bradley on his shoulder gently. "Uncle Bradley?"

Bradley was in a light sleep and woke up immediately. "Mr. Zhan, you are still up?"

"I am going back to my room. Why haven't you gone to bed yet?"

"Miss Ashley hasn't come back yet. I am waiting for her."

"She hasn't come back yet!" Jasper's heart missed a beat when he thought of what had happened to
Ashley. He asked anxiously, "have you called her? What did she say?"

"Yes, I called her several times, but her phone was off. I don't know if Miss Ashley's cell phone is power
off or something else, so I decided to wait for her. But I fell asleep."

The more Jasper thought about it, the more uneasy he became. "Well, I see. Uncle Bradley, go to have
a rest first. I will deal with the matter of Ashley."

"Don't you need my help?" Bradley said positively.

"No, thanks."

After coming back to his room and putting on his clothes, Jasper asked Ashley driver and several
bodyguards to go straight to the police station. The police station had been working on cases overnight

lately, so Shawn hasn't went back home. When he heard that Ashley was out of touch again, Shawn
thought that there was a big case. So he cheered himself up and gathered the technical staff to search
for the surveillance video of the crossroad according to the driver's description.

While waiting, Jasper kept looking at his watch. Although there was no expression on his face, he was
actually very anxious now.

According to what the driver said, Ashley was in a bad mood after leaving the company, so she got off
the car in the middle and went out without knowing where she was.

Ashley was not in a good mood, probably because he had spoken harsh to her in the afternoon. He
shouldn't have lost his temper, yelling at her! 'I wish there were regret medicine. I couldn't imagine what
my life would be like if something bad happened to Ashley, ' Jasper thought.