Exclusive Memory

Chapter 248 She Is Jealous

Dylan was totally stunned!

Although he had met so many women in the entertainment circle, it was the first time for him to meet
such a bold and unconstrained woman like Flora! He was being forced! He would be forced to make
love one day! Shit!

Didn't Flora hear his repeated refusal? Or he had already reduced to such a situation that no matter
how to refuse that was useless? If he said no, it meant that he played hard to get, and if he said yes, he
just meant it. So, no matter what he said, everyone would think that he was so easy to take off his

Unfortunately, Dylan's thought came true. Flora just thought that in her mind.

"Dylan..." The woman's soft, fragrant breath was blowing on his ear. "You don't know, you refused my
invitation in the restaurant just now. My heart is almost broken. I really thought I am not as attractive as
other women." It was lucky that you sent me back later and talked with me so happily. I hated you so
much that you make my heart up and down."

God, he was just being polite, that's all. Could she stop being so paranoid!

The woman's hand had already been placed on his belt, and Dylan grabbed it with his hand. "Flora, I
am serious. I'm not interested in you."

The room was dim with only some dim lights from outside the window, where the furnishings in the
room could be barely seen.

Looking at the dark face of the man, Flora almost doubted what she had heard. She asked, "Why? Am
I not beautiful? Or am I boring?"

"No, No. I'm just not interested in you." Dylan pushed her away.

She believed that other women who slept with Dylan were not as beautiful or less famous than her.
There were so many women. Why didn't he choose her? Dylan was a notorious playboy. It was
impossible for him to refuse such delicious food?

It must be Dylan who was double minded. In the end, Flora concluded such a result.

Seeing the man she had been thinking about for several days standing before her eyes, she didn't want
to let go of him easily. She walked up to him, held him in her arms again, and coaxed him gently, "I
know what your concerns might be, but don't worry, I am not the kind of woman who entangles with
men and want the man to take responsibility, and I will never ask for anything from you, just set your
heart at rest."

Dylan was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. It was the first time that he had been fooled by women
to the bed. Flora's words amused and ironic. It seemed that he had seen how he had lied to other girls
in the past.

He pushed the woman away again. "Flora, what can I say to make you understand that I really don't
have that intention to do that thing? It is just out of politeness for me to drive you back. You think too

The man's serious tone made her finally believe a little bit, but she believed what Dylan said, and her
situation suddenly became awkward. What did she do? Was she narcissistic and greedy? It was so

In this case, she had better not to believe him. After all, the person she wanted was in front of her, and
she didn't believe that a man, who was thinking with his lower part of his body, could resist the
temptation of a beauty!

When she made up her mind, she gritted her teeth and threw herself into his arms again. "Don't test
me, Dylan. I really like you. I don't ask for too much. I just want to have one night with you. That's all I


Dylan tried to push her away again, but she held him so tight that he couldn't make it!

This time, Dylan was really angry. What the hell was going on! She thought she could force him to bed
just because there were no sex regulations in this country to protect men?!

"Let go of my hand! Don't pretend that you don't understand what I'm saying. If you don't behave
yourself, I won't let you go!"

Now that she had done something wrong, she had to stick on it. Since there was no turning back, it
would only make her more embarrassed if she stopped. "Dylan, I really like you! Why can you accept
so many women who can't be compared with me have slept with you? Why don't you accept me! I don't
believe that, you must be willing!"

what the fuck! He was furious!

He deserved it! This must be retribution! He had done so many ridiculous things in the past, and now
he finally got a chance to be a decent man, but no one believed him!

"Listen to me, Flora. Don't be impulsive!" Dylan extended one of his arms to her back and tried to
remove her fingers. "I was stupid in the past when I was in a relationship with a woman. But now I have
a lover, and I won't have a relationship with another woman. Please don't force me anymore."

At last, Dylan freed himself from the woman's grip. Pushing her away, he quickly opened the door and
took his leave. He said to her, "Have a good rest. I'm going to my room now. Take it as nothing

Flora felt extremely humiliated. If she failed today, how could she face Dylan in the future! After Dylan
took over the business of HanFu Film in the future, how could she get involved in the movie and

television invested by his company? This kind of embarrassment was more terrifying than making a

Thinking of this, Flora pounced on the man again and slammed the door. "I don't believe it. I don't
believe it," She repeated.

Just as Dylan was about to get rid of the woman, he was dragged back again. Being entangled by this
woman almost made him lose his gentlemanly demeanor!

It seemed that he couldn't get rid of Flora today, because she would definitely drag him back again! He
pushed her hand away, took her hand and threw her on the bed. "Tell me, what should I say to make
you believe me?"

After being thrown to the ground, her heart was beating wildly. At this time, she didn't think that Dylan
was violent. Instead, she felt that he was so bossy and strong. She liked him so much. She was going

"Unless you tell me your lover's name." Reclining on the bed, Flora flipped her hair as she said

"Ashley, I like Ashley." Dylan replied without hesitation.

His words startled her. She jerked herself up and said, "No, I'm not..."

"Don't say you don't believe me!" His patience was almost running out. "I made a public promise on
Microblog, and I dated with Ashley privately several times. The rumors on the media are true. You saw
it last time when we met in the celebration party. I get along well with Ashley. I love her so much, so just
leave me alone!"

"But Ashley loves Jasper, not you!" Flora blurted out.

The room fell into silence.

Dylan's scar was lifted by Flora. He looked at the woman in the bed and mumbled... How did you

Flora took her phone out of her bag and showed a photo to him. "If you don't believe me, you can
check it by yourself."

In the picture, Ashley was bending over and kissing a man, whose face was as clear as that of Jasper.

Now that Dylan knew that it was one thing, but if he really saw it, it was totally another thing. Being
restless and heartbroke, Dylan asked, "where did you get these photos?"

Putting her phone back, Flora continued, "I went to the ward to see Ashley because she fell down and
got hurt. Then I saw this scene and took a picture of her with my phone."

"You can't give this photo to Jasper. Do you hear me?"

His threat made Flora jealous.

Ashley had been protected wherever she went. In the company, Jasper protected her, and Dylan had
been on the film set to protect her. Now that a photo had been released, Dylan was still thinking about
how to help Ashley. Flora sneered and said sourly, "I'm afraid that if Jasper gets to know this picture, he
will banish Ashley. You are really infatuated with women."

"What did you say?" Dylan frowned and didn't understand what she meant.

"Don't you? Mr. Jasper hated actors and actresses tangling with each other. Those who liked Mr.
Jasper didn't have a good ending. Dylan, you are so considerate for the sake of Ashley's career that

you can bear that Ashley is still keeping close to and staying by Jasper's side. If I were you, I would
definitely encourage you to give this photo to Jasper. In this way, you can settle a love rival, right?"

Dylan immediately understood.

'I see. That's what Ashley is scrupling about.' Dylan thought.

However, he was not so kind-hearted. He was just worried that when Jasper saw the photo and knew
what was on Ashley's mind, Jasper and Ashley could be together naturally, which meant there would
be no chance for him.

He was not infatuated with her, but a narrow-minded man. Although he knew that Jasper and Ashley
loved each other, he was not willing to give up. Since he only met one person in his life, he was a
selfish secular man.

Seeing that the man kept silent for a long time, Flora considered the influence of Dylan in the business
circle. So she had made a mistake in making Ashley her enemy, and she could not be an enemy of

Thinking of that, Flora smiled gently and said, "Don't worry, Dylan. I will definitely not hand the photos
to Mr. Jasper. I still want to be friends with Ashley."

"That's good." Dylan was relieved. "If you can keep your promise, I'll help you develop your business in
the entertainment industry in the future."

Flora was even more jealous of Ashley that so many people stood on Ashley's side. Flora was more
calm, "That's great. I'm sure I won't tell anyone. I had a big misunderstanding with you today. It turned
out that I didn't know you like Ashley. I'm so ashamed that I even keep pestering you for such a long
time. Please don't take it to heart."

Tonight, they quarreled so violently for so long. Besides, Dylan had to work hard during the day made
him exhausted. "Okay, you can rest assured that I will take it as nothing happened tonight."

Then, Dylan turned around and walked out of the room.

But this time, Flora didn't stop him.