Exclusive Memory

Chapter 247 A Guilty Conscience (Part Two)

But now, obviously, the director regarded Flora as one of the artists who needed Dylan well.

Dylan was very annoyed by the sense of the director acted like a pimp. Dylan got rid of Flora's hand
and then said, "I'm tired today and want to go to bed early. Ask your assistant to accompany you."

The look on Flora's face suddenly changed. To be honest, she didn't expect to be rejected. She was
confident about her own charm and had been doing very well among men over the years. In addition,
Dylan was a playboy. Being well-known in this circle, he had no reason to refuse such an romantic

The director laughed. "Recently, Dylan has been burdened with the heavy filming props. It's time for
him to go back and rest. Also, Flora, you'd better eat less. Your face are too big to shoot?"

"……" Being said that her face was big, which annoyed Flora. "I seldom eat. It's just that I didn't sleep
well last night, there was some swelling in my face." She continued.

"Go back to bed early. You've already finished your work and don't go anywhere else. Get some rest,
otherwise you'll get swelling in your face tomorrow."

Being scolded by the director, Flora became speechless.

Dylan strode forward. The director put his arm around Dylan's shoulder and whispered in his ear, "Do
you think Flora is not clean? Women in the business circle are almost the same. Flora is working for
Mr. Jasper, she is clean enough."

"Don't get me wrong. I just don't like to have sex with women casually. Especially this kind of woman
that I barely know."

The director blinked his eyes in surprise. He wondered whether it was true that Dylan had been good at
telling lies or not. Everyone in his circle knew what Dylan had done, but now Dylan was acting like a

decent man.

"Got it. Rest early. We have to get up early tomorrow morning." When they arrived at the door, the
director released his hands from Dylan's shoulders as if he knew everything. Then the director got on
his car and left.

With his brows almost knitted, Dylan gave himself a disgusted glance at his shoulder. He seemed to
want to sweep away everything that was about that man.

It was really disgusting. How could not he find it so disgusting before!

It was so disgusting and dirty in this circle!

Other people left too. At the end of the group, Flora saw that Dylan kept on sweeping his left shoulder
with his right hand like swept bugs.

"Dylan, what's wrong?"

Dylan looked back impatiently and answered stiffly, "Nothing."

Anyway, the man was meant to take over his family's Hanfu Films. He would definitely be a big shot in
this circle in the future, and such a person should not be offended.

The corners of Flora's mouth lifted into a smile. She seemed to have forgotten her embarrassment.
"Did I offend you just now? I'm so sorry. I took it too hard. Please don't take it to heart."

The reason why Dylan got involved in this kind of thing was because he had a bad reputation. If the
opponent was Jasper, who would dare to stick to Jasper so blatantly. Dylan had set himself up. In the
past, he hadn't taken their relationship of man and woman seriously. Naturally, others wouldn't take him

He met his karma. Ashley was his karma.

Having been playing around for so many years, he had finally met a woman who he wanted to be
serious with. However, how could the things in the world be so easy that they wouldn't follow your
wishes. When you wanted to be serious, it was hard to get others' attention. No one would believe his
sincerity. He had expressed his love for many times, but Ashley didn't believe him. The last love
confession made Ashley believe it, but scared her away.

"Nothing." Dylan said in a soft tone.

"Would you like to go back to the hotel with me?" Flora suggested. After all, she had been in the
entertainment circle for so many years. She had her own way to deal with interpersonal relationships.
She was sure that when she made a wise decision, she would not make a big mistake.

In such a situation, it was not appropriate for Dylan to refuse anymore. Finally, he became a gentleman
and offered, "Okay, let's get in my car. I will drive you back to make amends."

Flora was very happy. Although there had been some ups and downs, she finally pushed in their
relationship. Flora was also good at changing the atmosphere. Sitting in the same car with Dylan, she
quickly made the atmosphere between the two relaxed and happy.

After they arrived at the hotel, they kept talking until they arrived at the door of Flora's room. When they
reached there, Flora took out her room card and opened the door. She invited Dylan again, "Would you
like to come in and have a talk with me? I haven't had a chance to learn acting from you before. I want
to learn it from you."

"No, I'm going back to have a rest. Tomorrow I'll get up early to work." Dylan refused gently.

In fact, Flora thought that Dylan was too embarrassed to show his attitude in public, and that he was
willing to go to her room. Otherwise why he sent her back. Besides, they had a pleasant conversation
all the way back.

It didn't matter. Dylan was embarrassed, but she had been used to be such an active person. If he
didn't take the initiative, she would do it. With an enchanting smile on her face, she grabbed Dylan's
arm, pulled him into the room and then slammed the door shut with a bang!