Exclusive Memory

Chapter 246 A Guilty Conscience (Part One)

"Miss Ashley, Sheila had been borrowing money everywhere during the day, but it seems that she
didn't get much. At about five o'clock in the evening, Sheila dressed up in black and went to the
hospital. She was wandering around your father's ward until now." It was the private detective who had
been staring at Sheila.

After Sheila's wedding matter, Ashley found that there was no need for him to continue spying on
Sheila, so this private detective had a lot of leisure time. It was not until last night that Ashley contacted
him again and promised him a generous reward. He kept an eye on Sheila recently and reported
everything to Ashley in detail.

Ashley was lying in her bedroom quietly with a book on her knees, listening to the report on the other
end of the phone. It seemed that Sheila still wanted to get money from Samuel.

"Please keep an eye on Sheila and do not relax. If she has any abnormal actions, please tell me in

"Okay, Miss Ashley. You can rest assured. There is another thing..." After a pause, the person on the
other end of the phone answered, "I have been in contact with Mr. Dylan for a long time. Mr. Dylan
heard that you were keeping watch on Sheila. He said that he knew a person and might help you, so
he asked me to give you that person's contact information."

Dylan was the last name she wanted to think of because she didn't know how to deal with Dylan's

After Dylan confessed his love to her that night, she expressed very politely that she did not want to fall
in love now, but Dylan said that he could wait and his attitude was so firm that it was not the usual
joking style of him. If Dylan was still joking as before, Ashley could have said that she didn't like him to
reject him, but since he was so serious, she couldn't say anything.

She had no feelings for Dylan, but she was grateful for everything he had done for her. She could not
hurt him, so she could only hide from him.

It seemed that Dylan could read her mind, and he helped her in a roundabout way, which made Ashley
feel more guilty.

"Do you know who the person is?"

"He is the director of a law firm. I think he can arrange a proper lawyer for Miss Ashley."

"Please send the person's phone number to me. And, thank Dylan for me."

"You are welcome, Miss Ashley."

After they hung up, Ashley received a text message from the private detective. It contained a name and
a phone number.

At this moment, Dylan was having dinner with the director and several other co-workers. Also, Flora sat
beside him. It was not sure that it was intentional or coincidental. Flora sat next to Dylan on purpose.

Flora had been chewing the rice in her mouth for more than one minute. Last time when she tried to get
close to Dylan, she was disturbed by Ashley. Fortunately, Flora was still in the same crew with Dylan,
so it was not difficult to get close to him. As long as she was willing to, there was plenty of
opportunities. As an excellent man, it was difficult for her to be close to him in the future if she missed
this opportunity today.

Just thought of all men she had taken in, they just looked good, everything else was mediocre.
However, she had neglected such a handsome, rich and powerful man like Dylan before! The more she
thought about it, the more she felt sorry for herself. Now that she had become a decadent person in

private life, why not pick more handsome men? As for those mediocre men, it was okay that she didn't
take them in.

"Flora, eat less. Your face is too big. You don't look good in the mirror." When Flora was lost in her
thoughts, the director criticized her.

Facing the director, even if she was supported by Jasper, Flora could only say politely, "Yes, director."

In fact, her face was already very small. Her face just like a palm in real life, but in the video, it was not
as tiny as in real life. A little fat would be magnified by the camera, and she looked like a little fat in the

There was a table of delicious food on the table in front of her, but she only ate a few rice, a few
vegetables and a few fish, without moving anything else.

When the dinner was over, Flora held Dylan's hand and asked, "Dylan, I was not full just now. Would
you like to have some night snack with me?"

The restaurant was decorated in retro style and the light was dim, which made the woman's stiff face
more attractive under the light. At this moment, what came to Dylan's mind was that his face had been
covered in the shadow when he had expressed his love for Ashley. But Ashley and Flora were totally
different person

If he was still the former romantic young master, he might have agreed with Flora earlier now.

The director who was walking in the front turned his head and said, "You know, young people are too
impulsive. It's no big deal if you don't feel full after a meal. Dylan and Flora, you should go to get some
night snack together, and Dylanguide her acting skills by the way."

Most resources in the film and television circle were inclining to the artists. A well-known star
sometimes not only needed the director to do something for him, but also the whole crew had to serve
him. That kind of situation happened from time to time in the casting group. For example, a leading
actor might ask the female artists in the casting group to sleep with him. If they couldn't make it, he
would lose his temper.

Of course, Dylan was a star of that level. He had been strictly trained by his parents since he was a
child. Although he always thought it was funny to watch others do something embarrassed, he never
treated himself as the boss.