Exclusive Memory

Chapter 245 None Of Them Is Reliable

Ashley carried her bag back to her room. She was so exhausted to turn on the light that she threw
herself into the sofa.

She was terribly upset.

She had to handle with Sheila's lawyer, she had to be on guard all the time because Flora had goods
on her, she didn't know how to deal with Dylan's confession of love, and now, she had made Jasper
unpleasant... Notably Jasper, what happened to him today? He used to be calm. What was wrong with
him? Ashley held her head in her hands, upset. Their relationship was not so pleasant recently. Why
did they go into trouble again?

She sat on the sofa and thought for a long time before she could figure out what she should do first.
The top priority was to deal with the lawyer of Sheila. She would never let Gloria escape. She must let
Gloria get punished.

There were many people who didn't sleep this night, and Sheila was one of them.

There was no one in Fang family, and Sheila was sensitive recently. She would wake up if she lived
alone at home. Even if she closed the windows and the door, she still felt scared. She didn't have a
good sleep that night. The next morning when she got up, she saw dark circles under her eyes.

Yesterday, she had made up her mind to chance her luck with her friends. If it wouldn't work, she had to
beg her husband Ethan again. If Ethan refused to help her, she had to beg Francis for help. All in all,
she wanted to try every means. She was alone now, and Gloria was her only hope.

After she got up, she made some porridge for herself. After eating it, she put up her clothes. Noticing
there were no reporters follow her, she managed to climb out from the back wall of the villa.

She had a good plan. When she begged them for help, she would ask them to give her some money.
As long as she begged more friends, she would get more money. However, contrary to what she had
planned, when she arrived at the door of her friends' house, they even did not open the door when they
saw her. Some people even threatened to call the police because she rang the doorbell several times!

Sheila hung around more than ten households in the whole morning and none of them wanted to
receive her.

She found a restaurant in the noon and had a lunch in a corner. After she paid the bill, she walked on
the street with her face covered. In spite of the warm winter sun, Sheila's world seemed to be grey.

None of her friends were reliable, so she could only beg for help from Ethan. No matter what happened
in the past, Ethan was so determined to love her, he would never let her alone.

There was no chance for her to go to Ethan's home, because his mother wouldn't let her in, so she had
to go to his company. She had heard the address of the Jiang family's company from Ethan. But she
didn't pay much attention to him in the past, so she never came to see him. It was her first time to be

Sheila was sitting in the café downstairs, where the white-collar workers of the office building had to go
to. She waited there, and as long as Ethan passed by, he would definitely be able to see her.

When it was about one o'clock in the afternoon, Sheila finally saw Ethan. He must have just come back
after lunch. He was in a three piece suit and a long woolen overcoat, looking quite debonair. He walked
into the building, talking and laughing with his subordinates. He was so eye-catching.

In the past, she always disdained to see Ethan. She always thought that her husband was a loser in
her eyes. But this was the first time that she had looked him in the eye. Sheila suddenly had a sense of
inferiority. She dared not go out, because she was afraid of being too embarrassed in front of him.

Ethan and several other subordinates passed through the glass window of the coffee shop, and their
figures gradually disappeared in Sheila's sight. She picked up her cell phone and found Ethan's
number in her address book, "Sorry, the number you dialed does not exist. Please check it first and
then call again."

He didn't want to have any contact with her any more. They were over.

Sheila walked out of the ca é and took a taxi, heading to the last place she had hoped for. Although she
no longer held much hope from Francis.

When she arrived at the gate of the company, she made a call to Francis. It took him a long time to get
through to Francis, "What's the matter?" A man's voice came through the phone.

A great joy took over Sheila's face. She didn't expect that he would still answer her phone. "Francis, I'm
downstairs of your company now. Can we meet? I have something to tell you."

"I have nothing to do with you." "I'm busy. Bye." Francis refused coldly.

"Wait! Wait!" Perhaps it was over the phone, and there was something that was easy to speak out.
Sheila stopped Francis and said directly, "Francis, can you lend me some money, I really have no other
choice. Help me, please. For the sake of that we have known each other for so long."

At this time, Francis was talking with the technical instruction team of the Nature of Nanshan. He didn't
want to answer Sheila's call in the first place, but in the end he picked it up because he was

"Why do you want to borrow money? How much do you want?"

Upon hearing this, Sheila felt a glimmer of hope, "I want to borrow 300, 000 dollars. This is for my
mom. I need a lawyer. Can you help me, Francis? I only have..."

"If it is about your mother, I can't help you." Francis interrupted.

"Why? !" It took Sheila a long time to finally find someone who was willing to talk to her, so she didn't
want to give up so easily. "I'm not used to squander. I want to help my mother. She was taken to the
police station. I come to ask you for help. Why don't you want to help me? "

It seemed that Sheila was still unclear about the situation as usual. Francis really regretted to answer
this call. He should have cut off all contact with this woman, not even a trace of connection. Otherwise,
Sheila would only challenge his bottom line.

She schemed to have someone to rape her sister, she had cheated on him with his friend before
marriage, and she had been pregnant with the other man's child. She even told him all these were for
his good. It was not only Sheila made him disgusting, but also her mother Gloria who was a murderer.
The person Gloria killed was exactly Ashley's mother. Under this situation, she still thought of asking
him to help!

"Because I don't want to help you. There is no reason. If there is nothing else, I will hang up." Then
Francis hung up the phone immediately and turned it off, leaving no chance for Sheila to say anything

Sheila was determined to borrow money from him, no matter how hard she tried. She did not give up
after he hung up the phone. However, when she called him again, he had already turned off the phone.

Sheila was so angry that she kicked the wall and scream, "No one is reliable, no one!"

All the white-collar staff passing by looked at Sheila strangely and stepped backward to stay away from
her when passing by.

Sheila ran against the wall to vent her anger, and her heart was gradually becoming more and more
desperate. She tried, but no one was willing to help her. Without money and connections, what should

she do to hire a lawyer for Gloria?

Gloria had been waiting for anxiously the whole day. The longer the delay, the longer the interrogation
would be. The policemen who interrogated her were very experienced. As long as she spoke, the other
party would extend countless directions, and there were countless logic traps inside waiting for her to

She must have a lawyer's guidance so that she could know what was best for herself, and she must
find a lawyer as soon as possible.

After waiting for a long day and a night, Gloria asked to contact Sheila again. Accompanied by the
police, she called Sheila.

At this time, Sheila was still in the office building. Hearing the telephone ring, she thought that it was
because Francis changed his mind and wanted to help her, but it turned out to be a landline number.
She answered the phone. Sure enough, it was a call from Gloria.

"Sheila, Did you help me get a lawyer? Any progress?"

Sheila was very anxious now. "No, I'm not. Wait a little longer."

"Sheila, hurry up. I can't wait too long. Hurry up to remind Ethan, ask him to...'

"You kept mentioning Ethan. It's all your fault. Ethan and I are over. Are you satisfied with the result
now?" Sheila couldn't bear the pressure and shouted at the phone.

On the other side of the phone, Gloria was also shocked. 'Are Ethan and Sheila over? What
happened? Everything was fine when she called her yesterday! If without Ethan's help, Sheila could do
nothing by herself, then she would screw up her case!

"Sheila, what happened between you and Ethan? Why did you suddenly..."

"Oh, don't ask any more. I'm annoyed!" Sheila interrupted Gloria, "In order to hire a lawyer for you, do
you know how much I suffer? Don't push me! "

Being alone in the prison, Sheila was her only hope. Gloria was afraid that Sheila would be angry and
leave her alone, so she immediately pretended to be kind, "Okay, okay, I won't ask again. I won't urge
you, but you must do it as soon as possible."

"Okay, I see. Hang up the phone. I still have to figure out a way."

The two hung up the phone. Seeing the strange eyes of white collars who came to and went to her,
Sheila stared back and shouted angrily, "What are you looking at? Haven't you ever seen anyone make
a phone call?"

Those white-collar workers didn't get angry even if they were scolded. Instead, they quickly moved
away from Sheila in case of any trouble.

Sheila laughed. After she laughed, she became more worried.

However, no matter how hard she tried, it didn't work at all. Gloria urged her at the same time. She was
in a desperate situation.

What should she do...

Sheila recalled the horrible idea she had come up with yesterday. She believed that she could get the
legacy from Samuel if she killed him!

Her heart raced and her adrenaline soared! No, she couldn't do that. Samuel was her biological father.
She couldn't!

She tried to stop her idea again and again in her heart, but her mind had calculated her current

She had no other choice.