Exclusive Memory

Chapter 244 The Dispute (Part Two)

Noticing that Ashley was in a hurry to explain, Jasper guessed, "Is there something Flora had on you?"

Ashley's eyes dilated in shock.

Jasper knew his assumption was right.

"Flora is getting more and more daring. How dare she do such a thing under my nose!" "You are
always bold and smart. Why are you suppressed by Flora?" said Jasper, laughing.

Ashley gave a wry smile. She could only pray in her heart that Jasper would stop talking about that.

However, Jasper obviously wouldn't let it go so easily. "What exactly is it? Tell me."

How could she tell him this secret! She couldn't do anything with Jasper's persistence. "I can handle it
by myself. Please don't mention it, Mr. Jasper. I can deal with it by myself."

"Then you can go out now. I'll ask Flora tomorrow."

The first half of the sentence was still like amnesia, and the last part almost made her about to kneel
down in front of Jasper. "Mr. Jasper, it's really nothing, really. I can handle it myself. Even if I can't
handle it, my friends will help me. Don't worry, I'll be fine and I won't fight with Flora."

Jasper's smile faded. "I heard that you went to the filming site to visit today. Why did you come back so

The man suddenly changed the topic, which made Ashley feel a little weird and inexplicable. She didn't
know why he suddenly asked her about her visiting. After careful consideration, Ashley tried her best to
avoid talking about Flora.

"Yes. After I left the hospital this afternoon, I went to the filming site to buy some hot pot materials. But I
didn't stay too long on the film site, because Brother Dylan happened to finish his work early. So I went
out for dinner with him. I didn't have time to chat with other people."

It was Dylan again!

Annoyed, Jasper rubbed his forehead and tried his best to speak in a calm and gentle tone. "So, you
forgot the appointment with me tonight just because you had dinner with Dylan, didn't you?"

But he didn't know that his deliberate calmness made her more frightened. Ashley was cautious. She
weighed the words carefully and said, "Because Brother Dylan saved me last time when I felt down
from the horse. I don't want to disappoint him, so we had chatted a bit longer. I'm sorry, Mr. Jasper."

"Then why didn't you tell me in advance?" Jasper suppressed his anger and asked.

She was upset because Dylan kissed her and told her he loved her. She had planned to call Jasper on
her way back, but she forgot because of Dylan's confession of love.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Jasper. Something wrong happened and I forgot. I'm really sorry. Please don't be angry."

Seeing the woman bowing to him and apologizing under his pressure, he felt more uncomfortable. In
fact, there was nothing wrong with Ashley. She just stood him up and it did not cause serious
consequences to him. He still went home on time, coaxed the boy to sleep on time, and finished his
work, without taking any serious consequences.

Seeing the pitiful look on her face, he felt more sorry for himself.

Ashley had been working conscientiously and with great respect to the boss. As an employee, she had
done enough. It was because he was too strict with Ashley that he could not ask her to treat him as her

"Okay, you can go out now. Good night!" Jasper waved his hand.

Hesitant, Ashley stood up and walked to the door. Still feeling worried, she turned around and said, "Mr.
Jasper, I can really handle this. Could you please not ask Flora about it?"

Flora wasn't sure whether she should tell Jasper the truth. If he asked, she would tell him all without

Resting his forehead on one of his hands, Jasper turned to look at Ashley and said, "Ashley, Dylan
knew everything about you, didn't he?"

Ashley didn't understand why Dylan was involved in this matter.

She didn't know how to answer him. After thinking for a while, she praised Dylan, "Although Brother
Dylan seems frivolous, he is very reliable. He is a trustworthy friend."

Worthy of trust? Jasper mocked himself with a smile, "So I'm curious whether I'm your agent or Dylan
is. If anything happens to you, why don't you come to me, but visit him on the film site without

This was another misunderstanding. Ashley walked quickly to the front of Jasper and said, "Mr. Jasper,
I went to visit Dylan was to thank him for saving me last time. I didn't tell him about this."

"I've also saved your life. How do you thank me?" Jasper said. He seemed to have lost his mind and
his words were illogical. His heart was filled with jealousy and grievance. His eyes were filled with
resentment and alienation.

Ashley was struck dumb.

"In order to solve a problem for you, I have to talk to you by all means. Only in this way can I know the
truth. And you have given everything I tried to get to Dylan without reservation, haven't you?"

Ashley had no idea what day it was and what was wrong with him today.

Everything seemed to have accumulated for a long time. Then all broke out at a time she couldn't
control. Sheila made a big fuss in the ward, Flora threatened her with her goods, Dylan confessed his
love for her, and Jasper's tit for tat. All of them came together one after another.

Ashley's brain was unable to think about it anymore, and she couldn't control her emotion. "I'm sorry,
Mr. Jasper. I'm not in a good mood today. Can we talk about it tomorrow?"

Looking at the woman's face which it obvious that she couldn't suppress her irritation, Jasper took a
deep breath and didn't want to continue the conversation. His emotions had already been out of
control, so he would only say something more excessive. "Okay, you don't have to care too much about
what I said today. I'm not in a good mood today too. I won't ask Flora about what happened between
you and her. You can leave now. "