Exclusive Memory

Chapter 243 The Dispute (Part One)

Ashley didn't come till Jasper wait until 9:10pm.

Seeing it was late, he had to go home to coax Nelson to sleep. So he picked up his cell phone and
found Ashley's number. He looked at the phone number for a while, hesitated, and finally called her.

On the way back to the city, Ashley was in a trance, completely forgetting the appointment she had
made with Jasper, and her mind was full of Dylan's confession of love to her.

Her phone in the bag rang. Sitting in the back seat, she was startled by the sudden ringing.

The driver had been quiet all the way. Ashley was not in the mood that tonight, so after she picked her
up, she didn't say much. Seeing that the woman from the rearview mirror was still covering her chest to
calm herself down, he finally could not help but remind her, "Miss Ashley, your mobile phone is still
ringing. Would you like to answer it first?"

"What? Oh, thank you. " She was absent-minded. Reminded by the driver, she realized that she hadn't
answered the phone. She opened the zipper and took out her mobile phone. It was from Jasper. It
suddenly occurred to her that she had agreed to go home with him.

"Oh, shit!" Looking at the ringing phone, she thought quickly about how to respond to Jasper's

Seeing from the rear-view mirror, the driver could not help but feel a little worried for Ashley. "Miss
Ashley, you'd better answer the phone as soon as possible. The ring is about to end."

This was a real headache. She put her hands on her forehead, thinking why did all things happened

"Hello, Mr. Jasper." She slid the answer button and put the phone near her ear, "Sorry, I'm still on my
way. I came back late from work this afternoon. Are you still in the office?"

Jasper was speechless and helpless. He said, "Don't come to the office. Let the driver take you home. I
will leave now."

Ashley looked at the phone and felt depressed.

It was nearly ten o'clock when she returned to Zhan family. When she entered the villa, she was still
greeted by darkness, except for the lights above the stairs. Ashley sighed heavily. She and Jasper
would be embarrassed again.

The door of the study on the second floor was opened. Jasper walked out. Looking at the person
downstairs, he said, "Come in. Let's have a chat."

Upon hearing this, Ashley widened her eyes in surprise. Judging from the tone of Jasper, she could tell
that he was not angry, so she regained her vigor immediately. "Mr. Jasper, are you angry with me?"

Jasper was, of course, angry. He had been waiting in the office, but it seemed that she had forgotten it.
Even if she couldn't make it to the company on time, she should at least get a call to him. She did
forget it completely until he called to urge her. Otherwise, he couldn't imagine how late he would keep
waiting in his office.

He had thousands of complaints in his mind, but she still kept the president manner of a large company
on his face and lightly said, "No."

Smiling, Ashley went upstairs to the second floor and went into the study with Jasper.

Although she had lived in Jasper's house for a long time, she had only been here for a few times. So
she sat on the sofa next to the coffee table and asked, "What's the matter, Mr. Jasper?"

Jasper sat on the sofa on the other side of the coffee table and poured a glass of water for her. "Let's
talk about what happened today. What happened between you and Flora?"

Ashley blinked her eyes and pretended to know nothing. "I'm well with Flora."

"Huh." Hearing what she said, Jasper was about to laugh. "Ashley, do you really think that I'm that
stupid as a CEO?"

His tone sounded somewhat bossy and domineering. There was a trace of fear in Ashley's heart for a
long time. She subconsciously stopped sitting and said, "How come, Mr. Jasper? You are a boss of
such a big company and I respect you very much."

When seeing Ashley's subconscious action, Jasper felt uncomfortable again. Why couldn't she be
closer to him? Hadn't he always been gentle to her? Why couldn't Ashley change the kind of reserved
manner in front of him. Coming back to his senses, Jasper said in a soft tone, "It is normal to cause
conflicts between the stars of the same sect. I wouldn't specially ask you here to ask you if there were
any big problems between you and Flora. Tell me. I might be able to solve it."

Ashley lowers her head. Her behaviors in front of Jasper and Flora were too pressing. No wonder
Jasper could feel it. If she cared too much about it, she would be out of line. She was afraid of the
goods held in Flora's hand. Today when she dealt with things, she didn't think too much. All she wanted
was to prevent Flora from talking, but she forgot that Jasper had a pair of sharp eyes.

"Yes, we had some minor dispute, but it's okay, we can solve it by ourselves. Don't worry."

The more she said, the more polite she became. Actually, all of Jasper's displeasure was shown on his
face. With his back against the sofa, he said, "Ashley Fang, don't let me ask you that many times. I
really don't want to see my subordinates fighting with each other."

Jasper called her "Ashley" recently, but now, he suddenly called her full name, which made her a bit
scared. Ashley raised her head and looked at him. When she saw what was going on, she quickly
lowered her head and explained, "Don't worry, Mr. Jasper. Nothing happened between me and Flora.

We're just having a quarrel. We won't fight. Flora was senior and she should have more resources from
you. I have no objection, Mr. Jasper."

What did she mean?

Jasper's anger rose at her words, "Do you think I will support her in terms of working resources?"

"No! Of course not!" Upon hearing this, Ashley lowered her head immediately. Fearing that Jasper's
misunderstanding would be deepen, she explained, "I mean that I hope you can give some more
chances to Flora. After all, she is a veteran. If you can do this in the future, my conflicts with her will be
alleviated a lot."