Exclusive Memory

Chapter 242 I love you

"What happened between you and Flora?" As soon as Flora left, Dylan stopped being reserved and
looked at Ashley as if he was waiting to see a good show. He didn't look like otherworldly.

"We're disciples of the same sect, what will be except the limited resources is the cause?" In order the
distract Dylan attention, Ashley decided to change the topic and said, "If you don't have work to do
tonight, let's go to eat alone. There is no need to eat hot pot with them."

"That sounds like a human saying." Dylan was finally satisfied. "I saved your life. A meal of hotpot
definitely can't satisfy me."

Dylan changed his clothes. When both of them fully dressed and covered their face, they left. After half
an hour's drive, they arrived at a well decorated restaurant for lamb spine. Looking at the decoration,
Ashley knew that Dylan was going to let her spend a sum of money again. Thinking of the last time
when Dylan made her spend lots of money at the Banquet Night Building, she couldn't help but cover
her bag with her hand.

After they parked the car and walked into the restaurant, Ashley spoke to the waiter.

Ashley's face was totally different without makeup. She usually wore makeup in public, but not today,
besides, she also wore a mask, so the waiters didn't recognize her at all.

"Hello, how can I help you?"

"Please arrange for us a private room" She said.

The waitress looked back at Dylan, who was wearing a mask and a cap. When the waiter looked over,
he turned his face to another direction, pretending to look around the restaurant's decoration.

The waiter didn't know what they were talking about, so he nodded, "Okay, this way please."

After they went into the room and ordered the food, as well as the dishes, the door was closed and the
waiter was asked not to come in unless there was something important. Dylan heaved a sigh of relief
and took off the things from his face and head.

"It's suffocating me." Dylan heaved a sigh of relief. He saw that Ashley was looking at the menu
carefully. "What are you doing? The food here is enough for us. You don't need to order more."

"Don't get me wrong." Ashley gave the man a sad look and said, "I just want to see how spendthrift you
are. It's just a meal. The salary of an ordinary person has been used up."

"You're so stingy." Unable to bear to look straight into her eyes, Dylan continued, "you don't have to
treat me a meal. When you were poor, you treated me in a roadside stand. Now that you are not short
of money, it's not a big deal for you to treat me a good meal."

Ashley put down the menu and poured a cup of tea for Dylan. "Anyway, you saved my life. But for your
guidance that day, I would have died. But I don't think I can pay them back. We'll replace wine with tea
to make a toast to you. "

All of a sudden, Dylan was a little emotional as he heard what Ashley said. He picked up his teacup
and clinked it with Ashley before saying, "nice lines."

"Thank you for your praise." Ashley winked at him.

The tea was hot. Both of them took a sip.

Dylan put down his tea cup and teased, "I heard that Gloria was caught. What's going on? Is there any
progress in your mother's case?"

"Yes, a huge progress." Ashley smiled pleasantly. After all, she finally caught Gloria. "I heard from
Shawn that the website has been completely destroyed, and the mastermind behind it is a programmer

over 40 years old.

That man was pushed back by the company at an old age and had no strong points, so he established
a virtual trading website himself and gradually developed into a criminal net. When he was arrested,
the police interrogated him for a few days. He told the police about the transaction records of the
website in recent years. One of the trading records is Gloria's name, time, address and criminal plan. In
that day, the police took her to the police station for interrogation. "

"Although Gloria has been caught, you need to continue to plan it." Seeing that Ashley was overjoyed,
Dylan couldn't help but said, "you know, China is a place where people only talk about humanity.
Gloria's attitude will play a role in her trial result. If a good lawyer gives her advice, it is hard to say what
the result will be."

The smile on Ashley's face faded away.

Dylan picked up a lamb spine and put it in her plate. "Do you want Gloria to be sentenced to death?"

"Yes." She said without hesitation.

"Then you should spend more time in lawyers. For example, you should bribe the lawyer of Gloria or
arrange a reliable one to work for her. Actually, there is nothing we should do, as long as the lawyer
can guide Gloria to tell the truth. "

Ashley was lost in thought.

Today, Sheila came to the hospital to ask for the help of Samuel. She could tell that Sheila was looking
for a lawyer for Gloria, but she did not have the money. Not knowing the reason why even Ethan left
Sheila and now she was hopeless.

She might make mischief here.

It took two hours for them the finish the meal. Now was already eight o'clock. As Ashley was about to
go back to the company and get off work with Jasper, she found it was a little late, but she was
desperate to know that she couldn't catch up with it.

Seeing that Ashley was a little listless after the meal, Dylan guessed that the thing he ordered today
might be a little expensive. After all, Ashley had lived a hard life and was very stingy.

When they came out of the room, the waitress at the door asked enthusiastically, "do you want to pay
the bill?"

"Yes." Dylan nodded.

"This way, please."

Following the waitress to the reception desk, Ashley took out her wallet from her bag. Before she took
out her credit card, a hand flashed in front of her eyes. She raised her head and saw that Dylan had
already given the credit card to the waitress.

Hearing that, Ashley could not help but open her mouth in surprise. She hadn't expected that Dylan
would be so generous and gentle since he had taken advantage of such a good opportunity to make
her pay. "Is it not my treat, Brother Dylan?" she asked.

Dylan squinted at Ashley and signed on the bill. He said, "look at your face. It seems that someone
owes you money. I pay you out of kindness this time. You can pay it next time."

Ashley touched her face covered with a mask. Was the disappointed expression on her face so

The waitress took the bill from Dylan and had a look at it casually. Then she paused and muttered,
"why is this signature so familiar?"

Hearing that, Dylan's heart skipped a beat. "Shit! I have been used to signing my name." Hearing this,
Ashley also felt something wrong. She looked at Dylan doubly.

Feeling that he was about to be recognized, Dylan reached out and grabbed Ashley's unharmed arm.
Without saying anything, they rushed out of the restaurant!

It happened all of a sudden. The two left in a hurry. The waiter who was holding the menu finally
remembered and pointed at the menu excitedly, "Dylan! Dylan! "

The people around him were confused.

The waitress finally came to his sense in excitement. He pointed in the direction of their departure, "that
man is Dylan!"

"Ah! What! "

"It's Dylan!"

The waitresses in the restaurant immediately went crazy with excitement and rushed out to chase him.
Other female guests who heard the noise were also excited. They screamed and rushed out.

Hearing the shrieks coming from the back, Ashley was afraid of being followed by so many female fans
of Dylan.

"Where's your car, Brother Dylan! I don't want to be on the top search with you again. Your fans have
already scolded me for the gossip happened on the Christmas Eve. If it goes on like this, I will... Shit,
what's this! " Ashley was stumbled.

ZEMO caught up with her and said, "slow down and run quickly. Our car is in front of us!"

They got on the car as fast as a rabbit. Before his fans arrived, Dylan started the car and left the

Sitting in the car with a sigh of relief, Ashley looked back and saw that no one was chasing after them.
She patted her chest, still in a state of shock. "Fortunately, they didn't catch up. It really scared me,
more frightening than the gangster with a knife."

Dylan slowed down the car and looked at the woman beside him. "Is it so frightening? It's just a

"Of course." Ashley nodded her head firmly. "Brother Dylan, please pull over at the roadside. My driver
is still waiting for me in front of the restaurant. I'll ask him to pick me up."

After driving for a while, Dylan pulled over.

After they took off all the masks on their faces, Ashley called the driver and knew that he was eating
somewhere, so she had to wait for a while.

It seemed that she was destined not to pick up Jasper and get off work together.

Sitting in the car, both of them kept silent for a while.

The suburb was not as busy as the city, and there were not many stores outside. In addition, the
vehicles on the road were very few. After being silent for a while, Ashley felt a little unaccustomed.
When she was with Dylan, they were always quibbling and jeering at each other. They seldom became
so quiet like this.

"What's on your mind, Brother Dylan? Why don't you speak?"

Dylan turned his head sideways to look at the woman next to him. Half-genuine and half-sham, he said,
"thinking about you."

Ashley didn't care and smiled, "don't tease me."

The smile on Dylan's face faded away. Perhaps it was wrong for them to get to know each other at the
very beginning, so Ashley always had deep-rooted opinions of him. She always felt that he was not
serious about love. She always felt that he liked to see what others would do to make fun of her.

The man began to keep silent again. Ashley couldn't help but look sideways, and she met with Dylan's
dark eyes. The light was dim, so she couldn't see the man's face clearly. But he was in a strong mood
now, which made her ignore the visual barrier. She was scared to see his dark and deep eyes.

"Brother Dylan, what's wrong?"

All of a sudden, Dylan lowered his head and pressed his lips onto hers!

The sudden kiss made her eyes wide open. She was so shocked that she even forgot to react.

How could it be? How could it be like this?

That was the only thing she could think of.

Outside the car is silent, but that the occasional sound created by the friction between tires and the
ground when a car was whizzing, like a gust of breeze quietly blowing at night.

Dylan lingered greedily between the lips for a long time before he reluctantly let her go.

Ashley was still in shock. Although the street lamp was dim, the light was blocked by the man's body.
Her face was in the darkness, looking mysterious and charming.

"I'm serious. I love you."