Exclusive Memory

Chapter 180 A Good Time

On Monday, Ashley took Jamie to the TV station to film A Good Time.

There were also some other acquaintances, including Daisy. They were all a little famous in the circle,
but not very famous. Ashley was only a junior among them. She greeted the audience politely. Jamie
helped her carry her bag and coat. They were both taking a break at the backstage and waiting for
shooting later.

Daisy glanced at her. Her attitude was as unfriendly as ever. And Ashley was not surprised at it. She
looked down at her cell phone. After a while, the host came in. People who were sitting just now all
stood up to greet him. Following the crowd, Ashley stood up and politely greeted the host. She was
inarticulate. After greeting the host, she did not know what to say. The other people around her were
laughing and talking to the host, and she returned to her original position.

Seeing this, Jamie comforted her, "You're different from them. Even if you don't talk with these people,
it won't have any impact on you. Only those directors and producers can affect you."

Ashley nodded.

After several emcees left, soon later, Flora also entered the backstage with a few assistants excitedly.

Among all the guests this time, Flora was the most popular. She had been a senior in the show
business before. Even without taking the initiative to introduce, those artists all went forward to call her
"teacher" or "Sister Flora." Obviously, the host treated Flora more enthusiastically than others, "Flora,
you're here. Sit down and have a rest."

"It's still a while before filming. Who's that? Get a glass of water for Flora."

Sitting out of the crowd, no one paid attention to Ashley. Although she had become a popular star
recently and the number of her fans had increased rapidly, she was still a new neophyte in this circle,

powerless and influential.

The open stage outside began to enliven the atmosphere. The audience was trained to read slogans
once and again. At this time, the photographer also took some spectator photos for later editing. Sitting
quietly at the side, Ashley was surrounded by a boisterous crowd. At this moment, she was like a
forgotten corner. Looking at the ground, her thoughts slowly wandered.

She hadn't seen Jasper for half a month. It had been a long time since they last met. Those time she
spent with him in his office made her feel like it was a lifetime ago. She started to think carefully about
what she had seen him last time, but she couldn't remember a thing. On the morning Henry came back
to work, she was too busy to ask Henry questions and paid no attention to Jasper.

She seemed to have only two glances at him. One was she greeted with him when he came out of his
villa, the other was she say goodbye to him after he got on his car. They met twice. He didn't look at
her seriously. When she looked at him, he looked away.

She didn't know what was wrong. She just felt that they were a little far from each other.

"Ashley, what are you thinking about?"

When she came back to her senses, she saw Flora sitting next to her. Putting on a smile on her face,
Ashley greeted, "Hello, Flora."

Flora patted her on the shoulder and said, "I didn't see you in the office recently. Did you offend Mr.
Jasper so that he doesn't ask you to stay in his office?

On the stage in front, the emcee began to tease each other. It seemed that the shooting had already
started. Looking at the other artists in the backstage, they were tidying up their clothes and makeup.
When the emcee finished, they would go on the stage.

She felt the shoulder that was patted by Flora was a little stiff. "Some time ago, Henry was on a
business trip. Mr. Jasper saw that I had nothing to do, so he asked me to help him deal with the trifles
for two days. Now Henry is back, so Mr. Jasper naturally doesn't need me. So I didn't go to his office."

"Really?" Flora lowered her head with a smile. "I've known Mr. Jasper for a long time, but I've never
seen him asked any artists to stay in his office every day. He treats you differently."

Ashley was wearing a thin sweater and ripped jeans. Although the heating was provided at the venue,
she still felt a little cold after sitting for such a long time. The atmosphere became even more intense
when Flora patted her on the shoulder. Ashley clenched her fists tightly in her cuff to keep herself from
trembling out of the coldness. "Is that so? I don't think there's anything different about it. Mr. Jasper is
scrupulous in separating public from private interests, and he is fair in work. He treats me and you the

"Haha." Flora smiled in a low voice and held Ashley more tightly. "No, you're wrong. We're different!"

The pain from Ashley made her frown. Seeing that, Jamie was about to step forward to give a hand,
but she was stopped outside by several assistant of Flora. As they were in the TV station, and there
were many audiences outside, so Jamie didn't dare to make too much noise. She could only anxiously
Watch Ashley being bullied by Flora.

"What exactly do you want to say, Flora?" Ashley didn't want to piss Flora off. 'On the one hand, Flora
was her senior sister apprentice. On the other hand, she didn't know Flora's background. If they fall out
with each other, Flora will come to Jasper and get me into trouble. I can't stop Flora.' She thought.

Flora whispered in her ear, "You're a new comer. I should have the priority to get Mr. Jasper's
resources. Only when I don't need them can you have the chance to participate in the competition. In
this way, we can call it just and fair.

Sure enough, it was because of Harry's movie. Although Ashley didn't want to make trouble, it was not
her fault, and she really didn't want to flatter Flora. She tilted her head and smiled. In a soft voice,
Ashley said, "Flora, as for the resources, I don't think I can make the decision. You should tell Mr.
Jasper about this."

A cold expression appeared in Flora's eyes. Then she smiled and said, "You are right."

The assistant director went behind the stage and whispered to the crowd, "Everybody, get ready. We'll
go on the stage in two minutes."

Upon hearing it, all the actors and actresses tidied up their clothes and waited at the entrance. Seeing
that, Flora released Ashley with a smile and patted on her shoulder meaningfully before leaving. Ashley
felt cold in her heart. This feeling was totally differently from when she was facing Sheila and Alice.
Although they were against each other. No matter how shameless and vicious Alice and Sheila were,
she could always handle them and have the confidence to deal with them.

But she was a bit scared of Flora.

Several of Flora's assistants made way for Ashley. Seeing this, Jamie ran over to her, put his hand on
her shoulder and asked in a low voice, "Are you okay, Ashley?"

Ashley shook her head.

Knowing that it was not a good time to speak now, Jamie helped Ashley tidy up her crumpled clothes
and smoothed her hair. "Ashley, be careful when you are filming, and try to dodge Flora and not to let
her take advantage of you."

"Okay, I'll be careful."

As the host announced the opening ceremony, Flora stepped onto the stage first, followed by several
other artists. And Ashley walked to the end. Fans of many artists were off the stage. The moment the
stars appeared, the fans screamed out one by one.

Ashley's schedule had already been announced on the Internet. When she walked on the stage,
several people called her name excitedly with flash boards with her name. The excitement on those
faces lit up the gloom in Ashley heart. She was surprised and moved at the same time.

Many artists who didn't know you or even many of them didn't know you in reality, but they would like
you and support you unconditionally. Although the news seemed to be blind, many stars who were
under pressure were relieved to know it.

She waved her hands to those people with a smile and they became more excited. The fans of the
other artists in the audience were also in the same state. Excitement, happiness, and comfort from the
host and the control slowly calmed them down.

Although there were many stars on the stage, Flora was the leading guests on stage and the host was
also beside her, "We saw a lot of Flora's fans sitting under the stage. When we entered the hall just
now, they were still waiting in the cold wind. They must be very tired."

Holding the microphone, Flora said, "Yes, I also met them outside the venue when I came with my
assistants. Just now, the host at the backstage asked me, 'Eh, Flora, why are you in such a hurry
today?' 'It is because the fans have worked too hard. I asked my assistant to buy them many hot
drinks, and then I went out to take pictures with them. That's why I'm late. "

"Flora is really good to her fans."

"I got many supports from my fans. That's what drives me to work hard," Flora smiled.

Standing in the periphery, Ashley tried her best to keep smiling, because her goal today was to be a
quiet vase.

The host took good care of Flora and introduced other stars one by one. Ashley stood far away. She
was the last one to be introduced. The host didn't even walk towards her, but just introduced her from a
distance, "And Ashley."

And Ashley. "Hello, everyone," said Ashley with a smile.

Several fans below the stage were very excited, shaking their paddles, "Ashley, you are the best!"

"You are the most beautiful girl in the world, Ashley!"

A Good Time mainly focused on playing tricks on guests. After introducing the guests one by one, the
first game started.

"We have to play a gentle game for today's opening game." As the host spoke, the staff moved a table
on the stage, and then put a glass, a stack of coins and poured some water into the glass. "The rules of
the game are very simple. Everyone put their coins in the glass by turn. If someone whose coin makes
the water running over, he or she has to wear our tailor-made balustrade."

The staff unfolded a cape made of a lot of balloons.

"Other people can specify the posture. After being put on, if the punished person breaks the balloon
with various postures, he or she pass the game."

When she saw the game on the stage, Ashley was very scared. The party last time was long-lasting.
She lost in both games (passing toothpick and officers and soldiers catch thieves) last time. It seemed
that she was really unlucky in playing games.