Exclusive Memory

Chapter 181 A Good Time (Part 2)

The stage props were all prepared. Flora was in the front, and Ashley was in the middle, Daisy was at
the end. In the middle there were three artists whom Ashley didn't know.

Everyone in the first round succeeded in passing the coins, and the artists became nervous in the
second round. However, they still passed the test safely. When it came to the third round, Ashley
sweated in her hands. Everyone looked nervously at Flora.

Flora tentatively put some coins into it and then took it back. Patting her chest nervously, she said, "No,
no, I'm so scared."

The surrounding artists all teased her. "It's all right, Flora. Just be brave. I will be very mercy when
punishing you later."

"Don't scare me. I'm scared of the explosion of balloons." Flora said as she patted her chest.

After a few rounds of attempt, the atmosphere became the most tense. For a moment, the coin in
Flora's hand slid a few times. With her nervous scream and the expression of the other artists on the
scene that she couldn't bear to watch, the coin spilled out the water from the glass.

Looking at the lively atmosphere, Ashley was suddenly blessed. In fact, she was nervous just now.
Even if she was always very bad luck in the game, this kind of game wouldn't stop her from "losing." As
for the cup of water and the sequence of coins, they should have been planned in advance, and this
opportunity was designed to Flora, so that they could attract the public.

Under the ridicule and frolicking of the crowd, Flora put on the long balloon shawl.

The rest of the people were very cooperative. They came up with different postures: "Make the most
charming posture", "the most sexy posture", and "a lovely posture"... Now it was Ashley's turn to make
requests. She did as the Romans did and said, "Make the most sexy pose."

Flora exploded the balloons one by one according to the other artists requests. The game was over,
leaving the filming site with laughing, screaming and jeering.

When the game was finished, the host surrounded Flora again to share her experience of punishment.

"I don't think I dare to touch balloons again," Flora continued, still suffering from the shock.

After the game was over, the host said that Flora had a song to perform. Both Ashley and the rest
stepped down the stage, and then Flora started singing.

Jamie walked up to her and said, "We may have physical contact in the following two games. Take care
of yourself, Ashley."

Ashley nodded.

After the song, everyone went onto the stage. The host started the second game after a round of
flattery to Flora.

"The second game is also easy. You can see that our staff are moving the props." The host guided the
audience to look at the left of the stage, and everyone's eyes were also focused on the left. "We
emulated the military training and found such a rope net, and both of you will have a competition on it.
The one who first climbed down the rope net and picked the apple on the opposite side will win."

"I am in the same group with Ashley," As soon as the host finished his words, Flora came over and
wrapped her arms around Ashley's neck. "What do you think, Ashley?"

"Flora, you are gorgeous. I'm scared. I don't want to play with you." Ashley giggled and shook off
Flora's arm, hiding herself in the outermost part of the group.

Flora ran after her with a smile and grabbed her arm again with great strength. "Ashley, don't be afraid.
I will go easy on you."

"Then Flora and Ashley are in a group, Daisy and..." The host then announced that they should work in

She cursed in her heart, "Damn it." Then she pulled Flora's hand away with her hidden strength. It
seemed that she had to be very careful in the competition later.

It was, of course, Flora and Ashley was the first group to play this game. They were ready under the
rope net, and the hot held the microphone and said, "Ready... Go!"

Ashley took the lead in climbing out with her elbow.

"Wow! Ashley is taking the lead! " The host reported the progress of the competition in a nervous and
excited voice. At the same time, he didn't forget to cheer for Flora, "Come on, Flora! Defeat Ashley! "

However, when Ashley just took two steps forward, she was held back by Flora in her leg. She didn't
want to go back, so she curled up her legs and wanted to kick Flora away. With her hands on the waist
of Ashley's trousers, Flora pressed her entire body on her waist and was about to take off her jeans!

Aware of her intention, Ashley felt a buzz in her brain and got gooseflesh all over.

If Flora could really unbutton her trousers and pull them down with just one pull, she would be too
embarrassed under the watchful eyes of the audience... It sent a chill down Ashley's spine. How vicious
Flora was!

Ashley immediately stopped climbing. Instead, she pulled back her hands to cover the buckle of her
jeans, removed Flora's fingers and pushed her off.

The two of them had a good fight here, while the host and the other artists and the audience all
laughed happily and ridiculed. The atmosphere was tense and lively.

The laughs gave a chill to Ashley.

Seeing that her efforts to pull Ashley back were not enough, Flora hurriedly grabbed her hair and
continued to pull it back. Because of pain, Ashley had to protect her hair again. She tightly pinched the
back of Flora's hand. Flora gritted her teeth in pain and threatened her in a low voice, "Ashley, if you
dare to pinch me again, I will show everyone my bruise and let them see it, and I will let Mr. Jasper
have a look too! I don't think you can make it! "

Being threatened, Ashley couldn't help loosening her grip. Flora took the opportunity to press Ashley's
head and push back, then she crawled forward! Ashley grabbed Flora's leg and pulled her down. The
two of them continued climbing.

"They two are really hard to deal with!"

"Ashley's hair is in a mess like a chicken nest. Are you brood eggs, Ashley?"

Ashley really wanted to tear those people's mouths into pieces!

She was stronger than Flora in physical strength. If it weren't for Flora's tricks, she would have been
the first one to climb over the rope net. But even if Flora had used some dirty tricks... She kicked Flora
again. With her strength, it was easy for her to win.

After kicking Flora back, Ashley finally reached the end successfully. She stood up and was going to
pick up the apple on the tree. However, the host beside the fruit tree suddenly pushed her away, which
made Ashley stumble.

She looked at the host in disbelief. But the host still laughed happily and said, "Come on, Flora! You
nearly get the apple!"

Ashley had never been so righteous and indignant! Why? It's obvious cheating. Can't the other people
see it? Why do they still laugh so happily?

In this staggering moment, Flora had already climbed out of the tree and rushed to the side of the fruit
tree, stretching out her hand and pulling the apple off it.

Ashley was so furious and her eyes turned red. The host was still smiling at Flora after congratulating
her, and he turned around to make a joke with Ashley. However, when he saw the anger in Ashley's
eyes, a flash of fear passed through his face. He then turned around and left.

Holding an apple in her hand, Flora made a V happily, hugging Ashley with a big smile on her face. She
said through her teeth, "You want to win me again? Who do you think you are?"

After saying that, she laughed. Turning her around to face the audience and the cameras, she said,
"Come on, Ashley. Let's talk about your failure."

Ashley was trembling with anger, and she really wanted to kill Flora!

She clenched her teeth in her heart, forced a smile against her will and said, "I've long told you I won't
want to play with you. There was enmity between us. Flora will surely kill me."

"Ha ha, you have to say so. I won't show mercy when punishing you later," Holding Ashley's shoulders
and pinching her cheek, Flora continued, "Apologize now. I'll think about sparing you later!"

Her words were like a knife stabbing into her heart, which stabbed Ashley in the face. She forced a
smile and kneaded on Flora cheeks, trying to force her to stop laughing. Then she said, "I won't do that.
If you want me to punish you, I'll apologize to you."

The host came to mediate, "Haha, what are you doing? I apologize to you. You two should make way
for the opening. Don't take the mirror, the camera is all yours."

Two hostess came up and pulled them away in four or two circles. "Ashley, you have to tidy up your
hair or it can hatch chickens."

"Get changed, Flora. Your fans are so worried about you,"

Upon hearing this, Ashley gritted her teeth and managed to hold back her anger. Flora hided a dagger
in her smile and let go of Ashley's hand.

They two went back to the backstage separately. When they just left the public sight, Flora sneered,
"Ashley, you are as strong as men."

With evil fire under her control, Ashley really wanted to slap on her face. However, she controlled
herself, looked back at Flora, sneered and said nothing. Jamie came forward and helped her sit down.
She took out the rubber band and took out the comb and watering can from her bag. She first sprayed
some water on her hair and carefully combed it.

Ashley rubbed her aching cheek and looked at in the mirror. In order to prevent bruises on her cheeks
showing up later on the state, she used the blusher to cover the sides of her cheeks.

The condition of Flora was the same as that of her, or more serious than hers. Because of the strength
of Ashley, her assistant carefully took out her cosmetics to conceal the traces. Flora didn't set off her
anger and felt the pain and itch from the brush on her face. Thus, she kicked him, "What are you
doing? Be careful!"

The assistant was thrown to the ground by her. He hurried up to stand up to cover up her bruise. "Okay,
okay. I will be careful."