Exclusive Memory

Chapter 179 Confession Of The Mother And Son

The next morning, with a heavy headache, Ashley woke up. The curtains were not closed, and the
morning light filled the room. She raised her hand and rubbed her forehead to sit up. However, she felt
something was wrong with her body as she moved a little bit. She lifted the quilt and found that she
was naked.

what the fuck!

What did she do yesterday!

Ashley vaguely remembered the dream she had yesterday. She dreamed of the man who had
bewitched and raped her. Then they had almost had sex, but it didn't succeed... Ashley rolled over
under the quilt naked. She had a sex dream because she had been short of men these years.
Unfortunately, she had no experience in it and could only dream of that man?

With this in mind, she doubted if she was right. Then while having a dream, she felt her clothes were
bound and she took them off herself... When thinking of this, Ashley shivered all over. It was said that
'30 is like a wolf and 40 is like a tiger'. How could she be so dissatisfied before she was 30 years old?

Ashley pulled the quilt over her head in shame and embarrassment, and she cursed herself in it. 'Form
is emptiness and emptiness is form. It seemed that she need to recite Buddhist scriptures in the future.
If she just let it go, she would out of control in the future.

After comforting herself for a while, she was finally able to face up to this matter. She put on her coat,
went to the bathroom to take a shower, and went downstairs in clean clothes.

"Ashley, you woke up." Bradley said to her with a smile. "You must have a headache because of
hangover? Abbott has cooked you some soup to sober you up. Now drink it."

"Thank you, uncle Bradley. Where are you going?"

Raising the car key in his hand, Bradley answered, "I'm going to fetch your car. I saw you come back
with young master yesterday. I haven't taken your car back yet."

"Thank you, uncle Bradley." She looked around and asked, "where's Mr. Jasper? Has he gone to

Bradley pointed to the second floor, "he is changing clothes in his room. But Henry has arrived. The
young master should be going to work after changing clothes."

"Henry is coming back!" "Is he outside?" Ashley asked in surprise.

"Yes." Bradley didn't know why she was so happy. He pointed to the outside of the villa and said, "he is
waiting outside."

After saying "thank you" to him, Ashley ran out of the house. Seeing that, Bradley was curious. He
shrugged and put on his coat. Noises came from upstairs. Looking in the direction of the sound, he saw
that Jasper was coming downstairs, poker faced.

"Young master." Said Bradley with a smile.

"Yes." Jasper nodded and looked at Ashley through the window. She was talking with Henry. What she
had said last night was still so clear that the knuckles of Jasper's hand, which was holding the coat,
turned pale because of the exertion.

Outside Henry's car, Ashley knocked on the car window and Henry got out of it. He looked tired. He
used to see Ashley with laughing at other times, but today he didn't laugh. He said, "Ashley, you get up
early today."

"I get up at that time recent days, my biological clock wakes me up at this time." Henry seemed to be in
a bad mood, and Ashley could tell that something was bothering him. "Are you all right about the

video?" she asked.

"The video matter has been dealt with."

"Really?" "Is the video in your hand? Can I have a look?" Ashley was surprised.

The door of the villa was opened. Jasper, wearing a woolen coat and holding an overcoat, walked
towards them. After taking a look at Jasper, Henry lowered his head quickly and said, "Mr. Jasper."

"Mr. Jasper, you have changed your clothes." "Henry? You haven't answered my question yet. Let me
watch the video," she said to Henry with a wide smile.

Henry lowered his head and said, "Ashley, don't watch that kind of video. It's destroyed already and
there's nothing to worry about."

"Destroyed?" The happiness on Ashley's face disappeared. She was a little upset, "why destroyed it? I
was thinking about..."

She was still wondering who the man was.

"The video can't be used to keep. If it gets out, it will bring us more trouble. We should destroy it as
soon as possible. You can rest assured now, so that no one can threaten you with it again." Henry

"Have you seen them?" Ashley asked abruptly.

Henry's pupils shrank. "I..."

"You've seen it, haven't you?" Said Ashley firmly.

Jasper, who stood beside him, Henry broke out in a cold sweat in the palm of his hand. "I did read it, in
order to confirm the content of the video, but I only had one look! I have checked it and turned it off. I

didn't see you naked!"

When Jasper looked at Henry, he realized that Henry was quite smart.

Embarrassment flashed across her face, and Ashley explained, "I didn't mean that..."

"In the past, when I helped other artists solve similar problems, I only took a look at them and after
confirmed that there was no problem with the content, I will destroy it directly to prevent these things
from being spread out again." Henry intentionally shifted the topic of conversation to another topic and
said, "Ashley, you can rest assured that I have professional ethics. I absolutely don't pay much
attention to such affairs. I just take one look at it."

"I really didn't mean that..." Ashley was more embarrassed, "I mean... Is... Did you see the man's face

"What?" Henry was speechless. Then he asked again, "why should I keep an eye on that man?"

As if he didn't see it clearly, Ashley was very embarrassed. She said, "that's nothing. You two... You
should go to work now."

Henry breathed a sigh of relief, and thought that he had passed. Wiping the sweat from his forehead,
he went to open the door for Jasper and said, "please get in the car, Mr. Jasper."

Jasper said as he sat in with his overcoat, "Ashley, you don't have to go to my office from now on.
Since Henry came back from the counter. He will take care of everything for me from now on."

"Yes, Mr. Jasper."

The car started and soon disappeared on the dully winter road.

A gust of cold wind blew, and Ashley shivered. Then she realized that she was just wearing a
housecoat. Wearing such thin clothes, she didn't feel cold after standing here for so long. She believed
that she could find the video soon with the help of Jasper. As long as she found the video, she could
know who the man was. But it never occurred to her that Henry would destroy the video that she even
didn't have the chance to have a look at it.

When Ashley went back to the villa, she found that her hands and feet were cold. Abbott had already
filled a bowl of soup for her to sober up. He raised his hand and said, "come here, Ashley. Have some

She sat on the chair in the dining room, holding the bowl in her hand to warm her cold hand.

Now she was running out of hope. If she wanted to know who that man was, she could only count on
the mother and daughter. However, since they hated her so much, she was afraid that they would not
tell her the truth. Could she never know who that man was for her whole life?

For a long time, Ashley hadn't seen Jasper. Maybe he was busy with his work. Although they lived
under the same roof, he was working when she got up every day. Every day when she went to bed, he
didn't come back.

Her task of coaxing Nelson to sleep fell on her. Nelson was not unaccustomed to it at all. Instead, he
was willing to let her coax him.

On this day, Ashley was lying with the little boy under the quilt, she told him the story Journey to the
West. The master Tang and his three disciples met the robbers, the master Tang never lied, lied to the
robbers: My disciples would come in a minute. They would give you the money.

When Sun Wukong came over and beat the robbers to death, master Tang immediately poured
incense to the robbers and poured grave for them, saying, "his surname is Sun, and my is Chen, he is

the one who killed you, I'm not taking the blame."

Then master Tang added, "you can blame Sun Wukong. It's none of Zhu Ba-jie and monk sand's

Hearing this, the kid burst into laughter. "This master Tang is so funny. He lied sometimes. His disciples
killed people to save him. He even had to ask those robbers to go to hell to tell on the right person. It's
so funny."

Ashley took the opportunity to teach him, "this master Tang is selfish, timid and ungrateful. You have
rather not to learn such kind of person from now on."

"Of course, my father said that a man should be indomitable. He can give up his life, but not his self-

Ashley bursted into laugh, she thought to herself, 'It's so funny that Jasper teaches kid in this way. I've
never expected that a dignified man like Jasper could say such words.'

"Auntie, you look like my mother." Lying beside her, Nelson suddenly said.

The smile on Ashley's face froze. Nelson had lost his mother since childhood. He had been brought up
by Jasper and the servants in this villa. In such a bad environment, the little boy could still be so
integrity, and he even didn't talk about Mommy everyday. That was really a miracle.

Although he didn't say, it didn't mean that he didn't think about it. He went to school every day, so that
most of his children in school had their mommy. As a result, he must be very upset.

Ashley couldn't help but be fond of him. She stroke the kid's head gently and asked, "do I look like your
mother very much?"

Nelson shook his head. "I've never seen her before. I just feel that she looks like you."

He hadn't seen his mother since he was born, which made Ashley's heart ache more. She spoke to this
child softly, "really? Why do you think so?"

"You are very gentle to me. You love me very much and even coaxed me to sleep with stories. My
father never behaved like this. When he coaxed me to sleep, he chatted with me. While chatting, he
makes me sleepy and then I fell asleep."

First Ashley felt very sweet of him and then she was amused by his words now.

"It's so beautiful when you smile." The little boy said sweetly to her.

Feeling warm in her heart, Ashley rubbed the kid's head again and asked, "does Nelson miss your
mother very much?"

"Not at all." Nelson shake his head, "I just feel envious that other children always have mothers to pick
them up from school. I have never seen my mother. I don't know if she is tall or thin. Even if I want to
miss her, I can't. I miss you more than her."

As Nelson spoke, he snuggled into her arms like a spoiled child, which made Ashley feel sad and
moved at the same time. Nelson was a sweet and considerate child. If she had a son like this, she
would wake up laughing in her dreams.