Exclusive Memory

Chapter 178 A Drunken Passion

With one or two hands holding Ashley and closing the door, Jasper got on the driver's seat. Ashley
already felt dizzy and blacked out on the central control.

"Ashley... Ashley?" He patted her on the shoulder and asked, "what's wrong with you?"

She shook her head... I just feel dizzy."

With the help of the central control counter, Ashley tried to sit up on the chair. However, her sudden
movement made her feel dizzy again. She wanted to sit back, but her body was out of control and
leaned against the crook of Jasper's arm.

When he held her in his arms, Jasper's heart beat fast. The one in his arms was all he thought about
day and night. The night was dark and unregulated, he hold her arms and wanted to hug her, his
mind... No, he couldn't... Jasper helped her back to her seat, grabbed her seat belt and fastened it for

"Thank you, Mr. Jasper." She lowered her head and pinched her forehead. Although she liked the man
in front of her, she had no desire to make out with him. The feeling of dizziness was too much for her.
All she wanted to do now was go back to her room, washed her face and went to bed.

In the quiet night, plus the enchanting beauty, Jasper couldn't hold back anymore then he reached out
and touched her face gently. "Please hold on. You will be home soon," he said in a soothing voice.

"Okay." She nodded.

With a heavy snuffle and a delicate nod, Jasper came up with the idea of breaking the rule. As soon as
Jasper made a decision, he had to withdraw from her side immediately. He went back to his seat and
opened the window to let the cold air in. Dismissed the idea from his mind.

In the mansion of Zhan family, the butler Bradley was waiting for his master in the living room. When it
was almost ten o'clock, the door finally opened. A cold air was poured into the room. Bradley, who was
napping on the sofa, shivered with cold all of a sudden. He came to his sense and hurriedly stood up to
welcome his master, "Mr. Jasper, you are back... What happened to Ashley?"

Supporting Ashley, Jasper said, "she's drunk. Uncle Bradley, turn off the lights. Go and have a rest."

Bradley was a little worried, "Mr. Jasper, do you need me to help Miss Ashley upstairs?"

"No, you go ahead."

The lights in the villa were all off, Bradley left the lights on the stairs and around. Suddenly, the whole
villa fell into the darkness. The winding stairs, like the only safety island in the darkness, were emitting
warm light.

"Do you have the strength to go upstairs?" Jasper asked as he supported Ashley to the stairway.

Looking at the winding steps in a daze, Ashley felt more dizzy. She pointed to a place in the dark
corner and said, "Jasper, let's take an elevator."

It meant that she had no strength to walk up.

"I don't need this elevator so it is closed all the time. Only it was like the situation you have last time it
would open, so it can't be used now."

She felt dizzy. When she saw things more clearly, she was already in the man's arms. She left the
ground with a sense of insecurity that she could not control. She hugged the only person who she
could rely on. She frowned and asked, "Jasper, how can you have so strong muscles? You don't have
any time to exercise every day."

"I do exercise every morning." Emphasized Jasper.

"Didn't you just run every morning? Why are there muscles on your chest and arms?"

As soon as Jasper went upstairs, he was harassed by Ashley. This woman had been bold enough to
do anything because she was drunk. But under normal circumstances she didn't dare to act rashly in
front of him. "I don't just run. There is a gym in the villa, don't you know?"

Drinking could make one brave. But now the problem was not she being bold, but her mind was
paralyzed by alcohol, dizzy.

"I don't know." Ashley answered honestly, "there are too many rooms in this villa. I only went to a few of
them and I haven't been to other rooms."

"You want to see it?"

"Not interested." Ashley shook her head again and then she felt more dizzy as if she was going to
sleep in his arms.

When Jasper went to the third floor, he opened the door with his elbow and fumbled in the dark room to
take her to the bed. As soon as Ashley lay down on the bed, she fell asleep immediately. He knelt on
one knee on the bed and tried to pull his arm out, but Ashley turned around immediately and pulled him
to the bed. She hugged him tightly and slept soundly.

The night was dark as if it were covered by a huge black cloth, and there was no light in it. The room
was dark. All the lights hadn't been turned on yet. Only after eyes adjusted to the darkness could
Jasper vaguely distinguish the outline of Ashley.

"Ashley?" He called her.

Ashley muttered. Her soft and gentle voice was extremely attractive in the dark and quiet night. The
beast in his heart seemed to break the cage. As Jasper looked at the lips in front of him, he could not

resist the temptation, bowed his head and pecked them.

Ashley groaned and sank into his arms again.

All of a sudden, Jasper lost control of himself and could not help kissing her.

Since Ashley was drunk, she slept soundly. However, no matter how sound she slept, she would wake
up with the invasion. She was half drunk and half awake. In the dark night, she only felt that someone
was hugging her very gently.

She didn't feel scared. Instead, she felt very warm and safe. She felt dizzy and dazed, as if she had
fallen into a beautiful dream. She put her arms around his waist.

However, Jasper stopped.

Ashley was a little dissatisfied. 'Why does he keep stepping in or stepping back now? Is he playing
hard to get even in a dream?' She opened her eyes again, but the night in her dream was so dark that
she couldn't see his face clearly. Then she asked in a coquettish, soft voice, "what's wrong?"

"Do you know who I am?" Jasper said in a somewhat cold voice.

"I don't know. So what?" It was just a dream, and she wanted to continue the tenderness just now.

Jasper was kissed by her, he was a little angry, but he resolved it. However, he still had a knot in his
heart, unwilling to give in so easily. The woman seemed to know that he was unwilling, so she became
much more gentle and comforted him.

Not long after being burnt in this kind of fire, Jasper's unwillingness was also dissolve. Jasper was
active at first, and once again immersed in the tenderness created by the woman.

Ashley just felt it was so real. The dream was so real

"Are you the man I saw before?" She muttered.

Jasper's action froze again. "Do you know where you are?"

"In my dream." Feeling a little cold, Ashley threw her arms around herself and tears fell down from her
eyes. "Why did you treat me like that?"

His hand on her face was hit by hot tears. His enthusiasm was immediately extinguished. "I'm sorry."

"If it weren't for you, those things would not happen. I won't divorce. My mother won't die. I won't be
criticized by the world. If it weren't for you, I might still be in love with Francis. Before that, we were
deeply in love. Why did you do this to me? "

These words had been suppressed in her heart for many years, and all the turning point was that night
on this man. Since that night, everything changed. Francis had been cold to her for months. It was
difficult for her to give birth to a dead baby. Her mother had died. She had a divorce without any
property. People around her talked about her. Everything should start from the moment when the man
insulted her.

"Do you hate me?"

"I hate you to the core." She looked at the man in front of her, drunk and bright. "Why do you come to
my dream? It's not enough that time. Do you want to experience it again?"

"I'm sorry." Said Jasper, he felt as if he had been hit by a hammer, shaking his body slightly. He slowly
drew away from her.

"Do you know that I am pregnant with your child?" Tears gathered in her eyes. Ashley couldn't tell how
she felt about this man. She hated him, but it was ten months since she gave birth to the baby. He was
the father of her baby!

Why did fate tell such a big joke to her, a person who had insulted her, and she was pregnant with his
child muddleheadedly. Even though he wasn't the perpetrator of all the disasters, he was still the
assistant. His appearance directly destroyed her life and her body!

"How could I have a baby with you? I don't even know you! Your appearance has ruined everything!"
Why did destiny make it like this? During these years of suffering, she wanted to find the person she
hated most, but the person she hated most had a baby together with her. She couldn't even hate him
so much.

"I'm sorry." As Jasper spoke, he retreated farther.

His gentleness and tenderness were like a flash in the pan, coming and leaving in a hurry. Jasper
thought that what he had done today was so ridiculous that he had the nerve to hug and kiss her. He
even wanted to have sex with her for another night.

"I'm sorry." That was all Jasper said. That was the only sentence over and over again.

It was late at night. Ashley grabbed a corner of the quilt and wrapped herself with it. "Get out! Don't
show up in front of me again!"