Exclusive Memory

Chapter 177 Officer Catching The Thief

As everyone else had the ability to camouflage themselves, it was usually very difficult to find out the
"thief". As a result, eighty percent of the people who had the card "catch" would be punished.

Reluctantly, Ashley showed her card and asked June, "June, are you a thief?"

"I'm not a thief."

Then she turned to Francis and asked, "Francis, are you a thief?"

"I am not."

Finally, she looked at the model's husband and asked, "Bright Liang, tell me, are you a thief?"

Bright Liang began to complain, "Ashley, your question is so boring. I'm not a thief. Who would say they
are thieves, really?"

Ashley rolled her eyes and said, "it's just a game of observation. It's none of your business that what
question I ask. I think you are a thief. Keep your card on."

Bright Liang rolled his eyes upwards with a card of "official" on it. He rolled his eyes again and said,
"Ashley, go get yourself some wine. You are so stupid."

It seemed that Ashley didn't care about it at all. She just drank a glass of wine.

In the second round, Ashley didn't have "catch", but "thief", she was pointed by the man who had
"catch" and Ashley had another cup of wine.

She drank another glass of wine.

When they played for half an hour, a large group of people gathered around them. Like a god of
plague, Ashley had "thief" or "catch" all along. She was either caught or arrested. It was Ashley who

drank in the wheel, attracting the people around her.

When Ashley had "catch" again, everyone looked at her with pity.

People around her began to help her to think out a solution. "Francis is a thief. He looked guilty just

"Bright Liang is a thief. He sat there quietly. He didn't seem to be afraid of anything. He looked more
fearless. Then Bright Liang is the thief!"

"June is a thief. She smiled when she talked. There must be something wrong with it. Otherwise, why
did she smile?"

Oh my God... Even though Ashley could drink a lot, she couldn't stand drinking for half an hour in a
row. She felt dizzy and thought people around her who gave her advice were right.

"Then... Then it's June."

June showed a "soldier" card.

"Alas..." The people around them all sighed. Ashley wouldn't have any luck this time. Three options,
even it was random, she should get it right once, but she never got it right.

In the crowd, Sheila wondered, 'why? Why is that Ashley could be the focus of everyone? Although I
have tried my best, no one woos me?' 'Just drink it, Ashley. You'd better drink to death!' Sheila thought!

"I will drink it for Ashley." Suddenly, Francis reached out to grab his glass.

"Oh my God! Heroes save the beauty, Francis!" The cheerful guy Bright next to Francis encouraged it.

It was the single night today. Everyone didn't want to see lovers' affections. They would like to see the
ambiguous relationship between a man and a woman, which was not a couple. As soon as Francis

acted, not only Bright but the crowd around him was also in uproar.

"Francis! You are a hero!"

"Ashley, you are such a beauty. Even heroes fall for beauties. Ha ha."

Sheila was so angry that she gritted her teeth.

Although Ashley was a little dizzy, her mind was still clear. She refused, "don't bother Francis. I'm not
drunk. I can drink by myself."

Seeing that Francis already went to marry Sheila, but he also didn't want to let Ashley go, June took
back the glass from him smilingly and said, "I haven't talked to my bestie like this yet. Why you the ex-
husband worried? I'll drink for her!"

Then June drank the whole glass of wine.

"Okay! Okay! "

"Another female hero!"

"June, take it easy. Your dear William will come to pick you up later. He knows that you are helping
Ashley to drink. He must be jealous."

June didn't blush because of the wine. She was embarrassed by the words and immediately blushed.
"Go away."

They were playing around. The servant had already washed the cards and started a new round. After
Ashley had the wooden card, she read "God help me" in her heart and then she slowly looked at the
words on the wooden card. However, the God was busy now and didn't have time to care about such a
trifle. Ashley opened the card and saw a "catch".

The crowd whooped again.

Ashley sighed and asked Bright Liang, "Hey! Tell me, are you a soldier or an officer?"

Bright Liang blinked his eyes, "I won't tell you."

"Why did you blink your eyes? Is it because you feel guilty? Then you are a thief?" She asked again.

Bright said grievously, "I just want to prove that I have done nothing wrong. I'm not a thief."

"Why do you put the wooden card on your left side? I remember that you placed it on your right side
many times before," Ashley asked and looked at Francis.

"Oh, really? I did it casually. There is no reason. "

"Are you a thief?"

"I'm not a thief," Francis said calmly.

Then she turned to June and before she asked, June said, "I'm not a thief."

June had used this trick several times. At first, Ashley still believed her, but she didn't believe it after
being fooled three times. But looking at the serious tone of June this time, Ashley felt that what she
said was true.

The people around her began to offer advice. "Choose Francis. His wooden card was in a wrong
position. He must be a thief."

"You should choose June. When June seriously tell us that she is not the thief, she's always the thief."

"I think there must be something wrong with Francis too. He doesn't look right, you should choose him."

"Bright is suspicious, too."

Ashley shook her head slightly. The noise of the people around her was like she was in the vegetable
market. She was already dizzy with too much alcohol, and now she was even more dizzy with the

"Choose Bright Liang." He put his hands on her shoulders, and all the noises around her were drowned
by him. Ashley turned her head in the direction of his voice, and saw a handsome face in front of her.


Why did he come in person.

While feeling astonished, Ashley turned back with a dull look, blinked her slightly sleepy eyes and said,
"Bright Liang, you are a thief."

Bright Liang turned the wooden card over and found it was a "thief". He laughed and said, "Ashley, you
have guessed it for a whole night. Finally, you did it once. I can't bear to see it anymore. It's pitiful!
Okay, I'll drink it."

He drank off the wine in one gulp and continued, "Jasper, you have a such a stupid star. She can't
compare with you in terms of IQ."

On hearing this, Jasper tapped Ashley's shoulder from time to time. "I don't think many people are
smarter than me. It's normal."

Ashley's shoulders felt warm as if it had been hit by Jasper. She had a vague feeling that Jasper was
quite familiar with these people.

"Jasper, no one can be more arrogance than you!" Bright Liang gave a thumbs up and said, "you are
just like God! Even if you just tell the truth, it's just like bragging. I can't compete with you. Why do you
have time to come here today? You haven't attended this kind of party before, haven't you? Do you
come here to pick up Ashley on purpose?"

"Yes. She said she drank some wine. I'm worried about her."

"WOW WOW WOW WOW!" The host Kevin said, "what's wrong with Jasper? You worried about her.
Do you have the time to care someone? Is she having an affair with you?"

People around them laughed ambiguously. Francis didn't feel comfortable, 'why is Ashley so close to
Jasper? Does she love Jasper?' Francis wondered? Why did she always call Jasper?

Without any retort, Jasper held Ashley's hand and stood up. "Kevin, I'm taking her home. She's drunk."

"Suit yourself, Jasper. My territory is your territory." Kevin laughed and waved his hand, "do you want
me to book a room for you? There's a large room in my home and you can choose whichever you like. I
won't charge you."

Hearing that, Ashley was terrified and thought, 'How dare Kevin say anything like this?'

"How bold you are! You dare to make a joke on Jasper." Another voice sounded.

Hearing this, June looked back and found it was William. She was surprised and asked, "William, why
are you here?"

"I come here to see you. I'm worried about you. I happened to meet Jasper at the door, so I came in
with him," William added and helped her put on his coat.

"It's another one that makes me worried." A big smile crept on Kevin's face. "I'm greatly honored that
you two came to my house. But it's time for you to leave with your people. Don't show off. What a poor

single we are!"

Ashley was a little dizzy and couldn't walk straight. With Jasper's hands supporting her shoulder,
Jasper held almost her body in his arms. Seeing their receding figures, Francis felt more upset. 'Yeah,
such a beautiful woman like Ashley doesn't lack of guardians. Who do I think I am? I'm just her ex-

Sheila's heart was full of the sense of crisis. She nervously squeezed to the side of Francis, held his
arm, and gently said, "Francis."

Francis turned to look at the woman beside him, feeling tired and sleepy.

Before Ashley came back, he thought that Sheila was a good-looking and obedient girl. Moreover, she
loved him very much and was loyal to him. However, since Ashley came back, his attention was once
again attracted by her. Compared with her sisters, Sheila could not compete with Ashley in any way
except being loyal to him.

She was not as beautiful as Ashley, or as independent as Ashley, or as good tempered as Ashley...
There was only one person who was loyal to him. Looking at Sheila's slightly bulging belly, Francis
sighed in his heart. Never mind. Sheila had gone through all the hardships to carry his baby. Even
though he was not satisfied with Sheila, he would be better to her. After all, it was not easy for her.

Francis patted Sheila's hand and said, "let's go to eat something. You haven't eaten anything for a
whole night. You must be hungry."

Sheila's eyes lit up. She leaned more close to Francis's shoulder and said, "Okay, let's go to eat