Exclusive Memory

Chapter 176 Dropped A Hint

Ashley raised her chin and pointed at Ethan who was drinking alone in the distance. "Ethan has
already 'helped' me revenge on her."

June didn't fully understand. She nodded and asked confusedly, "But you didn't get her wedding
invitation. You have already found helpers to help you show those photos on their wedding, haven't
you? "

She smiled evilly and shook her head, "No."

"What?" June picked up a piece of cake and asked. She was suspicious.

Ashley held June's arm and said, "I am looking someone help me."

"You mean me?" Said June, pointing at her nose.

Ashley nodded and said softly and coquettishly, "June, please help me. I can't enter the hall. I'm
worried about others. Please help me."

Since June was a little girl, she was fond of Ashley. As Ashley 'coaxed' her with sweet words, and
June's heart was softened after only a few words. Besides, it didn't take much effort for her to get this
thing done. June said, "Okay, although I am reluctant, I promise to help you."

"Thank you, June." Ashley gave her a passionate kiss. And June dodged. "I still need you to do me
another favor. June, Let's play a play. It will take us two or three minutes to complete it."

Sitting on the sofa alone, Ethan drank sullenly, as no one came up to have a chat with him. The woman
he had loved for so many years even had sex with was married to someone else. It would be fine if that
person was good to her, but the problem was that Francis was obviously not good to her.

At the thought that the girl he cherished had become a treasure in others' hands and had been
detested, Ethan felt both jealous and sad. But he could do nothing but looked at them with empty eyes.
If only the bridegroom were him! He would treat Sheila as the apple of his eye and would never make
her unhappy.

"Really? No way!"

A little sound of surprise passed by behind, which attracted Ethan's attention. He did not turn back, but
his ears were erected.

"I don't have any evidence, but I'm sure it's not Francis's child." Another voice sounded firm and

Hearing this, Ethan's eyes suddenly widened and his hand that was holding the glass also stopped.

Then Ashley took June's hand and walked to a corner behind the stairs. Ethan stood up and followed
behind them. He covered the door with the curtain and listened carefully.

Ashley knew that Ethan had been attracted by her. She went on to describe her details vividly, "Francis
has been with Sheila for several years, but she hasn't been pregnant. Why did she get pregnant so
soon after Francis broke up with her? What a coincidence!"

But June shook her head and said, "Maybe it's fated that Sheila got pregnant. Your assumption is far

"And, more than that reason." Ashley looked around and continued, "When Francis and Sheila broke
up, they didn't make love. I just know... Until one day, when Francis suddenly disappeared from the film
set, the security said that it was Sheila who came to find him, and he probably had gone to the hotel to
check in. A month later, the news that Sheila was pregnant came out. Don't you think it's too
coincidental? "

June rubbed her chin and said, "If what you said is true, that would be strange. They hadn't had sex
together for a long time. How could she get pregnant for one time.

"I think Humph! " Sheila sneered.

Holding his breath, Ethan waited for the following words. June also asked, "Tell me quickly. I'm eager to

"I don't know where the baby in her tummy came from. She must have been trying to get married to

June timely exclaimed, "Oh my God! If it's true, this Sheila is so scheming..."

In a daze, Ethan returned to his position.

He had thought about this possibility before and also asked Sheila about it, but Sheila promised that
the child was Francis's. Even if he had doubts, he chose to believe in her. Because he believed that
there was no mother in the world who would give up her child's biological father in person.

But today, what Ashley had said made him realize that he was wrong.

Sheila wanted to marry Francis, so she might probably exploited him to get pregnant, and then... What
would happen next? Hearing that, Ethan's heart sank Then the baby would be of no value. With the
character of Sheila, she would definitely not give birth to this baby, she would definitely choose to abort!

Gosh, what should he do? What if the woman he loved the most really had such a wicked face?

He looked at the direction of Sheila again, she was holding a plate of snacks to Francis, and the latter
waved it away impatiently. Sheila was a little disappointed, and she brought a cup of juice for Francis
complaisantly. But Francis still didn't accept it, leaving Sheila to talk and drink with other men. Sheila

seemed down and sat back on the sofa with her hands on her stomach. The other girls did not talk to
her, and they all kept far away from her.

Ethan was even more upset. Because Sheila was an illegitimate child, she was not welcomed in this
circle. It was he who brought her into this circle step by step. Thinking of what they had been getting
along with each other at that time, Ethan felt a pain in his heart. He felt awful and walked slowly to the
side of Sheila to sit down.

"I can't believe that Francis's so cold-blooded and you're so dead set on loveing him."

Sheila turned her head angrily. "It's none of your business. Francis is very good to me, but you can't
see that."

When she was about to stand up and go, Ethan grabbed her arm and pulled her back. He said, "Your
baby is really mine, isn't it?"

Sheila was shocked and quickly turned around to look around. When she found that no one was paying
attention to this place, she said in a low voice, "Don't talk nonsense, and I don't want to be shameless if
others hear it!"

Ethan stared at Sheila, "You'd better not lie to me. If I know you lie to me, I will make you regret to know
me for the rest of your life!"

Sheila's face turned pale with fear. She got rid of Ethan and ran away in a hurry.

On the opposite corner, Ashley and June noticed everything. After taking a sip of the sweet wine, June
said, "Actually, it's really stupid of Sheila to give up Ethan who loves her so much. She might have
suffered a lot with Francis. She's really stupid."

Ashley looked up and drank another glass of champagne. "For Sheila, everything that she gets from
me is good, and the initiative is not valuable."

"You are a good drinker, Ashley," A young man walked over to them and dragged Francis. "I didn't
know you are a good drinker before," he teased.

"That was long ago."

"Ha ha, yes." "We haven't seen you since you were in high school. I thought you were a little girl. But
when I saw you on TV again, I was surprised. You are a super star," the man said with a smile.

"I heard that you are the father of a baby and your wife is a model, right?"

"Don't even mention it. She is in bad shape after she gave birth to a boy." The man waved his hand and
said, "You are also a woman who has given birth. How can you keep such a good figure?"

"Ahem." June hawked, "It's none of your business."

Francis seemed to have drunk some wine and his face turned red. He looked at Ashley.

"It's okay. It's been so many years. You are still young and frivolous. You don't need to be so serious,"
said Ashley as she avoided Francis's eye contact.

The man clapped his hands and said, "Look. A heroine with large drinking capacity and enormous

June rolled her eyes at that man and said, "Ashley, do you want to call your assistant and ask him to
take you home? You've drunk too much and can't drive home by yourself."

"You can ask Francis to drive you home. Francis!" The man urged Francis and pushed him to Ashley's
side. Then they sat together.

Ashley moved sideways calmly, "Now that Francis's drunk, how can he drive me home? He can't even
protect himself. I'll call my friend and ask him to pick me up."

While saying that, Ashley wanted to stand up but before she could do that, Francis pressed his hand on
her shoulder and said, "I can drive you there."

Looking at the situation, June's face changed a little. It seemed that Francis was really drunk. She
rolled her eyes and said, "Francis, you're so unreasonable. Ashley, such a beauty, certainly has
guardians. Since you have a family, don't cause trouble. Go and make a phone call, Ashley."

Ashley pulled Francis's hand away and was about to leave. But she didn't know what was wrong with
Francis today. He used all his strength and didn't let her go. Ashley was also a little angry and tried to
pull his wrist with all her strength.

Although Francis was a strong man, Ashley had practiced martial arts before, and after she joined
Shengshi Group, she went to the gym every day. Francis was not strong enough to resist Ashley, and
he was pull away soon. He looked at his hands and found it hard to believe. Taking the opportunity,
Ashley slipped away and made a phone call to Jasper.

"Hello, Mr. Jasper."

"What's wrong?" Jasper was working in his office.

"Mr. Jasper, I can't drive because I'm drunk. Please call a bodyguard to pick me up. I'll send you the
address later."


Ashley hung up the phone and sent the address. Seeing that she hung up the phone, the man who
urged Francis called her again, "Ashley, come here after hung up the phone. We are waiting for you to


Ashley was sitting on the outer side, and June sat between Francis and her.

"It's not fun just to drink. Let's play a game." The man suggested, "How about play officer catching the
thief, and the loser drink wine."

Everyone had no objection. The man waved his hand and then a servant came up with four wooden
signs: "Let me shuffle the cards and serve you to drink."

There were four words on the board, which were "officer", "soldier", "catch" and "thief". After the man
finished showing the wooden card, he took the wooden card to his back, shuffled the cards, and then
put them onto the table, the four each drew a wooden card.

In the very first round, Ashley drew the character "catch". This was similar to a killing game. The man
who had drawn "catch" had to ask questions to others and find the person with the word "thief".