Exclusive Memory

Chapter 175 Pass On Toothpick

All the young men present had played tricks one after another.

"Since it's a night for single, you should part with your boyfriend or girlfriend for a while. Don't stay all
the time. You should give the others more chances."

"Men and women need to sit in pairs!"

"If a woman loses, she strips; if a man loses, he drinks!"

"It's unfair!" The women suddenly blushed and choked, "The punishment should be the same, either
strip or drink!"

Ashley wiped the sweat on her face and thought that they had a really big game.

After a long time of yelling and shouting, they finally decided to take off their clothes or choose another
game called 'dare'. The content of the 'dare' was transmitted to the top man. After the rule was made,
all the men and women present were excited. When count the number of men and women, it happened
to the number of men and women were the same. Kevin as the referee didn't attend, others, including
June, couldn't reject.

The servant took out a pack of poker cards quickly. The man took out the pokers in order, and the
woman took out the pokers and inserted them in the middle of the man. If there happened to be a
couple sitting together, they could unlock it on their own.

For round one, Ashley was not familiar with the two man beside her, so they nodded to each other. At
the command of Kevin, they began to pass on the toothpick.

The first round was very smooth. At the second round, Ethan sat by Ashley's left sid, they were tired of
seeing each other. But Ashley still nodded politely to him. She was going to have a chat with her later,
and Ethan was totally ignoring her.

At the beginning of the second round, Ethan handed the toothpick to Ashley. Although the toothpick
was not short, it was not too long. Ashley prudently got closer to Ethan and was about to get the
toothpick, Ethan dropped it deliberately before she her teeth touched it. Ashley's heart skipped a beat.
She watched the toothpick fall and her breath stopped.

'What a narrow-minded man, Ethan took revenge on her... Ashley's mind was in turmoil.

"Ha ha, the champion came into being!" The host, Kevin laughed while clapping his hands.

"Wow, Ashley, you are so lucky," The rest exclaimed excitedly, "Ashley, do you feel embarrassed to be
close to another man in front of Francis?"

"You did this to the beauty, Francis. Do you want to be her substitute punishment?"

Francis hawked and Sheila immediately defended, "What does she have to do with Francis? She has
nothing to do with Francis."

"Well, Francis, your wife is unhappy?"

Another man giggled and asked, "Wife? None of us have a wife or a husband here. This is a night for
single. We are single!"

The atmosphere was very lively. Kevin laughed and said, "Ashley, tell me, do you take off your clothes
or take a risk?"

According to the rules drawn up, if she chose to take the risks, the contents of the risks would be up to
her family, or to be designated by Ethan. Obviously, Ethan was up to no good. If she chose 'dare', what
if the scumbag said that she had to take off all her clothes? She would be so stupid.

"I choose to take off my clothes." Anyway, she wore more clothes today than the other women who only
wore a skirt.


All the men in the room were exclaiming with admiration in their eyes. Although Ashley wore a lot of
clothes and couldn't see anything, it was exciting to watch the movie star take off one piece of clothes
in public.

After making sure that no one was taking photos with their phone, Ashley grabbed the V-Neck sweater
with both hands and pulled it up to her head. Her black hair was waved and under the sweater, she
wore a snow-white cotton padded shirt. As she moved up with her hands, the shirt outlined her slender
waist and slender curve, soft and thin look.

Then one of the rich men couldn't help exclaiming, "You have such a sexy figure. Ashley, you can be
my girlfriend. I think I have fallen in love with you."

Ashley put the clothes she took off on the sofa and refused, "But I don't love you."

The man covered his chest and lay on the ground. "My heart is killing me! Call an ambulance, now!"

Ashley was also amused by them. Although these young men usually had some dissoluteness, they
were really good at making people happy after years of entanglement.

The atmosphere at the scene was very good. June kicked that man. "Get up now. Even the doctor can't
save you. You can save yourself."

"God, let me sit with Ashley next time. Even I die, it's worthy." The drama king bent over and acted like
a good actor again.

Looking at the crowd gathering around Ashley, Sheila was overwhelmed by jealousy. She thought that
Ashley had to pay the price.

After the punishment of Ashley, the game went on and when the toothpick spread to where Sheila was,
she covered his face with her hands deliberately without clenching the toothpick.

"You two are so tacit. Ashley dropped once, and it's your turn." Said Kevin.

However, what he said unintentionally distracted the audience. Sheila had done it on purpose, so when
she heard what he said, she felt a little awkward all of a sudden, "Ashley is Ashley, I am not, I am not
her. Can't I drop the toothpick because she dropped just now?"

Hearing this, Kevin was speechless. He touched the tip of his nose and didn't care about Sheila. Then
he said, "Do you choose to take off your clothes or do you want to take a dare?

Sheila waited for the crowd to kick up a fuss, but after a few seconds, there was no one talking. She
stood shyly for a few seconds. She was standing in the middle of the stage, shyly lowering her head, as
if she was standing on the stage surrounded by the media, which made people feel very confused.

Francis felt a little embarrassed as well. He looked at Sheila with disgust and then turned his head

Kevin, the referee, coughed and asked again, "Do you want to take off your clothes or go to the game
of dare?"

After waiting for a while, there was no cheering as expected, but Sheila was a little depressed and
unwilling. She said to Francis, "Francis, can you substitute the punishment for me?"

When Francis was mentioned, he was very annoyed with Sheila. 'Why don't you do something else? If
you lose, take the punishment yourself. Why do you ask me to substitute for you?' Despite his
thoughts, he didn't say anything due to his good upbringing. He just said, "I'll replace Sheila. Let's take
the big risk."

Sheila sat back happily.

Sheila's right side sat a man. It was meaningless for a man to punish a man. That man lacked interest.
"Francis, you..." He thought for a while and didn't come up with anything. "You give Sheila a piggy-back
rides around us."

"What?" Everyone else didn't think this punishment was interesting.

This made Sheila quite happy. She just felt that there was no chance to be a limelight. In this way, she
could be a limelight and let others see how happy she and Francis were together.

Being quite annoyed, Francis bent down in front of Sheila. Being shy, she stood on the chair and
pounced on his back with a pink bubble in her heart. Francis was almost thirty years old. He was busy
with work, drinking, smoking and other diners every day. Besides, he had no time to do exercise. As a
result, his health was not as good as before.

He was suddenly pounced by Sheila, then he staggered and with a scream of Sheila, the two men fell
to the ground at the same time!



The people around him were surprised, and then came to help him in a hurry.

Both his patience and the man's self-esteem were destroyed in an instant. Francis couldn't stand
Sheila, the stupid woman, any more. "Don't you know how fat you are having a baby? How dare you
pounce on me! Are you afraid that I won't fall? "

Sheila was helped up by the girls and she was shocked by what Francis said.

At the same time, others also came over to persuade him, "Francis, don't be angry with her. It's normal
for women to get fat easily if they have a baby. Besides, she has been working hard to get pregnant.
So don't be angry with her anymore."

"Yes, she is pregnant with your child. Don't be angry."

Seeing that the atmosphere was not good, Kevin waved his hand and said, "The game is over. Let's
have some food and have a rest."

The crowd dispersed. June walked over and held Ashley's arm. "Ashley, let's go to the table to get
some food. I'm so hungry."

Ashley and June walked to the dining table. "June, have you received Dylan's wedding invitation?"

"Okay." June nodded and said in a low voice, "But look at Sheila and Francis. They are not like a
couple at all, just like enemies."

"A calculated marriage is useless. Francis didn't want to marry Sheila at all. He was forced by Sheila to
have a baby, so they got the marriage certificate. If so, it is strange that Francis is willing to marry
Sheila." They walked to a corner of a dining table with few people. Ashley moved close to June and
whispered, "In fact, the father of Sheila's baby is not Francis but Ethan."

"What!" With her eyes wide open, June said, "How bold is Sheila! She dared to deceive Francis by
taking advantage of other man's children. If Francis knows, he must hate Sheila to death."

"I have many pictures of Sheila's dating with Ethan. There will be a good show to watch after your
wedding." said Ashley in a low voice to June.

"Wow!" June shouted excitedly, "Ashley, you are so heartless."

Ashley looked at the direction of Sheila, who was carefully pleasing Francis, but Francis ignored her
completely. Just like when she married into the Xue family and was neglected, she also treated Francis
with great care.

"Sheila destroyed my marriage. Only in this way can I avenge her for meddling in my marriage."

"What about her revenge of finding someone to cheat on you?" June asked.