Exclusive Memory

Chapter 174 The Party

Speaking of this, Ashley continued, "I have a party with friends tonight. Is there anything I need to deal
with for you, Mr. Jasper? I'll make it done."

"What kind of party? Who will be there?" Asked Jasper.

Blinking her eyes, Ashley didn't expect that Jasper would ask such a clear question. She thought for a
while and answered, "They are all sons and daughters of my father's circle. They often have dinner and
sing together."

"Okay. Take care." Jasper let her go without hesitation.

The party was held at the home of a young man who had a good relationship with Francis. The reason
of the party was to make up for the wedding party. The man told her that he hadn't had the chance to
have a good time since Francis got married so fast. Now they were going to hold a party and get

Since June was a very popular person in this social circle, they would inform June of any news as soon
as possible. After getting the news, June also told Ashley, which was the reason why she got to know
that there would be a party. Actually, the party was not the most important thing. The main reason was
that Ashley wanted to see Ethan to 'remind him.'

In the evening, Ashley came to the venue with jeans and a sweater, which she wore during the work,
and a thick down jacket as well. She parked her car in the yard. The yard was filled with fancy cars
which were parked in the cold wind. The window of the villa, which was ten meters away from here,
was sandwiched in the middle by the hot air and cold air, creating a layer of white fog. Through the
white mist, it could be vaguely seen that the shadows of light in the villa were intertwining and figures
were shuttling back and forth.

Taking a deep breath, Ashley walked to the front of the villa and pulled open the door, which brought a
gust of heat wave.

"Oh my gosh, Ashley, welcome!" Seeing Ashley come in, the host Kevin greeted her warmly. "Ashley,
why are you dressing so plain and low-key? You didn't dress seriously. You'll be punished to drink

"Kevin, don't blame me. I have to drive home later." Ashley put on her coat and begged for mercy,
clutching her hands.

"No way!" Kevin led her in, "Look, every woman is wearing dresses except you wear jeans. Paula,
bring me a cup of wine!"

A young girl dressed as a servant came with a tray. Kevin took a glass of wine from the tray and
handed it to Ashley. Knowing that she couldn't get away with it, Ashley drank the wine in one gulp.


"You are a good drinker, Ashley!"

The whole room was cheering.

In the crowd, Francis and Sheila felt awful when they saw Ashley drinking. She not only and she also
learned to drink. She had changed a lot after leaving him these years.

Seeing Ashley show up, Sheila couldn't help holding Francis tighter in her arms. Today when she went
to the hospital, Gloria told her everything happened the day and night. After the video was taken away,
although Gloria was sure that whether it was Ashley asked people to take the video, Ashley did not
appear from beginning to end. The only certain thing was that the person who had taken the video
must be related to Ashley.

As for whether it was Ashley schemed or not, perhaps Ashley had already got the video and knew that
the man was Jasper, no one could make sure. Before coming to this party, Gloria had repeatedly
reminded them not to go against Ashley. Now they had nothing that could threaten Ashley any more,
and they couldn't mention the video either. Otherwise, Ashley would not know what they were doing
and might be misled by them.

Sheila punched her harder. 'Ashley, I will seize a chance to revenge on you. How dare you insult my
mother like this!

"Sheila, do you want to strangle me?" Francis broke away from Sheila's grip.

Sheila quickly apologized sincerely, and gently rubbed the place where she pinched. "I'm sorry, Francis.
I didn't mean to hurt you."

Francis shook off Sheila's hand and answered impatiently, "You just can't do anything right."

Feeling both aggrieved and uncomfortable, Sheila didn't dare to speak any more. Since what had
happened in the wedding dress shop last time, Francis had become more and more impatient to her.
Sheila was afraid that Francis would really divorce her because of anger. During this period, she was in
all obedience to Francis.

Not far away, Ethan saw that her beloved girl had been wronged, but he could only watch from a
distance and it was inconvenient to get close, so he couldn't help drinking sulkily.

June had already heard about the gossips among the three. Holding a glass of juice in her hand, she
looked at the three with a smile on her face and a meaningful smile.

"Since Ashley is here, I feel embarrassed for Sheila..." A woman with short hair wearing a blue dress
glanced at Sheila and said with disdain.

The other woman was also serious in gossip. "Yes, she stole the other's husband and even defamed
her in the entertainment media 'What a bastard! Heartless bastard!' If I had a daughter like her, I
would've strangled her...

"Yeah, you are right. Sheila is so thick skinned that she dare to join the party in this circle."

Another woman joined them and teased, "What a lucky guy Francis is! The two sisters of the Xue
family all love him."

The lady in blue snorted, "Humph! He can't even protect your own wife. How dare he cheated on her?

Seeing that Ashley and Kevin had just finished greeting, June waved her hand and said, "Ashley, come

Hearing the voice, Ashley looked at the direction where the voice came from and came over to June
with a smile.

The people around them who were gossiping also stopped talking at once. Most of the women in the
entertainment circle didn't treat Ashley well. But since she clarified the scandal, they had found a
psychological balance. It was of no used that Ashley was good-looking and adored by other men. She
had been raped by others. It seemed that God was fair and they treated Ashley kindly.

"Ashley is here. She was even more beautiful than us without a dress." The lady in blue skirt moved
aside and said, "Ashley, sit down."

"Thank you." Ashley sat between the woman and June.

The girl in blue shirt asked, "Ashley, when will the TV play be broadcasted? We want to watch it."

"I don't know. It might be done in the post production now. It will be aired after approving by the State
Administration of Radio. Ashley replied seriously, "I see you are chatting just now. What are you talking

The women in the room were all embarrassed. June asked directly, "What else can we talk about?
About you and Francis and Sheila. Have you been invited to Sheila's wedding?"

Ashley shook her head.

The lady in blue dress felt aggrieved and said, "How dare Sheila can invite Ashley? Does she still want
to ask Ashley to wish her a happy ending?"

Her voice was so loud that it spread so fast. Suddenly, Sheila turned around and shouted, "What are
you talking about me, Ashley?"

"I didn't say anything," Ashley said innocently.

"Sheila, don't push her too far!" The lady in blue dress stood up and said, "Ashley didn't say anything.
She just said that you didn't invite her to your wedding. Do you really think she is you? Do you think
she's always talking about nonsense behind your back?"

Sheila was pissed off, "Who are you talking about?"

The lady with blue dress clutched her waist and said fearlessly, "You bitch! You are so shameless! You
fucking bitch! You always steal other's man and bully Ashley! You bitch!"

Hearing this, Ashley was stunned. It was the first time that there were women in this circle who helped
her. It was unbelievable. "Why is she so excited? She has a grudge against Sheila," whispered Ashley
in June's ear.

June shook her head and whispered to Ashley, "Her father also brought her a sister."

Ashley understood immediately.

Being scolded like this in front of so many people, Sheila immediately stood up and rushed over.
Holding her hand, Francis scolded in a low voice, "Don't make any trouble!"

Sheila's face turned red. Finally, she sat back because she was afraid that Francis would get angry.

The woman in blue dress sat back on the sofa, as if she had just won a battle. "We can't be too polite
to this kind of person. Scold and hit her if necessary, she dare to talk nonsense, just kill her!"

Hearing it, Ethan shouted at her, "Shut up, or I'll kill you first!"

"Ethan!" The host Nick called out, "Francis didn't say anything. Just drink your wine!"

Ethan pursed her lips and turned away, without saying anything.

Ashley was amazed. This world was a place where only one's ability depended on his or her own
ability. Although Ethan was from a family much higher than the lady in blue dress, but Kevin's family
was higher in position than that of Ethan. There was always one to overcome another.

The peacemaker also stood up and said, "It's almost time for everyone to arrive. I said just now that we
should play games. We don't wait the others that haven't arrived. Let's play first."

At the mention of playing the game, the crowd began to be boisterous again, "Let's play passing the
toothpick, it's exciting! As it is a bachelor party, we should play something exciting!"

One man suggested, and the men all responded.

Ashley had been playing very little, so she didn't know what was passing on the toothpick. Noticing that
the men around were so excited, she realized that there must be something fishy about the game. She

turned to June and asked, "How to play it? I've never heard of it."

With short, handsome hair, June was leaning on her shoulder, replying text message on her phone. As
soon as she heard it, she answered, "It is a game that a group of people pass the toothpick one by one
with their mouth. They can neither use any tools nor fail to do that. Otherwise, the loser will be

"The toothpick is slender and long, so it's easy to pass it on." Ashley was confused.

June said, "After one round, the toothpick will be split into half and the toothpick will be re arranged for
the next round. After the second round, the half toothpick will be halved again... It is easy at the very
beginning... It will became more and exciting."

Ashley kind of regretted coming to the party.