Exclusive Memory

Chapter 172 Hide The Truth (Part One)

"Gloria, what's the password?"

Henry took out a USB flash drive and inserted it into the computer. A bright light flashed through
Gloria's eyes. "It's been too long. I don't remember it."

'This woman hasn't given up until she is faced with grim reality. Is she really going to make trouble
again as what Jasper has guessed?' Henry snapped his fingers and then Charles in back seat handed
over the prescription. Henry shook the syringe in front of Gloria and said, "Do you still want to try

Gloria's face suddenly turned colorless. She held on and said, "I can't remember. Even the drug can't
help me revoke the passward.

"Really?" One of Henry's eyebrows raised. "I'll give you a try."

"No no no!" Gloria dodged, "I really don't know. I really forget it. Please don't apply drug to me."

Henry furrowed his eyebrows. He sensed something was wrong with this woman. He opened the door
and got out of the car. "Captain Shawn, when you and Gloria got the USB flash drive, was there
anything else in the safe?"

After thinking for a while, Shawn said, "There was a file and a jewelry box. At that time, Gloria went to
get the USB flash drive. It should be no problem."

Henry nodded and then got into the car. He said to Gloria coldly, "Give me your bag."

On reflex, Gloria grabbed her bag. "Why do you want my bag?"

With a loud scream, Henry swung his hand at her wrist. Gloria groaned and attempted to grab her bag.
As soon as Henry snatched her bag, Gloria screamed and cried, "Give me back the bag. Give it back

to me!"

"Henry, a real man!" Moo moo, who was standing outside the car, heard the woman's scream. Her eyes
were sparkling with affection.

"Do you have any misunderstanding about men?" "Don't stay here and do nothing. You're working on a
case," Shawn continued, trying to get rid of the crowd who were attracted by the piercing screams

Charles pulled Gloria back to the car before she could reach Henry. The bluffing voice surprised her.
She tried to break free, but her arms were firmly clamped to the seat.

Henry opened bag and looked through it. He found the same USB flash drive in Gloria's bag. He took it
out and sneered, "Gloria, you're so cunning. You've got your own card, haven't you?"

Gloria stared at the USB flash drive in Henry's hand, and the expression on her face was vicious.

Henry inserted the USB flash drive into his computer and added, "Tell me the password."

After a night of silence, Henry became more patient than ever. He slapped on Gloria's face and gritted
his teeth, asking, "Password!!

The blood oozed from the corner of Gloria's mouth, and her eyes became more vicious. The malicious
poison with thick blood seemed to seep out of her turbid eyes. "I! don't! know..."

"Clap!" Before she could finish her words, Henry slapped on her face again. "Password!"

"Henry, don't waste your time on her." Charles said in a low voice, "I'll hold her. Give her more injection
and she will tell me everything. The police are outside now. Maybe they will tell her some shocking
secrets. Then I'll give them to the police."

A trace of horror flashed through her eyes.

Charles pulled out one of Gloria's arms and tried to induce her, "Give a pat on this small arm, you'll see
a blue blood vessel, and then..."

A shiver ran down Gloria's spine as she yelled, "Shut up... I say... "

Henry put the medicine back to the box and said, "You should have told me earlier."

Then he took a deep breath, turned back to the folder and opened it. There were only a few video files.
He held the laptop and said, "Bro, please keep watch on Gloria."

"Henry, don't worry. Leave her to me."

Henry walked into an empty car and closed the door. He then placed the laptop over the lap and
started recording with his trembling hand.

In the video, a woman was pressed by a man and they were kissing in a bed in a wedding room. The
woman was in a bright red wedding dress, while the man was in a shirt and a suit. Both of them
seemed to be somewhat confused. When one of them turned over and over, it was easy for Henry to
see their faces clearly. The woman was Ashley, and the man, just like what he had dreamed yesterday,
was Jasper!

Henry suddenly threw the computer out!

It was indeed Jasper!

The person who raped Ashley was Jasper!

Henry was restless and sat on his seat, gasping for air. But Ashley didn't know that. Since Jasper
asked him to get out, he had to keep this thing from others. 'What's Jasper's plan? What's the man

Henry broke out in a cold sweat.

Outside the car, there were a group of police officers. Henry turned off the video and put the USB flash
drive away. After adjusting his state of mind for a while, he opened the door and got out. He thanked
Shawn and Moo Moo for their help, and then the two returned to the police station together. Before
leaving, Moo Moo also asked for his phone number, saying that he could contact her if he need help.

Henry agreed respectfully.

He threatened Gloria and told her if she dared to play tricks, he would expose her naked photos. The
other bodyguards were also dismissed and went back to Jasper's villa. As for Charles, he took a cab
and left. After all the people were arranged, Henry also drove to the office.

As usual in the company, some of them were busy, while some were drinking tea and chatting. Henry
knocked on Anna's desk in front of Jasper's office.

Anna raised her head and said surprisingly, "Henry, you're back!"

He nodded, "Is there anybody in the boss office now?"

"There are only Ashley in there and no one else. Do you need me to help you inform Mr. Jasper?"