Exclusive Memory

Chapter 110 Dine With Jasper In A Restaurant For Couples (Part 1)

Biting her lips, Ashley was ashamed and angry. She blushed and felt ashamed. Her previous
nervousness faded like a tide. She tried to keep her yes from him. After that, she found that she was
useless. 'He just ignored you. There are so many people who don't want to see you and so many
people scold you. Why are you so angry?'

With these thoughts in her mind, she walked towards his desk with the usual playful smile on her face.
She sat on the opposite chair. "Mr. Jasper, why do you brush me off?"

"What are you doing here?"

She came to apologize, but she couldn't say directly, "I know you peeped at me and Francis. I want to
tell you it was not true. Don't be angry. I'll break up with him soon." This expression was very testing.

Ashley said half-jokingly, "I come to see you. I miss you because I haven't seen you for a long time."

As soon as she entered the room, Jasper's face turned capricious. Perhaps he was frightened by
Ashley. He broke the way he looked when she first entered the room, but he still frowned and said with
disgust. "Don't be so unserious as Flora."

Hearing that, Ashley's face turned a little pale. She secretly clenched her fist and said, "I like Flora. She
is an easy-going person."

"I heard that somebody praised me," Half-opening the door, Flora smiled at him through the crack.

"Close the door and stay away from my office!" Jasper demanded through gritted teeth.

Flora curled her lips and reluctantly took back her foot that had reached in and closed the door. With
the sound of door closing, the office fell into silence, and the pressure spread from the place of Jasper
to all directions, with Ashley in the center of the source, lowering her head and not daring to breathe.

Calmness was just the prelude to the storm.

Just as she was waiting for being scolded, the scorching sight above her disappeared. "Why don't you
shoot today?"

'I've been waiting for such a long time. He just asked such a tangential question!' "We have finished
shooting. The crew will change the shooting spot today. The actors have a day off. I will go to the new
site to film at night," replied Ashley after a careful consideration

"Since you're not busy with the filming, why don't you try other movies? Don't always do something

Hearing what he said, Ashley blushed. She knew what he meant clearly.

"You look energetic today. I'll arrange other activities for you. You can go and do some work before you
finish the shooting,"

Ashley, "..."

'Was it because he failed to persuade her break up with Francis, so he turned to arrange working for
her?' In case that she spent all her time in working and she wouldn't have time in flirting with Francis.

"Do you have any comments?" seeing Ashley was hesitating to reply, Jasper asked.

She had no objection, instead, she was very glad to do that. Since that night, every time when Ashley
met Francis, she couldn't get used to his touch, and she felt guilty to him. She was worried that she
couldn't find an excuse to avoid him. Now that Jasper arranged so many works for her, she was happy
to dodge Francis, and besides, she could make more money.

"No, I don't." She shook her head and said the words she had just prepared to say, "Mr. Jasper, I'm
sorry to keep you worrying about my relation with Francis. I will break up with him as soon as possible.

Don't worry."

"Oh, really?" Jasper didn't take her words seriously. She had said it several times, but he didn't see she
and Francis break up, instead their relation was closer. He couldn't believe what Ashley said. "How

How long? 'Very soon. As long as Sheila and Ethan were healthy, it would take Sheila one or two
months to get pregnant. If lucky, it would only take 10 to 15 days. When Sheila was pregnant, that
woman would pester Francis for a few days. Then she would say the baby was Francis' Once the
conspiracy succeeded, according to Sheila's temper, she would surely make the whole world know this
news. At least she would let Ashley know.'

By then, she would be able to finish her relationship with Francis by any excuses, either Francis having
a foot in two camps, or she letting their romance bring a happy ending.

Ashley calculated the time and answered, "one or two months. I will find an opportunity as soon as

Jasper was satirizing her for not keeping her promise, so he didn't expect Ashley give her the exact
time. From this, he could see that she really wanted to end their relationship, which made him less
angry. He rubbed his forehead and sighed, "Both you and Flora have a mess in your private life. I hope
you can make me feel less worried."

His eyes were dull dark blue, indicating that he hadn't had a good sleep recently. Ashley was worried
about him, but she knew that she didn't have the right to care him too much, so she could only say
again, "Don't worry, Mr. Jasper."

Jasper waved at his and said, "It's okay. You can go out now."

Ashley stood up and was about to go to the door, but was stopped by Jasper. "Wait, when will you
begin shooting the night scene?"

Confused, she answered, "ten o'clock."

"Don't rush to the site. Wait in the meeting room next later. Have dinner with me before you go back.
Then ask Flora to come in for me."

What... What did he mean? After going out of the office, Ashley thought for a while. His secretary at the
door was chatting with a male colleague. She saw the man take out an intelligence toy from his back,
and the secretary took it over and asked, "Why do you give me this?"

"You don't have much work to do. You can play with toy when you are free. Don't always buy things
online. You spend all you had."

Hearing their conversation, Ashley was suddenly enlightened. Oh, that's it. Jasper was afraid that she
would go to the film site early to date with Francis, so he just took her to have dinner together, so that
she did not have time to stay with Francis at the same time. 'How considerate Jasper is! As the CEO
and general manager of our company, he is willing to sacrifice his own time to prevent her from making
any mistakes in order not to be trapped by scandals in the future, ' she thought. Although Jasper was
for the sake of work, she felt warm and touched.

But soon she was embarrassed by this idea.

When she entered the meeting room, she saw that Flora was playing with her cell phone leisurely. One
of her assistants peeled off a grape skin for her and the other was massaging her shoulders and back.
When Ashley saw Flora, a smile appeared on her face. "Hi, Flora..."

"Ashley, you are here!" When she heard what Ashley said, Flora immediately interrupted her and then
continued to comfort her exaggeratedly, "what did Jasper do to you?"

"No, he didn't. Mr. Jasper..."

"That's good to hear. It scared me when Jasper lost his temper. Did Jasper ask you to wait for him in
the meeting room? I don't know what it is. I've been waiting for him for an hour. It's better to let me go
home to sleep."

"Mr. Jasper wants you to go to his office!" Ashley finally spoke out what she wanted to say.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier?" Flora asked, blinking her eyes.

'Damn it! You have to give me a chance to speak, and you've interrupted me three times!'

Flora pushed away her assistant, took out a mirror and cosmetics from her bag, quickly fixed her make-
up, and tidied up her long hair. Then she walked out of the conference room and went to Jasper's

Flora was definitely a popular star and she always paid attention to her image. Even when she met her
manager, she had to fix her makeup. Was this the difference between the upper class artists and the
lower ones? Ashley was lost in thought. However, after three minutes, Flora came back.

'What did they talk about so quickly?'

Looking at the curious expression on Ashley's face, Flora picked up her bag from the chair in the
meeting room and said, "Do you think that Jasper deliberately made me wait here for an hour? And
then he told me that it was nothing and I should go back to sleep now, huh?"

Thinking of the fact that Jasper asked her to have lunch with him and thinking that she took away
Flora's job, Ashley immediately forced a smile and said, "I don't think so. Mr. Jasper is not that bad, is

"Who knows? I'm going to have a new appraisal of Jasper." Flora then shook her head and said in a
disdainful tone, "Ashley, just wait for me. I'm going back to sleep anyway. I'm so sleepy."

All actors or actresses here were lack of sleep. Ashley felt the same. "Bye, Flora. Go home and have a
good rest."

After Flora left, Ashley checked her watch and it was only three o'clock. She had to wait for a few hours
to have dinner. She put her handbag on the table of the meeting room and planned to take a nap.

She didn't know how long she had slept. When she woke up, she felt her neck was about to break. She
carefully held her poor neck and sat up slowly. A coat was slipped from her body, half hanging on the
chair, and half on the ground. Ashley picked up the coat and had a look. She recognized it was from
Jasper. She checked the time on her watch. It was almost 6:00 pm. Outside the conference room, it
was getting dark.

"You wake up, Ashley," The secretary opened the door from the outside and said, "Mr. Jasper said that
you can leave with him when you are awake. Please come out."

With Jasper's coat in one of her arms and her bag in the other, Ashley went out with the secretary,
twisting her neck. The secretary went to the door of Jasper's office and knocked. "Mr. Jasper, Ashley is

"Okay, I know."

After another two or three minutes, Jasper went out of his office with his car key. He went to Ashley,
took his coat over and put it on. "Let's go."

Remembering that she had just put the coat on, Ashley was in a trance again.

Jasper drove her to a western restaurant. In her memory, he liked Chinese food a lot. This was the first
time she had seen him come to a western restaurant.

The restaurant was on the top floor of the most bustling commercial street. Before they entered the
door, they heard the melodious music, ' Still crazy in love' by Sarah Connor.

A handsome waiter bowed to them and said in unison, "welcome."

The whole restaurant was in a round circle, painted as dark as deep coffee. The periphery of the
restaurant was surrounded by a circle of guests. The light above the guests' seats was dim. It seemed
that the guests were couples. Some were whispering intimately, some were staring at each other with a
smile. In the dim light, the faces of those couples looked a little vague. It was a restaurant for couples.