Exclusive Memory

Chapter 109 Attending Banquet With Ill Intentions

Since the kidnapping, the police made no progress except catching 4 criminals and closing their
criminal trading sit. Her mother's case was left unsettled.

Now the only suspect was Alice. Ashley thought she could find an outlet from Alice. She had told
Shawn who was in charge of the case from her own analysis. She had also sent someone to keep an
eye on Alice, but there was no progress.

Moreover, a few days ago, Linda had asked for her help, which made her realize that she can't let her
bad behavior go unchecked, for she didn't know when Alice would hurt her again. Maybe it would be
better to reconcile with Alice and step into her life fair and square. Then, she might discover some
unexpected clues. And if there was really something strange with Alice, she would have the precaution.

Alice was still living with Linda in the dormitory. Dave, who was just promoting from his internship, was
really not as capable as other agent. Not only did he not have the resources to compete with other
agent, but he also lived in a place not as well as his peers. Alice thought she was the best among
them. She could have been Jasper's artist. If it wasn't

for Ashley, she would be the leading heroine of the Nature of Nanshan.

Alice clenched her teeth as she thought of Ashley. Holding the eyebrow pencil in her hand, she added
makeup to her brows little by little. 'Didn't Ashley want to fix the relationship with me? Now I fulfilled her
wish. Anyway, she is no match for me at all!' thought Emily! In this way, she might get good resources
with the help of Ashley. At that time, she would try her best to get rid of her. She wanted the world to
know who was the best!

Since visiting Ashley in the sanatorium, Linda was with more wary caution to Alice. She pretended to
be dejected and tried to avoid any contact with Alice.

She didn't know what was on Ashley's mind, either did she think that the accident in the training might
be designed by Alice. If Ashley had already doubted Alice, and she still wanted reconcile with her. Then
what was her plan? No matter what Ashley's plan was, Linda had realized that her tricky was not worth
mentioning before Alice and Ashley. She thought she was smarter than anyone. In fact, in the end, she
was just a stepping stone of others' fight.

So Linda guessed that this dinner might be a dinner with a vicious intention.

Two men and three women sat in the private room of the SX Restaurant, each with their own thoughts.
When all the dishes were served, Ashley poured a glass of juice for everyone with a smile. "The
purpose of this meal is to apologize to Alice, and to thank everyone for helping me when I am in a bad
fame. It's a tight time. I failed to book a good restaurant yet. I hope Morris and Alice enjoy it.

"It's no problem," said Morris.

Alice was still very innocent and naive. She replied, "Sure, Ashley. I like hot pot the most."

"Ashley, girls drink juice. Morris and I want to drink," Zoe turned to find an ally, "Morris, you know what
mean. It's shameful for man to drink juice, isn't it?"

"I don't think so. Juice is good," Morris refuted calmly.

"Oh, you are such a blockhead!" I'm going to ask Sean to give you a lesson! " Zoe shouted.

It was said that Sean had taken good care of Zoe when Zoe became Sansa's artist. Sean would take
Zoe with him every time. And if he had good resources, he would share with Zoe as well. Generally
speaking, all the stars under the same agent would compete with each other. It was fortunate enough
for Zoe and Sean to keep a peaceful state. It was quite rare.

Taking a glance at Zoe, Morris said, "Sean is not so idle."

Two boys kept bickering, and the atmosphere in the room wasn't cold at all.

"Thank you for your help, Linda. Otherwise, I would be too ashamed to face you," Ashley said with a
sincere expression on her face, "Alice, I'm so sorry for the training. In fact, I didn't know what was going
on. Until the end, I realized that Mr. Jasper had already made his decision. If I had known it earlier, I
would have told everyone."

Alice sneered. 'Who believed that Ashley was just being so hypocritical? Haven't you seen that other
artists are trying to perform in front of other agents. You said that you didn't do anything, so you
became Jasper's artist unknowingly? Are you kidding me? Perhaps you have used some tricks to cheat
Mr. Jasper, so he chose you in the end.'

Of course, she wouldn't say this out loud. Alice said with regret and disappointment, "There's nothing
we can do now. I'm glad that Ashley has been chosen by Mr. Jasper. In fact, I have always liked Ashley,
but you were not very cooperative during the training, so I gradually didn't dare to talk to you. Ashley?
Does Mr. Jasper love you? If not, why did he choose you so early? Do you like him?" "

Ashley was shocked by Alice's words. Her casual words implied that she and Jasper had an affair. If
this kind of thing spread out, it would be a scandal. And if it was a deliberately smear, it would be an
another scandal.

"Ha ha, Alice, don't you Mr. Jasper's principles? He will never have an affair with his artists," she
gossiped and her heart ached.

Since entering the private room, Linda did not speak anything except the first greetings. Now hearing
what Ashley said, she could not help but become curious. "Why?"

"I don't know." Ashley smiled as usual and responded, "So, Alice, you think too much of it."

Alice seemed to be embarrassed by Ashley's retort. "No, I'm not. I just admire you, Ashley. With a
manager like our boss Mr. Jasper, you don't have to worry about anything."

'Her trap is here. She even wanted to get resources from me after she had hurt her. What a cunning
and shameless bitch she is, ' Ashley thought with a sneer.

"Don't worry, Alice. If I have good resources in the future, I won't forget you."

"Are you serious, Ashley?" Alice excitedly looked up and grabbed her hand.

Ashley tried her best to suppress her emotion and patted on the back of Alice's hand to comfort her, "of
course it's true."

"That's great. I know you are so kind, Ashley. You will never leave me alone. It was my fault that I didn't
talk to you before, and I will never do that again."

After the dinner, Ashley and Alice each achieved their own goals. The only difference was that Alice
thought that she could easy cheat Ashley before, while Ashley had already known that Alice was
vicious. Although it was a little bit different, it meant that as long as Alice detected something wrong
with her, the dominance would in her hands.

After dinner, they went back with their own business. Thinking of Jasper, Ashley made an excuse and
went back with Morris to the office. Since Morris needed to practice singing, she went to the Film and
Television Department on the ninth floor alone.

According to the previous scandal, now the whole company knew that there was a new actress, who
became quite famous overnight. As soon as Ashley entered the Film and Television Department, many
people whom she didn't know at all greeted her. She didn't know them and couldn't make the ritual
remarks, so she could only greeted them with a smile.

When Henry came out of Jasper's office, he was very excited to saw Ashley. He dragged her to his
office and closed the door, screaming and shouting, "Ashley! You finally come! I've been dying for the
whole week!"

Hearing what he said, Ashley was stunned. She put her hand on his forehead and asked cautiously,
"Henry, are you all right?"

Henry pushed her hand off and said, "I don't have a fever! Ashley, didn't you see the message I sent to
you? "

Ashley thought for a while and said, "You mean the message you sent to me one week ago? Yes, I saw

"What took you so long to come?" The corner of Henry's eyes formed a glittering tear.

As Jasper was in a bad mood, his men were having a hard time. The vice presidents was able to avoid
being seen off. As his special assistant, Henry had to assist Jasper's work all the time. He was very
careful, but he still couldn't avoid Jasper's reprimands, which made him think that he was good-for-

"I've been filming and I don't have time to come here." Ashley gave a wry smile. In fact, she didn't dare
to come here.

"Okay, as long as you are here." Henry continued with gentle guide, "Mr. Jasper is probably available
now. You go to his office and speak to him politely. Don't forget to apologize to him sincerely. This is
good for every

one. Understand?"

She nodded, "yes."

Henry led Ashley to the door of Jasper's office. She had intended to get prepared before entering into
the office. But Henry didn't give her any chance. He knocked on the door for her.

"Come in!"

When Henry heard Jasper's voice, he clenched his fists and encouraged her. Then he pushed down
the door with one hand and then pushed Ashley in with the other hand.

The spacious office was quiet. Behind the desk in the office area, Jasper was looking at her with mixed

Ashley started to feel her heart beating faster, her legs and feet shaking, her palms sweating, as if she
had attended the award ceremony in public for the first time. At that time, she was so nervous in front
of the audience, and she was encouraged by Jasper. Now the man who had encouraged her had
become the man made her nervous.

Her voice was tight, and she knew what she said would also be trembling. She took a deep breath, and
slowly said as he had taught, "Hello, Mr. Jasper."

The man behind the desk seemed to squint his eyes, looking dangerous. He just stared at her without
saying a word.