Exclusive Memory

Chapter 108 Blundering Into Dylan's Room

Henry leaned on the seat and yawned. He thought that Jasper wouldn't be back in a short time, so he
opened door and got off the car. He lit a cigarette to relax himself. He had just finished one cigarette
and was about to take another. Before lighting it, out of the corner of his eye, he saw someone walking
over. He turned his head and looked carefully. The figure was no other than his boss.

Henry was informed when the dinner was over. He knew that Jasper could not drive after drinking, so
they took a taxi to wait outside early. After greeting with an acquaintance, he picked up his boss. After
they crossed two green lights, Jasper suddenly said that he had something to talk with Ashley.

Then Henry turned around and sent his boss back. Jasper was so quick that he finished the talk in
three to five minutes.

Henry put away the cigarette and went to the back seat to open the door for his boss. Jasper was not in
good mood as Henry could identify by the smell of cigarettes on Jasper's body. Jasper was not
addicted to smoking. Henry had never seen him keep smoking for many years. Jasper only smoked
one or two cigarettes when he was in a bad mood.

Did something happen to Ashley again?

To be honest, Henry hadn't seen that Jasper cared so much about any artist like Ashley. In the past,
Jasper would never go to the film site to visit his artists, because he was so busy and it was impossible
for him to be so attentive. Furthermore, the sanatorium was built in the suburb, far away from the city. It
would take two or three hours to arrive there. It would take at least half a day to back and forth. For the
first time in his life, Jasper was worried about Ashley for fear that she would catch cold on the film site
in such a chilly autumn, and he even asked Henry to choose some clothes for her.

Henry's feeling was hard to express in words. Since it was the first time for Henry to take this kind of
task. As he didn't know what kind of clothes to buy, so he asked his girlfriend for help.

Sometimes, Henry could not help guessing if Jasper felt in love with Ashley. But on second thought, he
felt it was not possible. After all, according to Jasper's glorious love experience, it was almost

Along the way, Jasper kept smoking one after another. The car was filled with smokes. Besides the
second-hand smoke, the low atmosphere pressure from Jasper, which made Henry feel that staying
one minute with Jasper would shorten his life expectancy for one year. Fortunately, the road condition
was not bad at night. It took Henry two hours to drive to Jasper's villa. Since he had staying with Jasper
such long time, Henry wondered if he could see the sun tomorrow.

It was already 11 o'clock in the evening when Ashley sent Francis back to the hotel. Ashley was not
sure if it was Jasper just now. She was a little nervous and uneasy, which made her couldn't help to
mock herself. As far as she knew, he couldn't do anything to her except for scolding her for not
breaking up with Francis.

She came out of the elevator in a daze. The people on this floor were all from the crew. They were
exhausted. In the past, they would visit each other when they went back to the hotel. At this time, the
corridor is quiet. She guessed that they had already fallen asleep.

It was quiet to walk on the thick purple red carpet. She stared at the quiet corridor. She could only see
herself in the whole hallway, except for the orange light. As she was walking, she couldn't help thinking
of the ghost stories she had read before. She

walked more and more faster. Turning to a corner, she was about to arrive at the door of her room. She
quickly took out the room card and stuck it on the handle, but there was no response. The door could
not be opened!

The more she worried, the more difficult for her to open the door. What was wrong? Why she couldn't
open the door?

She tried her room card again and again. She pulled the door handle back and forth, praying for it to
open quickly.

Right at this moment, with a click, Ashley was pleased. She pulled the door handle and pushed it down.
The door opened and she couldn't wait to rush in. All of a sudden In a man's arms.

"What are you doing in my room?"

Looking up, Ashley saw a man's chin with moustache. She stepped back, awkwardly finding that the
man was Dylan, and he was wearing an orange print knee length short pants, the upper part of his
body was naked.

Her face turned red immediately. She stepped back quickly and covered her eyes. "I saw nothing. I saw

Dylan sneered, "you are not little girl any more. A man's breast is not a big deal. So what? Do you think
my chest is stronger than Francis'?" I've been trained specially. "

What? What did he mean by saying that? Was it Dylan who peeped at them just now?

"Brother Dylan," Ashley slowly put down her hands and asked, "Tell me the truth. Did you peep at my
date with Francis just now?"

Dylan rolled his eyes proudly. Then he stretched out his hands before his chest and added, "No, I'm not
peeking. I do it openly."

Ashley held her forehead because this guy always chopped logic, "I'm in the wrong room. Sorry to
bother you. I'm leaving now."

Dylan reached out and grabbed Ashley's arm, threw her to the wall, and trapped her in his arms. He
smirked and said, "You little girl, you're disturbing my sweet dream at midnight. Are you sure you want

to go so easily?"

The man's expression was very serious. Being trapped in the middle, Ashley was nervous and
stuttered, "You... freeze. I've practiced martial arts! "

"What have you practiced?" Dylan raised one of his fingers to touch the beauty's chin.

Ashley suddenly stretched out her hands and grabbed the man's wrist. With a push of her arms, she
pressed Dylan against the wall opposite.

"Fuck!" Dylan swore and begged for mercy, "Please, I begged you to hold your hand. I was just kidding!

Ashley was uncertain whether he was telling the truth. She released her grip on the man. Dylan rubbed
his chest and wrist. "You hit me too hard. I helped you so much. You are such a ungrateful person!"

"I'm sorry. I'll be more careful next time," Ashley smiled apologetically, "If there is nothing else, I will go
back to my room for rest."

"Stop." Dylan stood up with his hands over his chest and asked, "Tell me, are you exploiting Francis?
Or you are serious?"

When he said this, he didn't realize how serious he was, as if he was asking about not love, but life and

Noticing that Dylan's expression was a little too serious, Ashley giggled, trying to break the eerie and
awkward atmosphere. "Well, it has no difference."

"Answer me directly," Becky asked expressionlessly.

Ashley touched her nose and snorted, "Exploiting..."

"Really?" Dylan didn't believe her words. "If you just want to take advantage of him, why did you
sacrifice yourself? Why did you let him kiss you?"

The more he spoke, the more embarrassed Ashley became. However, it seemed that the man didn't
realize there was anything wrong with asking such a question. She cleared her throat and said, "I know
what I'm doing."

In fact, she had no choice at that time.

Dylan, "...

"Brother Dylan, go to have a rest. I got to go now. I need to work tomorrow," Without waiting for Dylan's
reply, she opened the door and left.

When she went back to the corridor, Ashley was relieved from the bottom of her heart. With another
question from Dylan, she would really feel shameful.

Interrupted by Dylan, Ashley didn't think about whether Jasper had seen anything inappropriate. The
terror she had just frightened herself faded away. She went back to her room, brushed her teeth and
washed her face, and then quickly went to bed.

Before going to bed, she habitually took one last look at her mobile phone, and found that someone
had sent her a message. She clicked the message and her heart was completely heavy:

Ashley, Mr. Jasper was in a bad mood after he came back. No matter how bad the conversation was,
you had better apologize to him as soon as possible.

It was from Henry.

Ashley's brain hummed.

So when she smelled the smoke in the square near the restaurant just now, it was not her illusion and
Jasper was really watching them not far away!

Speculation was one thing, but confirmation was another thing.

In the next week, everyone in the sanatorium had to shoot the scenario of the revised scripts. In those
scenes, Ashley's play was more than anyone else, account for 100%. She was so busy that she slept
late and got up early. She could only sleep four hours a day at most and worked overtime every day.

She was exhausted to take lots of work, so she hadn't thought of Jasper who was angry with her. Let
alone Henry asked her to apologize to Jasper. And Jasper didn't blame her after that, because he had
never contacted her after that.

Sometimes, when Ashley was free, she would think about what Jasper meant by saying that. What's
more, when he found that she was still with Francis, he should have been annoyed by her
disobedience. As Henry had said, Jasper had been really angry at that time. Then, why hadn't he said
anything, but assimilated his anger by himself? He should have given her more time to handle the
problem, considering the mood of his artist. She couldn't figure it out.

A week later, with the concerted efforts of all the staff of the crew, they finally finished shooting all the
filming tasks.

The crew was moved to the next spot for shooting. The actors and actresses would have a break
during the day, as long as they could arrive at the new film site to shoot the night scene at night.

Ashley had already all the artists who were trained with her before to have lunch together during the
day break, except for Roya who had received an announcement. All were gathered in SX Restaurant
near the office.

Without any work to do during the day, Ashley got up and checked out of her room at 9 o'clock in the
morning. Jamie didn't follow her, so she went to the SX Restaurant alone.

This room was booked by Zoe. When Ashley arrived, Zoe was sitting in the room and playing with his

"Hi, Ashley!" Withdrawing his sight from the phone, Zoe said in a strange tone, "It's okay if you want to
thank Morris, but why you invited Alice and Linda to have dinner? These two bear grudges against

"It's better to make friends than make enemies." In fact, she had other considerations.