Exclusive Memory

Chapter 106 Scandal

Upon hearing the director's words, the crew dispersed. They kept going about their own business.

When Hazel went back to his place of rest, his assistant who had eavesdropped on them before also
came back. Next to Hazel, she quietly shared the chat content of those major creators. Hearing that
Dylan and Francis hadn't taken up Chase's opinion, she finally put her uneasiness down. Before Cathy
came to herself, she asked nervously, "Hazel, will Ashley and Mr. Francis take revenge on me?"

Hazel frowned. Cathy was not only forgetful but also very timid. Cathy's question made Hazel dislike
her even more. "Since you've already done it, why are you still afraid of revenge! I just wanted to teach
Ashley a lesson. If she continues to be so arrogant in the future, I won't let her off the hook so easily! "

Seeing Ashley's new scar, Francis felt sorry for her. "Don't worry. I will seek justice for you."

But Ashley didn't think it was a big deal and she didn't want to bother Francis, "It doesn't matter. People
who come out to work have to endure grievance. It's not a big deal. After the shooting, we will

What she said was reasonable, so Francis felt his girlfriend was wronged, he looked up at Dylan.

Dylan was choked with anger for no reason recently. When Francis looked into his eyes, Dylan knew
what Francis was going to say. He nodded and said, "Okay, no problem. the investor could let
Shengshi Group join in so the risks are being shared. Anyway, Steve is rich and his artist is here too."

"OK, I will talk to Jasper."

"As for the contract." A murderous look flashed through Dylan eyes. "I have a way to make her beg us
to act."

Ashley," ..."

She didn't understand what they were talking about.

Hazel didn't know what happened, but she was enjoying massage and being served by the assistants.
She was gloating over what she had just done to Ashley. However, her little trick, like a butterfly storm,
had put her fate in an unpredictable direction.

When Chase was informed that the proposal was passed, he was even more confused than Ashley.

At the same time, news about Hazel's misconducts were spreading quickly on the Internet.

It was already three o'clock in the morning when they finished the shooting. Hazel returned to the hotel.
She felt a little dizzy, and then she quickly washed her face and brushed her teeth. When she was
about to fall asleep, the phone on the bedside table suddenly rang. She couldn't fall asleep anymore.

No matter how sweet the ringtone was, it was still in the middle of the night, which made he feel
frightened. Her heart beat fast. She sat up from bed with her hand covering her heart and took the
phone. The screen showed it was from her agent.

Before she could speak, her agent's voice came through the phone in a hurry. "Hazel, the news of your
early sex trade has been exposed. You're going to shoot tomorrow. Anyway, don't be caught by

All of a sudden, Hazel felt as if falling into an ice cellar, and her blood seemed to have been frozen into
pieces, unable to flow any more.

Not everyone was as rich as Ashley, who was beautiful, talented and rich as her family. Hazel was from
an ordinary family and didn't know anyone in the business circle. When she started her career at a
young age, she was obsessed with some illegal deals and got a lot of rewards, which helped her
develop her career.

But such news were unable to conceal. At least several CEOs knew her real identity. She was getting
more and more restless as time went by. The more she was known by others, the more she was afraid
that people who knew about her secrets. She had been trembling with fear for so many years, and this
day finally came.

The agent was still chattering. But Hazel seemed to be deaf and could not hear anything. The agent did
not hear the echo for several times but sighed heavily. "Have a rest first. I will see you at the film site

It was impossible for Hazel to fall asleep again. She got the source of the news, which was said by an
entertainment media. The article detailed the time and address of the transaction in details, and even a
photo with mosaic was posted on it. Although Hazel did not know when the photo was taken herself,
the evidence was so convincing that it accurately sent a shiver down her spine.

It must be premeditated. Who did this to her!

Hazel didn't sleep at all. He woke up and went to the bathroom at six o'clock. In the mirror, the woman's
skin was dry and her pores were thick, which was the consequence of staying up late and wearing
mark-up all year. She looked very haggard with dark circles on her face. She was no longer young. At
the age of thirty-one, her vital energy had begun to decline slowly. When she was young, she had
consumed her physical strength. However, since she didn't sleep all night, she seemed to be getting
ten years older over one night.

She had experienced a lot of ups and downs over the years. Even if this time it was far more serious
than the crisis she had encountered before, she could not dodge. It was an artist's lifelong mission to
always show the best state in public.

Hazel's agent was a very fat woman who couldn't see her toes with her head down -- blocked by her
belly. The flesh on her arms was soft and fair. She was called "fat sister" by insiders.

Fat sister came to the hotel early. She knocked on Hazel's door. Hazel was well prepared with her
delicate makeup.

"Take a day off today. Have a good rest. Don't push yourself too hard,"

Hazel shook her head. "I don't know when it will be over. I can't have myself staying in the room all the

The fat woman also stayed up all night. She called the media, trying to ask them not to spread the
scandal again. But it didn't work. No media would like to miss such a sensational scandal. As long as it
could discredit Hazel, it has a very high flow on the whole Internet.

"What are you going to do with this matter?"

There seemed to be a huge stone in Hazel's heart, which made her heartbroken and depressed, "... I
don't know either. Let me think. "

The topic of discussion in the entertainment circle changed constantly. Some time ago, Ashley hid like
a stray dog. In a twinkling of an eye, the target of the media was toward Hazel. When Ashley went to
bed yesterday, it was already 4 o'clock in the morning. She was already very tired and fell asleep as
soon as she lay on the bed. She woke up after two hours' sleep, and was still staggering when she
went out after putting on her clothes.

Jamie went to buy some food for breakfast. Ashley went upstairs alone. Before she took several steps,
she was surrounded by the reporters. She was so frightened that her sleepiness was almost gone. She
had thought something happened to herself again, but just when she was about to express, "I'm very
busy with shooting and I have nothing to tell you."

As a result, the reporters turned the topic to Hazel.

"Ashley, do you know that Hazel engaged in prostitution?"

What did they say? Prostitution?"! Ashley was so surprised that she couldn't close her mouth.

"What do you think about Hazel engaged in prostitution?"

"Has Hazel bullied you on the film site?"


After being shocked for three or four seconds, Ashley finally came to herself. At this moment, the best
answer for her was to keep silent and told me she knew nothing about it. With a smile on her lips, she
said, "I'm sorry that I don't know Hazel very well."

"I have to go to the filming site. Please excuse me."

When she finally managed to escape from the reporters and get on the car of the crew, several staff
were already sitting in the car. Daisy and Carla were having breakfast in the car.

Everyone was talking about Hazel's scandal.

"Good morning, Ashley!" Carla greeted her with a grin.

"Good morning." Ashley smiled back.

Meanwhile, Daisy was having a heated discussion with a girl in the art group, who was in charge of her
clothes. Hearing the noise, she cast her a glance and noticed Ashley get into the car, the girl turned
around and asked, "Ashley, have you heard of what happened to Hazel?"

Ashley smiled and shook her head. Then she sat there quietly. She knew the saying that out of the
mouth comes evil. It was better not to get involved in the trouble.

In the third day after the scandal, people dug out the things happening to Hazel, such as played rose,
trying to bully new artists and involved in casting couch, etc.

The audience watched the news with relish, and the media also raked in money. Except for Hazel at
the center of storm, she obviously lost weight in three days. The fat agent had been begging for mercy
from the media every day, almost kneeling down to kowtow, and her fat belly also became smaller.

When the incident happened a week later, the public relations team of Hazel issued an announcement
for the first time, admitting the sex trade of that year. In addition, a press conference was held on that
day. With a pale face, Hazel attended the conference and sincerely apologized to the public, stating
that she would devoted herself in acting in the future and do her job well.

When Hazel told the public about all this, she didn't expect how hard it was to speak up. All these
things had been hidden in her heart for so many years, like a blade hanging on her neck, which made
her constantly trembling. Now it finally landed on the ground. It hurt so much and scared, but she was

When the press conference was over and she sat in the nanny van, she felt her new life.

Many media journalists still did not stop to blame her, some even send posts at the Nature of Nanshan
and asked them if the crew would continue to cooperate with Hazel. In this case, it was very likely that
the audience rating of TV play would be affected if they still cooperate with Hazel. In consideration of
such a huge scandal, it was excusable that the actors and actresses of the TV series would switch to
other actress, because they didn't breach the contract.

Netizens also commented on the Nature of Nanshan was ill-fated, because the main actress was
involved in scandals one after another. First it was Ashley, and now it was Hazel.

As Dylan expected, the fat agent begged them to give Hazel another chance. Dylan refused several
times and finally agreed reluctantly. The crew of the Nature of Nanshan also responded directly:

Hazel's acting skills are visible good. Men are not saints, so how can they be free from faults? Given
the priority of quality, the Nature of Nanshan decided to continue to cooperate with Hazel. But the script
will be changed greatly. The role of Lydia played by Hazel will become the second leading heroin, and
the role of Penny acted by Ashley will be the leading role. Please keep your attention.

Till then, the matter of the replacement of the leading role finally came to an end.