Exclusive Memory

Chapter 105 Scheming

Seeing that Ashley was friendly to her, Linda was not as nervous as before. Upon hearing Ashley's
words, the security guard let Linda in. The three sat on a pair of long wooden chairs on the grass. Linda
felt a bit uncomfortable as she saw Jamie was also there. Noticing her hesitation, Ashley thought for a
while and asked Jamie to leave.

After Jamie left, there were only the two of them in 20 meters. It was also easy to have a lot to say.
"Ashley, I asked you to do me a favor before. Have you helped me to ask Mr. Jasper?"

Thinking of the Jasper's reply "two years", Ashley thought it over and said, "I have mentioned it."

Linda was surprised. She had only tried her to ask for Ashley's help before, but she didn't expect that
Ashley would really help. "Really? Did Mr. Jasper agree lift my bans?"

Ashley was a little confused. Why did Linda firmly believe that as long as she asked Jasper, he would

Repressing the weird feeling in her heart, she calmly replied, "Mr. Jasper didn't say he would

lift your bans immediately. It depends on your performance in the future. About one or two years later if
you behave well, it will be canceled."

After she heard what Ashley said, Linda was very disappointed. Now that Ashley had talked about this
with Jasper, besides, Jasper was so kind to Ashley, he should have abolish the punishment. Why
would it take one or two year? How could she bear such a waste of long time? Had Ashley not been
talking to Jasper nicely, or had she really told Jasper?

The more she thought about it, the more likely Ashley was. Judging from what Ashley said, it seemed
that Ashley had told Jasper about it. Then why didn't Ashley tell her the answer right away when she
got the reply from Jasper. Unless Ashley didn't mention it at all. What Ashley promised at that time was

just perfunctory, and she didn't want to help her at all. The more she thought about it, the more chagrin
and resentment in her heart, so she spoke out what she thought.

"You didn't tell Mr. Jasper at all, did you? If you don't want to help me, you should tell me earlier!"

Ashley was startled! She had never been this shocked when her scandal was exposed! Why was Linda
so confident? As long as she talked to Jasper, he would abolish her punishment. There must be
something strange!

Ashley recalled what had happened since she joined the company, and suddenly came up one thought,
"are you still living with Alice?" she asked.

Linda and Ashley were not getting along well with each other. When she saw that she humbled herself
to beg for help but was fooled around, she was very angry. "Yeah, do you think that Alice is like you
guys? She is really good to me. When you see that I have been rested, all of you just dodged me, but
she is still by my side!"

Well, that's absurd. Linda could be regarded as a smart girl, but how could she be fooled around by
Alice like this?

It seemed that Alice hates Ashley deeply. She failed to kidnap her, and then she turned to instigate
Linda to defame her. Linda was still thinking of her good after being rested. It was a waste of Alice's
talent not to do pyramid scheming. Now Alice was instigating Linda to ask for Ashley's help. about her.
Alice's disappearance had wasted her talent, and now she even instigated Linda to ask Ashley for help.
What scheme was she brewing? Ashley couldn't figure it out.

Even if she couldn't figure it out, she couldn't be so passive anymore. Alice was a sinister snake. If she
didn't address the problem at roots, sooner or later, Alice would come to hurt her again.

She thought for a while and decided to start with Linda.

"That's right. Alice is very kind to you. Back in the training, she took the first place from the bottom That
really shocked me. She is so young but still keeps a low profile. She has improved so fast in three
months. She's really a genius."

Linda sensed that there was some implication in what Ashley said, but she couldn't figure out what it
was, so she frowned.

Ashley continued, "all the five of us are not a match for her. Either I or Morris were kidnapped or
injured. If Mr. Jasper had already taken me away. Alice will be Mr. Jasper's artist now, she will have
whatever she wants."

However, Linda was not stupid. She figured out what was in Ashley's remarks, and she was shocked,
"you mean..."

Ashley interrupted, "Alice must hate me so much now. Please do me a favor. Let's have dinner together
when you're free."

Linda was surprised and uncertain. Just now Ashley said that Alice was a calculating woman, but she
said that she would invite Alice to have dinner all of a sudden. That was strange.

Ashley was playing with the grey lighter. She was just stating the truth and guessing that it was about
Linda. She didn't say anything about the truth, and she didn't know the truth either.

On her way back, the more Linda recalled the things she didn't notice before, the more frightened she

Alice alienated Ashley who had been kind to her. She had been so cold to Alice, but Alice humbly
behaved so closed to her. It was Alice who disclosed the scandal of Ashley to her, and it was also Alice
who urged her to ask for help from Ashley, believing that as long as Ashley asked Jasper to help her,
she would definitely succeed. Recently, Alice even said many times that she would not be rested

without the presence of Ashley. Just now, when Linda heard that Ashley said that she would not be
lifted the punishment until two years later, she had a murderous intention!

If things went on like this, the consequences would be unimaginable Linda trembled with fear. In the
early autumn day, she suddenly felt as if she were in a world of ice and snow.

In the past, she was covered by a large cloud of fog and always be led by a rope, which made her feel
that she couldn't do anything herself. When the mist dispersed, she saw that there was hell at the other
end of the rope.

Linda never knew that Alice was so cunning and frightening.

Chase, who had been persuaded by the stubble film cutting in the morning, was busy preparing the
new scripts. And he himself had the intention of doing so. During the dinner break, he gathered Francis
and Dylan, the two big investors, to a quiet corner and discussed the revision of the scripts.

Both Francis and Dylan were shocked, because this ideas was a bit absurd since they had already
filming a third of the play. Now they wanted to change the supporting roles to the leading role, them
many of the finished scenarios would be invalid, which were too expensive and reckless.

And Hazel's contract was signed as the heroine, if they did so, they would breach the contract.. There
were a large amount of penalty. What's more, if Hazel stopped acting, they would suffer big loss
because they have already paid Hazel.

Francis denied directly, "director Chase, I really appreciate your pursue of the quality of the play, but
this scheme doesn't work."

Shaking his head, Dylan said, "as for such complicated emotion, it might be difficult to pass the review
after it is shot. We'd better be prudent."

The flames of hope in Chase's heart were extinguished all of a sudden.

Hazel was surprised to see that the chief staff gathered together. She guessed that they might be
talking about changing the script. At the thought of this, she was worried so she sent his assistant to
eavesdrop. While she was anxiously waiting for the result, Ashley arrived at the film site in a good

Hazel gestured to her assistant, who had been working for her for many years, and understood what
she meant at once. He walked to the side of an auxiliary ladder. When Ashley was about to come over,
he pretended to be tripped over and hit the ladder hardly, "ouch!" The assistant was so tall that he
knocked down the ladder immediately.

Hearing the noise, Ashley went back to take a look which made her miss the best time to evade.
Although she was quick in movement and moved backwards the moment she saw the ladder, the
ladder still hit her. Half of Ashley's body was hit to the ground!

The staff around her rushed to help her.

'damn it! Since I jointed the entertainment circle, there are always endless disease and wounds."
Ashley scolded in her heart.

The three in the corner heard the scream and rushed over. Francis took Ashley from another man and
helped her sit on the chair, asking, "are you all right?"

Ashley twisted her arm and found that the scratch on it was not completely healed but now there was a
long new scar. Although it didn't bleed, it was quickly swollen.

With a straight face, Dylan asked, "what happened? Why did the ladder fall down?"

His assistant standing behind the crowd didn't say anything.

Many people in the room saw what happened. A cameraman pointed to the man who started all this. "It
seems that she just fell down and pushed the ladder. The ladder fell right on Ashley."

With coldness in his eyes, Dylan stared at the assistant and shouted, "who are you?"

The assistant trembled with fear. She was a nobody. She could be easily bullied by these big shots.
She shivered by Dylan's cold and cruel stare. "I'm..."

"She is my assistant." When Hazel had seen enough, she stood up from the chair slowly and said,
"Cathy, apologize to Ashley."

The fatty assistant called Cathy walked to Ashley and said, "I'm sorry, Ashley!"

Ashley was keenly aware that Cathy had been instructed by Hazel to do this, so she didn't accept her
insincere apology at the moment. She smiled and asked, "Why you don't care of your artists instead of
coming here?" There are photography equipment here. Hundreds of dollar per unit. Luckily what you
pushed was a ladder. If you break the camera, you'll have to pay for yourself."

Cathy trembled speechlessly.

Hazel came over and pulled Cathy behind her. With a friendly smile, she said, "Ashley, don't try to
threaten her. She's a coward. "

"I'm not threatening her. I'm reminding her that if she broke a machine worth hundreds or thousands of
millions of dollars, you will have to pay it. That's not a small sum of money."

Chase seemed to be a smart man who had a lot of experience in dealing with actors. He had seen a lot
of playing and joking. He immediately came out to smooth things over, "Cathy, be careful in the future.
Be careful while walking" Ashley, are you okay? Can we continue to act at night?"

This farce would not have any results. Even Chase has come to mediate the dispute, Ashley no longer
tugged at it. "Yes, I can. I'm all right."

"That's good." Chase waved to the people around him and said, "let's get ready. We'll shoot the night
scene later."